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Moving Targets: Week 12: Bryce Brown, Chris Hogan & More

by Ivar G. Anderson

Finally, the last bye week of the season. We lose our Pittsburgh and Carolina players this week, but I will take that knowing that come Week 13, all our players are available for lineup duty…at least, those that are healthy and have not been released from their teams. This week, the chart below features the top 51 targeted players through Week 11. On to this week’s target chart: Read more

Why Alfred Blue is An RB2

by Ray Kuhn

Yes, it is true. And there, I am done with the rhyming. I will stick with the purpose of this site, and that is to talk about fantasy football.

Things are not looking good for Arian Foster as we enter Week 12, and conversely the outlook for Alfred Blue is very good. Blue’s value this season has been directly tied to Foster’s health, and it appears the rookie running back will have substantial value as a handcuff for at least one more week.

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First Guess: I Think I Ranked Jeremy Hill too Low

by Ray Kuhn

Rankings are an in exact science. Even though that is the truth, should I really be telling you that? I mean after all you use these rankings as at least a starting point for roster decisions.

Sometimes it only takes an hour into the early games for it to become apparent that rankings or roster decisions were wrong. At that point, and then as Sunday turns into Monday, it is pretty easy to second guess where a particular player was ranked.

But this week, I am second guessing my initial ranking of Jeremy Hill on Saturday, before he even takes the field. In retrospect, I have him ranked too low.

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Deep League Prospecting: Is Charles Johnson Worth a Look?

by Ray Kuhn

Teddy Bridgewater needs to throw the ball to someone. I mean, he is the quarterback, so of course he does. And in today’s NFL, quarterbacks must pass the ball in order to move downfield. So am I really saying anything that is groundbreaking?

The answer is a resounding no. That is not the analysis you have to come to RotoProfessor for. Not when fantasy playoff berths are at stake.

But if you are looking for help at wide receiver this week, especially in deep leagues or as a cheap option in DFS, then my question might make a little more sense.

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Josh Gordon is Back

by Ray Kuhn

Did you really think that I wasn’t going to have something this week on Josh Gordon? I mean every other website is, so why not RotoProfessor? Yahoo even declared Tuesday, the day Gordon was no longer officially suspended “Josh Gordon Day”.

And do you know what, all of the attention is warranted. We, or at least every Gordon owner, have only been waiting for this moment for the past 11 weeks. You have every right to be excited. I know I am.

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Fantasy Fallout: Who Will Catch Passes in Denver?

by Ray Kuhn

I know I say this all the time, but there is a large part of fantasy football success that is based on opportunity. And right now, a very good example of this resides in Denver.

The Broncos backfield situation appears to muddled, but I would argue it is clearer than it actually appears. Ronnie Hillman is likely done for the season and Montee Ball didn’t have an impact in his return this past week. In fact Ball re-aggravated his groin injury, so I don’t think we have to worry about him going forward. Every indication, is that it appears to be C.J. Anderson’s backfield.

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Buy ‘Em or Deny ‘Em: Will Kyle Rudolph Provide Value Over The Remainder Of The Season?

by Ray Kuhn

Entering the season, there was a lot of buzz about the tight end position. Sure we all knew how good Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham and Julius Thomas are and for the most part they have lived up to expectations.  If you decided to wait on tight end, though, the theory was that you would be perfectly fine.  Draft boards were abundantly filled with young, athletic tight ends who had upside. However as we enter Week 11, that has not been the case. Unless you ended up with one of the Tier One options, chances are you have been going week to week.

One of the exciting options to fantasy owners at the beginning of the season was Kyle Rudolph. Instead he failed to live to expectations in the first weeks of the season before being sidelined with a groin injury.  Prior to the injury, his first three games weren’t exactly worthy of starter status with 10 catches for 86 yards and a touchdown.

So then, why are we so excited about Rudolph’s return? Read more

Breakout or Bust: Is Mike Evans On The Verge Of Developing Into A WR1?

by Ray Kuhn

Mike Evans is destined to be a star in the NFL. Might there be some hyperbole and overreaction there, sure, as Evans is barely halfway through his rookie season, but all signs are pointing in that direction.  Playing in the NFL is not easy. You need a lot more than just talent and athleticism to succeed, something especially true as a receiver and even more so as a rookie. There is a learning curve and it is not as easy as Evans has made it look over the last two games.

Or is it?

Evans so far has just eight career games under his belt, but he is looking like a star. Despite missing one game with injury he currently has 585 yards, on pace to eclipse 1,000 receiving yards as a rookie despite a slow start. (9 receptions for 86 yards over his first two games). Read more

Moving Targets: Week 11: Odell Beckham, Tre Mason, Bryce Brown & More

by Ivar G. Anderson

Well, at least we are done with the six team bye weeks. Not that four teams is great, but I take my gifts when and where I can get them. This week, the chart below features the top 51 targeted players through Week 10 mostly because I wanted to get Anthony Gates onto the chart, and as you probably guessed he is the final entry listed below. I also added an additional column with the number of receptions each player has received, so the catch percentage has some more relevance when you peruse the list. On to this week’s target chart: Read more

Buy ‘Em or Deny ‘Em: Will Mark Ingram Be A RB1 The Rest Of The Way?

by Ray Kuhn

For the rest of 2014, Mark Ingram is a borderline RB1. There I said it.

Yes I know we are talking about the same Mark Ingram who, after three NFL seasons, entered 2014 with 1,462 yards. I am also aware that the Saints offense, led by Drew Brees and Sean Payton, is not the same prolific and explosive offense we had grown accustomed to over the past few seasons.

When Denard Robinson being on a bye has an impact on every fantasy league, that says all you need to know about what we are dealing with regarding running backs at this point in the season.

So is it really that crazy to say that, at worst, there will be 11 running backs better than Ingram for the rest of the season? Read more