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Waiver Worthy: Week 11 Fallout: RB Galore (Ware, Coleman & Allen), Terrance Williams & More

by Will Overton

We’re headed into Week 12 and that means no more bye weeks to give owners headaches. You should be working at full capacity, aside from any injuries you may have (and chances are you are dealing with a major one at this point). This should be a welcome relief to owners, but it shouldn’t make you feel safe.  There are only a few weeks left in the fantasy regular season. There are injuries you need to maneuver around and I’ll bet you still own some underachievers. You don’t want to take your foot off the gas now.

With that in mind, let’s continue looking at the waiver wire and breaking down the most popular/best adds for the coming week:

Kirk Cousins – QB, Washington Redskins: A couple of weeks ago I touted Cousins as a streaming quarterback option, and I will bet on him again this week. He is currently owned in 28% of leagues and it’ll probably be a lot less now after he had a bit of a stinker against the Carolina Panthers. Let that work into your favor and snatch him up for another prime matchup, this time against the New York Giants. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 10 Fallout: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Wes Welker & More

by Will Overton

This isn’t a particularly strong week for the waiver wire. For the most part in Week 10 we saw a lot of familiar faces, who are already owned in a lot of leagues, making the noise. There also weren’t many significant injuries opening the door for new opportunities (though that’s not something anyone is going to complain about).

That said, there were still a few waiver wire standouts for us to discuss and there are also a few guys we will highlight based on their matchup in Week 11. Let’s take a look at who I would be eyeing on the wire this week:

Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB, New York Jets: I was able to nail my waiver wire streaming quarterback for Week 10 when I advised readers to add Kirk Cousins. Let’s see if I can strike some magic again with Ryan Fitzpatrick. First things first, pay attention to his status because he did have surgery on his thumb over the weekend, so he is going to be questionable. If he plays, though, this matchup with the Texans is a very nice one. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 9 Fallout: James Starks, Karlos Williams & More

by Will Overton

Thankfully we are going back from six teams on bye to four, but the quality of fantasy value absent this week is much better, with the exception of the San Francisco 49ers (who no one should miss).  Still, there are always going to be needs to be filled due to injuries, bye weeks and poor performances. I have six players who I like for Week 10, some of which are coming off big weeks in Week 9 and others who I just expect to have a big performance

Let’s take a look at the potentially hot adds for the week:

Kirk Cousins – QB, Washington Redskins: The bye week has three guys who are fantasy starters all sitting out and Ben Roethlisberger is headed back to the bench with another injury. This means there are going to be teams in the market for a quarterback and one of the best streaming options for it this week is Kirk Cousins. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 8 Fallout: DeAngelo Williams, Jeremy Langford & More

by Will Overton

We have made it halfway through the season, and we have also made it to the “dreaded” Week 9 byes as there are six teams on bye week. Featured among the absent are four QB who could be considered starters or fringe starters in fantasy leagues, several Top 25 RB and Top 25 WR and a handful of Top 15 TE.

At this point in the season you are generally looking for players who might be able to help you down the stretch and into the fantasy playoffs, but for this week you may be forced to just be filling gaps as best you can. We’ll talk about those with long term upside, but we’re going to be more focused on Week 9 adds more than anything else.

Let’s take a look at the waiver wire grabs to target:

Jameis Winston – QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It’s not been a super memorable rookie season from, but the last two weeks he’s looked a bit better with his decision making and threw for a TD and ran for another yesterday. This leads up to a nice matchup with the New York Giants. We saw what Drew Brees did and while we shouldn’t expect that from him, he could be in line for his biggest game of his young career. Read more

Prioritizing The Wire: Ranking The Top 10 Running Back Targets Prior To Week 8

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Are you searching for the best running back to add this week over the waiver wire?  It’s often difficult to sort through the options, so let’s try to prioritize who the best grabs are considering both the short and long-term.  Keep in mind, to be eligible for this list you have to be owned in under 50% of both ESPN and Yahoo leagues, so someone like Chacandrick West (67.4% in ESPN) or Matt Jones (52.8% in ESPN) haven’t been included.  It’s important to examine your own waiver wire, just in case someone surprisingly remains available.

1) Darren McFadden – Dallas Cowboys
ESPN – 42.6%, Yahoo! – 38%
Clearly he took advantage of the injury that sidelined Joseph Randle, taking 29 carries for 152 yards and 1 TD against what had been a stout Giants’ run defense.  Obviously we can’t bank on this kind of workload continuing, whether it’s Randle or Christine Michael sharing duties, and McFadden is a consistent injury risk.  Still, running behind arguably the elite offensive line in the game makes McFadden the top grab in all formats. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 7 Fallout: Bridgewater, Andrews & More

by Will Overton

We’re nearing the halfway point of the season and winning every week is crucial.  That means we are focused more and more on matchups with our weekly waiver wire decision.

It’s also important to look at who might be emerging down the road as playing time starts to change. We are not going to hit on Darren McFadden, because he is owned in almost half of leagues and he’s a no-brainer add, but we will try and find who the next McFadden will be, emerging from the pack to the top of the heap on their team.

Let’s take a look at six adds that I like, some for the long run and some solely for week eight matchups: Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 6 Fallout: Theo Riddick, Brandon LaFell and More

by Will Overton

This may be one of the biggest and most important waiver wire weeks we’ll run into all season long. The four teams on bye week are going to be taking away a lot of fantasy talent. You’re losing four QB’s who could very well be your starting QB. There are also seven RB’s who could be considered fantasy worthy, six top 15 receivers and two top 10 tight ends who are all sitting out.

Throw in some of the questionable injury tags and playing time shifts and this could be a very hairy week for a lot of fantasy owners out there. I know it will be for me. So you’re likely going to have to rely on your waiver wire for at least one or two spots this week.

Week six was a bit odd with snap counts and playing time shake ups and so there’s got to be a lot of thought given to who you grab. Also, matchups have to be considered strongly here given that some players you add will be just one week adds. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 5 Fallout: 3 Running Backs To Target, Marquess Wilson & More

by Will Overton

Week 5 is in the books and we have a superstar who has gone done as Jamaal Charles tore his ACL yesterday and is now slated to be out of for the rest of the season. This leaves a big void on any team that owned him and undoubtedly had selected him in the first round of their draft.

Typically landing a productive running back on waivers isn’t easy to do, but there are three backs we are going to highlight this week that could be a potential replacement either in the long term or, in some cases, the short term.  We also have a handful of options from other positions to help you prepare to work the wire this week:

Blake Bortles, QB – Jacksonville Jaguars: The first game of the season did not go well for Bortles as he struggled against the Carolina Panthers stout defense. Since then he has looked more impressive with 9 TD and 2 INT in the past four games while averaging 279 yards per game. Those numbers include his big game yesterday when he went 23–33 for 303 yards and 4 TD. One of the biggest things helping Bortles stock is his receiving tandem of Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson. The next two weeks are decent matchups with Houston and Buffalo if you have a need at the position or want a backup for a struggling starter. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 4 Fallout: Duke Johnson, Leonard Hankerson & More

by Will Overton

The bye weeks took a bit of a toll on fantasy owners this past week, and that was with just two teams on bye.  With four teams going on bye in Week 5 things are going to get worse, especially when combined with injuries, and there will be a lot of owners scrambling to find someone on the waiver wire.

Thankfully this was a pretty big week for waiver wire production and there should be options available to you. Keep in mind this isn’t a list of guys I would add necessarily, but rather my analysis on guys I think may be hot adds based on how they played yesterday or the matchups they have coming up:

Brian Hoyer – QB, Houston Texans: Even with Arian Foster making his return the Houston Texans threw the ball 57 times. Ryan Mallett, who has been the team’s starter, attempted 27 passes and was terribly inept before being replaced by Hoyer, who was more efficient going 17–30 for 232 yards and a pair of TD. You need to consider that Hoyer did this with his team down by 30 and 40 points, so the Falcons were in prevent mode and the Texans had to throw. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 3 Fallout: Replacing Roethlisberger, Rawls’ Value & More

by Will Overton

We’re three weeks into the fantasy season and the landscape of the waiver wire is starting to shift. You are still looking at which big performers are available, but noe you also have to consider matchups. With injuries and bye weeks starting you are looking both long and short-term.

As we break down some of the top free agents on the waiver wire we will be looking at short term options and some who are better long term.  We will be considering current play, injuries and matchups for the week.

For reference, I likely won’t mention the same guy two weeks in a row. Since I touched on someone like Rishard Matthews last week, I won’t bring him back up now despite his huge game. Only if my view on a certain player changes would I be likely to do that.

With that in mind, let’s get to the top free agent targets of the week: Read more