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Analyzing My Drafting Mistakes in the Rotoprofessor Challenge

by Matt Soltysiak

Not every draft is perfect. When you finish your 15 or 16 rounds you look back and may wish there was a pick or two you did differently. I’ll break down my draft and go over a couple of things.

I had the 7th overall pick (not a particularly high value spot).

1. Steve Slaton -I opted for a young running back
2. Greg Jennings- debated between him and Wayne, both are solid #1’s
3. Kevin Smith- got my #2 starting RB
4. Roy Williams- has plenty of upside and is the #1 receiver in a potent offense
5. Larry Johnson- great #3 back, has plenty of upside if he can bounce back even a little

The first five rounds are pretty solid. I somewhat debate taking Jennings over Wayne, but both should have strong seasons (Jennings did better than Wayne last year and I was targeting Gonzalez in the 6th).

Here’s where my drafting went down hill a bit.

6. Matt Schaub- finally got my quarterback, was hoping to wait one more round though
7. Kevin Walter – 8 receivers went between my 6th and 7th pick. I was hoping for more
8. Felix Jones- good value, he’s my #4 back with a lot of upside
9. Kevin Curtis- feeling bad about my receiving corps I reached on someone.
10. Kyle Orton- A decent back-up qb.
11. Mark Clayton- at the time Derrick Mason was retired, not so anymore Read more

Rotoprofessor Challenge: Sixth Round Analysis

It’s time to take a look at the Sixth Round from the recent Rotoprofessor Challenge Draft:

  1. + Rock Star + – Carson Palmer
  2. Mose U Over – Derrick Ward
  3. Rotoprofessor – Knoshown Moreno
  4. Peterson’s Peeps – Antonio Bryant
  5. Big Fan – Matt Schaub
  6. AU Eagles – Anthony Gonzalez
  7. Lester – LenDale White
  8. agent ile – Torry Holt
  9. Show me the Money – Lee Evans
  10. I’m So Paid – Lance Moore
  11. CP – Pittsburgh Defense
  12. Geckos – Philadelphia Defense

Best Pick of the Round – Anthony Gonzalez
With Marvin Harrison no longer on the roster, Gonzalez should be the #2 receiver on a dynamic offense, meaning he could be in line for a monster season.  I spoke about him at the end of June (click here to view) and my feelings on him remain unchanged. Read more

Rotoprofessor Challenge: Fifth Round Analysis

It’s time to take a look at the Fifth Round from the recent Rotoprofessor Challenge Draft:

  1. Geckos – Tony Gonzalez
  2. CP – Dallas Clark
  3. I’m So Paid – Santana Moss
  4. Show me the Money – Braylon Edwards
  5. agent ile – Santonio Holmes
  6. Lester – Donovan McNabb
  7. AU Eagles – Jonathan Stewart
  8. Big Fan – Larry Johnson
  9. Peterson’s Peeps – Chris Wells
  10. Rotoprofessor – Darren McFadden
  11. Mose U Over – Marshawn Lynch
  12. + Rock Star + – Hines Ward

Best Pick of the Round – Darren McFadden
No, it’s not because it was my pick, it just so happens to be the pick that jumps out at me as the best from the round.  McFadden’s current ADP is 47.28, meaning he’s going on average in the late fourth round.  He’s actually been picked as high as #28 (now, that’s crazy!).  I had him ranked as my #18 RB, ahead of Stewart, Johnson & Wells, all of whom went before him in this round.  Considering the talk that he’s going to take over the starter’s role, this could be a big-time season for him making him a great gamble pick at this point.  Read more

Rotoprofessor Challenge: Fourth Round Analysis

It’s time to take a look at the Fourth Round from the recent Rotoprofessor Challenge Draft:

  1. + Rock Star + – Chad Ochocinco
  2. Mose U Over – Aaron Rodgers
  3. Rotoprofessor – Tony Romo
  4. Peterson’s Peeps – Wes Welker
  5. Big Fan – Roy Williams
  6. AU Eagles – T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  7. Lester – Terrell Owens
  8. agent ile – Kurt Warner
  9. Show me the Money – Antonio Gates
  10. I’m So Paid – Reggie Bush
  11. CP – Vincent Jackson
  12. Geckos – Joseph Addai

Best Pick of the Round – Terrell Owens
He currently has an ADP of 33.12, so getting him in the fourth round is a great move for Lester, who gets him as his #2 WR.  I understand the concerns of him moving to Buffalo and his attitude, but he has had over 1,000 yards in nine of the past eleven seasons.  He’s also had double-digit TD catches in eight of those seasons.

If Trent Edwards takes the next step in his development, the concerns surrounding Owens are quickly going to disappear.  Honestly, despite being 35-years old at the start of the season, there shouldn’t be any doubt as to what type of player he is. Read more

Rotoprofessor Challenge: Third Round Analysis

It’s time to take a look at the Third Round from the recent Rotoprofessor Challenge Draft:

  1. Geckos – Anquan Boldin
  2. CP – Ryan Grant
  3. I’m So Paid – Roddy White
  4. Show me the Money – Marion Barber
  5. agent ile – Dwayne Bowe
  6. Lester – Ronnie Brown
  7. AU Eagles – Jason Witten
  8. Big Fan – Kevin Smith
  9. Peterson’s Peeps – Thomas Jones
  10. Rotoprofessor – Brandon Marshall
  11. Mose U Over – Pierre Thomas
  12. + Rock Star + – Marques Colston

Best Pick of the Round – Marques Colston
I was between Colston and Marshall for my pick, so I have to say that I’m a huge fan in getting him at the end of the round.  He has plenty of risk associated with him, as we’ve discussed before (click here for my article on him), but he could perform like one of the Top 5 receivers in the game. Read more

Rotoprofessor Challenge: Second Round Analysis

Unlike the first round (click here to view), we’re going to look at the next few rounds a little bit differently.  I’m not going to give my thoughts on every pick, instead just looking at what I felt were the best and worst picks of the round, as well as a few other random thoughts:

Second Round:

  1. + Rock Star + – Clinton Portis
  2. Mose U Over – Randy Moss
  3. Rotoprofessor – Chris Johnson
  4. Peterson’s Peeps – Calvin Johnson
  5. Big Fan – Greg Jennings
  6. AU Eagles – Drew Brees
  7. Lester – Reggie Wayne
  8. agent ile – DeAngelo Williams
  9. Show me the Money – Tom Brady
  10. I’m So Paid – Peyton Manning
  11. CP – Steve Smith
  12. Geckos – Philip Rivers

Best Pick of the Round – Drew Brees
I have Brees slotted as a first round pick, so to get him in the middle of the second round was a great pick for the AU Eagles.  He was the top QB on my draft board after posting over 5,000 yards and 34 TD last season.  Just imagine how good he could be with a healthy Marques Colston for the entire season? Read more

Rotoprofessor Challenge: First Round Analysis

Last week, we held the draft for this year’s Rotoprofessor Challenge league, which we will be covering extensively here on the site so other owners can see both the good and bad moves made and learn from others mistakes.  It’s a solid mix of guys who certainly know football, though that doesn’t mean that there weren’t a few surprises along the way. 

It started right from the start, so let’s get down to it and take a look at the first round selections:

1. Geckos – Matt Forte
I know this is the in vogue pick this season and he’s flying up draft boards, but there’s no way I can see selecting him with the first overall pick.  While he has plenty of upside, as we’ve discussed before, there are way too many risks in taking him with the first overall pick.  We’ll see if it pans out, but this is certainly not a pick I’d endorse, especially in a non-PPR league.

2. CP – Adrian Peterson
Talk about a gift.  He should be the first overall pick and he simply fell in his lap.  Talk about your no-brainer.

3. I’m So Paid – Brian Westbrook
Two out of the first three picks were clearly oddities to me.  Like forte, if this had been a PPR league, then maybe I could buy this pick a little bit more.  I had him ranked as the #10 ranked running back and he currently has an ADP of 13.41 according to Mock Draft Central (with him being selected only as high as fifth).  With his injury risk he’s a borderline first round pick, so I’d consider him towards the end of the first round, but more likely the beginning of the second.  Even if it pans out, there’s just too much risk to be selecting him this high. Read more

Trade Review: S. Smith & Jacobs for Parker & Crayton

by Eric Stashin

The Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy League has seen it’s second trade, and it is between myself and Felipe.  I will give you my thoughts behind the trade now and I will allow Felipe to give his thoughts later on. The deal saw me trade Willie Parker & Patrick Crayton to Felipe in exchange for Steve Smith & Brandon Jacobs.

Using Sammy Morris as my RB/WR player, I felt like I was short a “skill player”, which this trade helped my acquire.  I do feel like Brandon Jacobs is a slight downgrade from Willie Parker, but with Frank Gore as my other RB I feel like I am still very well stocked at the position.  Plus, Morris is now available on the bench if need be, so I feel like my team is significantly deeper now.
Read more

Rotoprofessor Challenge: Week 3 Pick-ups

There have been a handful of moves in the Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy League since the last time we checked in, so let’s take a look at what the owners did:

  1. The Rotoprofessor dropped Joe Flacco and picked up Kerry Collins. My need for a QB with the loss of both Tom Brady and Vince Young continues and hopefully Collins can produce like the QB he once was.  Is he going to?  Who knows, but it’s a better gamble then Flacco at this point.
  2. Philly Phunters dropped Bernard Berrian and picked up Amani Toomer. Berrian has a bigger potential this season, but the question marks at QB and injuries have limited him to just 3 catches this season.  Toomer is a solid player, though he is never going to be the top option in New York, not with Palxico Burress roaming the field.  I’d consider Toomer if you need someone this week, but I am much higher on Berrian.
  3. El Guapo dropped Tavaris Jackson and picked up Darren Sproles. Good move, especially for this week.  With Sproles expected to get the bulk of the carries with LaDanian Tomlinson hurting, he should be owned in all formats.  Jackson doesn’t offer much anyways, so he’s no real loss.
  4. Cool Runnings dropped Shayne Graham and picked up Ryan Longwell. A swap of kickers, which is there really to say?
  5. El Guapo dropped Steve Slaten and picked up J.T. O’Sullivan. In need of a back-up QB, he went for O’Sullivan who has not been terrible this season.  In a league that requires 2 starting QB’s, O’Sullivan is the perfect back-up type player.  Especially in Martz’ offense, he will have the potential to put up a big game when you need him, much like he did in Week 2 against Seattle.
  6. Barry dropped San Diego’s Defense and picked up Brandon Jackson. Personally, I do like San Diego’s defense despite their struggles thus far and the loss of Shawn Merriman for the season.  Still, Barry has a decent defense in Green Bay and wanted to handcuff Ryan Grant, just in case.  Personally, I wouldn’t have dumped the Defense, but probably someone else to get Jackson, but to each his own.  Still, Green Bay has Dallas this week and could be in for a tough game.
  7. Barry dropped Rudi Johnson and picked up Michael Bush. One game at 16 carries and 90 yards was enough to pick up Bush.  Personally, I don’t see him having a huge impact this season, with Darren McFadden likely locked in as the starter all year.  Still, he’s a solid back-up, as is Rudi Johnson.  If you have a need for someone like this, it is an either/or scenario.  They are both gambles and not likely to have huge games most weeks, barring an injury.
  8. Geckos dropped Dustin Keller and picked up Vincent Jackson. Jackson is decent option in deeper leagues as a back-up WR.  That’s all he should be viewed as, and that’s all that Geckos needs him as.  Keller was a gamble to begin with, and the Jets don’t seem to be making him a huge go to guy in their offense quite yet.  Maybe later in the season, but at this point he’s no better then other TE’s on the waiver wire so he will be easily replacable.
  9. Barry dropped Anthony Fasano and picked up Steve Slaton. Ah, Barry just loves these types of RB, doesn’t he?  I’m not big on Slaton, who had just 43 yards in the first week of the season.  Still, Fasano isn’t a big loss, so it’s a good gamble, just in case Slaton does put things together.
  10. Dawg House dropped Dominic Rhodes and picked up Buffalo’s Defense. He needed a Defense for this week, and with Buffalo taking on Oakland, why not?  Rhodes has no real value anyways.
  11. Megatraon dropped Jeff Reed and picked up John Carney. Another swap of kicker’s and it’s a gut call.  I have no problem with it.

A look at the Rotoprofessor Challenge First Place team

In the Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy League, the team known as Megatron has jumped out to a fast start, going 2-0 while amassing 280 points in the process.  It certainly has been an impressive start, so I thought I’d take a look at his roster and see what we have there:

Quaterbacks: Donovan McNabb, Jay Cutler
These two have been extremely impressive to start off the season, especially Cutler, who has earned the most points of any player in the league at 51.  He is one of those guys that people have been expecting to put things together for some time and thus far this season it appears that he is finally making good on that promise.  Those who took the flyer on him in your leagues are certainly cashing in thus far.  With targets like Brandon Marshall, there really is no reason to expect a let down, either.

Runningbacks: Brian Westbrook, Earnest Graham, Chris Johnson, Thomas Jones, DeAngelo Williams, Ray Rice, Lorenzo Booker
Maybe we went a little overboard with the amount of depth he’s amassed, as those top 4 are more then enough for any team to have.  As of right now he’s sitting with Jones on his bench, certainly an envious position.  While Graham, Johnson & Jones are not elite options, it hasn’t been needed considering the QB’s and receivers he has. Read more