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Rotoprofessor Challenge: Free Agent Review for Week 2

There have been a whole slew of moves in the Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy League since last week, so let’s take a look at what everyone did:

  1. The Rotoprofessor dropped Ahmad Bradshaw and picked up Patrick Crayton – With Kevin Curtis out, Kenny Watson as a backup and Ted Ginn Jr. showing nothing in the first week, I felt I needed another receiver and was happy to see Crayton still sitting out there. He put up a solid first week and should put up solid numbers as the #2 WR in Dallas. He’s worth owning in all formats.
  2. The Rotoprofessor dropped Kevin Curtis and picked up LaMont Jordan – I’ve talked about Jordan already here, so it’s not worth repeating. He’s tucked away on my bench and it is a total flier. We’ll see how it turns out, but I’m certainly not losing much with this one.
  3. Cool Runnings dropped Jason Wright and picked up Matt Cassel – With Matt Schaub, David Garrard and Chad Pennington as his QB’s, he acted quickly to bring in Cassel and it does make sense. I’m not going to say Cassel is going to be an All Pro, but he certainly has the potential to be better then the other options available to him. If I were in his place, I would have done the same thing. In fact, I wish I had, but he simply beat me to the punch. Read more