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Power Player: Week 5

Well, I figured this would be a good new feature to include here every week, though this week I’m going to go with a fairly obvious choice in the Carolina Panthers DeAngelo Williams.  He not only amassed 123 yards on the ground and an additional 25 through the air, but found the end zone on 3 occassions.

To say that he gave owners a huge boost this week would be an understatement, assuming they even had him in their rosters.  In the Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy League, he wasn’t drafted until the 9th Round, so obviously he wasn’t drafted as a player you expected to use in your starting line-up.  While the owner who had him is going to win again this week (Megatron, who is undefeated, has him), he was not in his starting line-up.  Instead, he was using Brian Westbrook & Chris Johnson as his starting RB while he had Earnest Graham as his WR/RB.

I can’t imagine that this wasn’t a unique situation.  The fact that Williams was so undervalued by his owners, so to speak, makes his performance that much more impressive.  For those who did have him starting, he certainly made your week, and therefore deserves this award.