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Breaking Down The Backfield: Indianapolis Colts: Could A Surprise Emerge?

by Ray Kuhn

Frank Gore is one of those running backs we continuously underestimate. At some point he will slow down, but he eclipsed 1,000 yards for the fifth time in the last six seasons in 2016. He has also played in all 16 games in each of those seasons, and the one season he fell short of 1,000 yards (2015) he gained 967.

With just 4 rushing TD last season Gore isn’t exactly an explosive fantasy option, although he did catch 38 passes for 277 yards and 4 TD. So while he makes for a fine bye week option, there other directions I would prefer to go.  Of course he is currently the 35th running back coming off the board in MFL leagues with an ADP of 90.13, so it is hard to ignore him. After all he is a dependable option who has a later ADP than some running backs with far more questions.

That said, do you really want to be stuck with Gore in the season in which his consistency and dependability erodes? Read more

Breaking Down The Backfield: San Francisco 49ers: Is Carlos Hyde or Joe Williams The Better Target?

by Ray Kuhn

As we enter the 2017 season expectations are at a minimum for the San Francisco 49ers. They have a new coach in Kyle Shanahan and every role on the team is up for grabs as they search for their new identity.  While San Francisco will be ignored by the NFL observers, we don’t have the same luxury as fantasy players.

Carlos Hyde is currently going off the board in early drafts, putting him as an RB2 in 12 team leagues.  Is he really someone we can trust and rely on, though?

We are still a few weeks away from training camp and exhibition games and reading into beat writer speculation is foolhardy, but the picture being painted isn’t the most optimistic. He hasn’t distinguished himself in his first three years in the NFL, but he was drafted in the second round so there is a pedigree to consider.  Read more

Old Faces, New Places: Now In Baltimore, Will Jeremy Maclin Be Able To Rebound?

by Ray Kuhn

Entering the 2017 season the buzz in Baltimore is going to be surrounding Breshad Perriman. That hype is warranted as Perriman is a dynamic, young talent, but we also shouldn’t ignore their late addition this off-season in Jeremy Maclin.

The release of Maclin by the Chiefs, which came earlier in June, took a lot of observers by surprise. He struggled through most of last season, but at 29 I would wait before officially writing him off from fantasy relevance.

That conclusion is based on a piece of information we learned from Maclin during his appearance on Adam Schefter’s podcast. We knew that Maclin was injured last season, he was on the field for just two snaps in Week 9 prior to leaving the game, and he then didn’t appear again until Week 14. Read more

Draft Day Decision: Is The Returning Martavis Bryant Worth Selecting?

by Ray Kuhn

Buzz… At this time of year that fuels a lot of the fantasy football talk. We have young players looking to build on success from last season, players in new places as well as a fresh crop of rookies, but we can’t forget about Martavis Bryant despite the fact that the wide receiver was suspended for all of 2016.

As we entered 2016 there was that same word, “buzz”, surrounding Bryant. The wide receiver was coming off a season that saw him catch 50 passes for 765 yards and six touchdowns, including three 100-plus yard games, and expectations were high. Instead he was suspended for the entire season due to drug use, and now it is something that will be hanging over Bryant’s head moving forward.

However, by all indications he appears to headed in the right direction and will come back stronger. With Marcus Wheaton no longer calling Pittsburgh home, Bryant is currently slotted in as a starting receiver opposite Antonio Brown. Read more

Week 17 Rankings (2016): Top 15 Kickers

by Ray Kuhn

This is it. Just one more week that we need to hear about kickers until next season. Or at least until the debate begins as to whether or not we should eliminate the position for 2017.

But not so fast.

We still should not overlook the position, as the upper level kickers can average about nine to ten points per game with the potential for a 15 point week. That could mean the difference between a championship and a painful second place finish. Let’s take a look at how the kickers rank for this week:

  1. Matt Bryant – Atlanta Falcons – vs. New Orleans
  2. Adam Vinatieri – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Jacksonville
  3. Justin Tucker – Baltimore Ravens – at Cincinnati
  4. Cairo Santos – Kansas City Chiefs – at San Diego
  5. Stephen Gostkowski – New England Patriots – at Miami
  6. Stephen Hauschka – Seattle Seahawks – at San Francisco
  7. Will Lutz – New Orleans Saints – at Atlanta
  8. Sebastian Janikowski – Oakland Raiders – at Denver Read more

Week 17 Rankings (2016): Top 15 Defenses

by Ray Kuhn

Stop me if you have heard this before; expected point totals will continue to go down as we get closer to kickoff. To close out the season, all of the games will be taking place on Sunday, and there aren’t many teams who don’t know (or have control) of where they will be next weekend.

Since last week’s games, all we have seen is a steady parade of offensive skill position players who will be bystanders to close out the regular season. That means offense will be at a premium and the risk involved with most defenses should be at a minimum. Let’s take a look at how our options rank for this week:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs – at San Diego
  2. Seattle Seahawks – at San Francisco
  3. Denver Broncos – vs. Oakland
  4. Arizona Cardinals – at Los Angeles
  5. Buffalo Bills – at New York Jets
  6. Houston Texans – at Tennessee
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Cleveland Read more

Week 17 Rankings (2016): Top 20 Tight Ends

by Ray Kuhn

Things have not been easy this year at the tight end position, and things will likely not get better this week. If there is anything good to takeaway here, and it’s really just an optimistic point of view, it’s that things aren’t going get anymore difficult for the last week of the season. Let’s jump into the rankings:

  1. Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs – at San Diego
  2. Greg Olsen – Carolina Panthers – at Tampa Bay
  3. Delanie Walker – Tennessee Titans – vs. Houston
  4. Zach Ertz – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Dallas
  5. Jimmy Graham – Seattle Seahawks – at San Francisco
  6. Jordan Reed – Washington Redskins – vs. New York Giants
  7. Eric Ebron – Detroit Lions – vs. Green Bay
  8. Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers – vs. Kansas City
  9. Charles Clay – Buffalo Bills – at New York Jets
  10. Kyle Rudolph – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Chicago Read more

Week 17 Rankings (2016): Top 40 Running Backs

by Ray Kuhn

This is not going to be an easy week. In fact, it might be the most challenging week there is… Challenging might not necessarily be the right word to use, maybe frustrating or nerve wracking might be more like it.  If you are still playing it means one of two things: Either you have reached the championship, and in that case congratulations, or you are setting a DFS lineup to help ease the pain of the fantasy football season being over.

Regardless of what brings you here, it is commendable as there is nothing like filling out a Week 17 lineup. We already have an abundance of players sidelined as there is no reason to risk further injury when the game means nothing, and more inactive players will likely come this weekend.

The rankings below are based on what we know at this point, but also are very much subject to change based on who actually takes the field. If you are setting a lineup make sure to monitor who will be actually taking the field and try to read the tea leaves as to what the usage will be. We’ll try to note of the situations that might look a little different than they did last week as there are certainly opportunities for value out there. Read more

Will Allen Robinson (Or Similar WR) Be Viable Options This Week?

by Ray Kuhn

Speculation doesn’t matter. Potential, that is meaningless at this point in the season. What is important though, is results.

And there are players, who for one reason or another, just haven’t produced them this season. At this point in the season, there is no need to be taking risks. If there is a risk to be taken, it should be in situations where upside is plentiful. There is no tomorrow, and you should plan accordingly.

Who would have thought this? We are in Week 16, and Allen Robinson is ranked 44th among wide receivers by RotoProfessor. It certainly isn’t a sudden development as Robinson has struggled all season, but it is a bit surprising to see him not even ranked as a WR3.

After all, Robinson was either a late first round or early second round selection in drafts this summer. We are well beyond the point of equating Robinson’s roster status to where he was drafted, and it is very possible you weren’t able to overcome his poor performance, but the time is now. Read more

Week 16 Rankings (2016): Top 15 Kickers

by Ray Kuhn

Entering the season kickers were not receiving much, if any, respect. There was talk about eliminating the position entirely from fantasy leagues, and as a whole they didn’t do much to help their cause. Last week though, with weather becoming more of an issue across the league, kickers had a very good week. With fantasy championships on the line, let’s hope they can make it two in a row. Here is how the kickers rank for Week 16:

  1. Justin Tucker – Baltimore Ravens – at Pittsburgh
  2. Matt Bryant – Atlanta Falcons – at Carolina
  3. Stephen Gostkowski – New England Patriots – vs. New York Jets
  4. Sebastian Janikowski – Oakland Raiders – vs. Indianapollis
  5. Adam Vinatieri – Indianapolis Colts – at Oakland
  6. Dan Bailey – Dallas Cowboys -vs. Detroit
  7. Will Lutz – New Orleans Saints – vs. Tampa Bay
  8. Josh Lambo – San Diego Chargers – at Cleveland Read more