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Waiver Worthy: Week 6 (2018): Intriguing Wide Receivers, Running Back Worth Stashing & More

by Will Overton

Another week is nearly in the books with just the Monday Night game to go tonight. Once again the waiver wire material is dominated by the wide receiver position, with teams airing it out more and more. That said, we do still have a couple running backs to break down and a tight end you don’t want to miss out on. Let’s get to work breaking down all the top names of the week:


Marlon Mack, RB – Indianapolis Colts
For just the second time this season Mack was able to suit up and play for the Colts. With Indianapolis down early and playing catch up, Mack didn’t get a ton of carries but he was clearly the lead back on the ground. He carried the ball 12 times for an impressive 89 yards, adding one catch for four yards. The Colts have a bevy of running backs to choose from which makes things tough, but it seems like a healthy Mack has a big leg up on getting carries. So even if he loses out on third down work to Nyheim Hines he has some value as what looks like the lead back. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 5 (2018): Wide Receiver Fliers, Speculative Running Back Additions & More

by Will Overton

Week 5 is virtually in the books, putting us nearly a third of the way through the season and putting you in a position where it’s time to start putting the pedal to the floor if you’ve come out of the gates a little slow. Week 5 didn’t produce any standouts for the waiver wire, aside from a couple that we’ve previously discussed, but there are sneaky guys who may be worth grabbing. Let’s break it down:


Wayne Gallman – RB, New York Giants
This is 100% dependent on what kind of news comes out Saquon Barkley, who was injured on the Giants last offensive play (a TD scored by him). With Barkley in town Gallman has seen the field very sparingly, but if Barkley is banged up the whole share of RB touches goes to Gallman, who is clear cut number two with Jonathan Stewart on IR. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 4 (2018): Running Back Sleepers To Stash, Breakout Wide Receivers & More

by Will Overton

After the rookie QB class stole the show in Week 3, we got back to the real meat of the waiver wire performers yesterday, wide receivers and running backs. We had a few incidents of game scripts making guys look like superstars, and now the task is telling who really may have had a breakout and who just took advantage of a favorable opportunity. Let’s get to work breaking down eight players who are likely to be popular names on the wire after this week’s games:


Taylor Gabriel – WR, Chicago Bears
I think the Chicago Bears shocked just about everybody with the air assault offensive onslaught they put together against the Buccaneers. The Bear’s game plan was to attack the Bucs secondary early and often, and it worked like a charm as the Bears amassed 354 yards through the air and 6 TD. The leading WR in the mix was Taylor Gabriel, who ended up with 7 catches for 104 yards and 2 TD. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 3 (2018): Rookie Quarterbacks Finally Arrive, Intriguing Wide Receivers & More

by Will Overton

Week 3 is in the books and there were some shocking game results and surprising box score standouts. With the bye weeks set to start in Week 4 playing the waiver wire becomes much more strategic. There’s a smorgasbord of options this week as we’re going to look at a couple rookie quarterbacks who stole the show, some running backs for those who are desperate for help and some of the plentiful wide receiver to choose from on the wire. Let’s get to work:


Baker Mayfield – QB, Cleveland Browns: The number one pick in the 2018 NFL Draft took the social media world by storm last Thursday when he came in and led the Browns back to a win over the Jets. Mayfield didn’t throw a TD but clearly had a good rapport with his receivers going 17 –23 for 201 yards in just a little over a half. He has been named the starter for Week 4 and the timing is just right with the Browns set to face off with the Raiders. I believe in the talent of Mayfield and I am looking forward to watching him, but in fantasy I’m going to play things a little more wait and see, which means I might miss out as Bakermania sweeps the nation, but there are so many other options out there including this other rookie I am about to discuss… Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 2 (2018): Upside Wide Receivers, Committee Running Backs To Target & More

by Will Overton

Week 2 of the season is coming to a close tonight and the waiver process is set to begin again. We’re still approaching things with a bit of cautiousness, but you can’t wait forever. We now have two games to work with and at least a bit bigger sample size to consider. We are going to look at the names who should be considered this week and I’ll give my impression on whether you want to buy, if you should take a hard pass or somewhere in between the two:


Jordan Wilkins, RB – Indianapolis Colts
The running back by committee approach is the worst enemy of fantasy football owners, but with so many teams employing the method it’s hard to avoid all of the situations. The Colts seem to have themselves a three way committee that’s going to leave everyone wanting more. That said, I do think Jordan Wilkins is the best pure back of the bunch, and he was clearly the best yesterday when he used his 10 carries for 61 yards.  Read more

Fantasy Fallout: With Two Elite Tight Ends Down, Where Can Fantasy Owners Turn For Replacements?

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Injuries are always a significant risk and tight end got hit particularly hard in Week 1.  While we are still waiting for the details it looks like both Greg Olsen and Delanie Walker, both of whom were considered Top 10 options entering the year, could be facing extended absences.  Let’s take a look at a few options who are likely available on your waiver wire who could be viable options moving forward:


George Kittle – San Francisco 49ers
CBS Sports 69% – %, ESPN – 37.1%

Kittle was a popular breakout candidate a year ago, but he ultimately managed just 43 receptions for 515 yards and 2 TD over 15 games.  However he showed signs late in the year, including racking up 100 yards in the final game of the season, and he followed that up with a strong Week 1 performance: Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 1 (2018): Surprising Running Backs Worth Considering (Ekeler, Lindsay), Under-the-Radar WR & More

by Will Overton

Managing the waiver wire at the beginning of the season can be very tricky. You have to walk that fine line between not overreacting to one game and not missing out on some potential value, as you don’t want to blow up your draft after one game. With that in mind, here is my take on some names that are sure to be popular on the wire this week:


Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Joe Flacco – QB, Baltimore Ravens

I am lumping the two of these together as their situations are similar. There were reasons they didn’t get drafted in leagues outside two QB formats, and I’m not sure we should change things based on one game. Both looked fantastic in Week 1, but I think it may say more about the competition. The Saints were supposed to be stout on defense, but I’m not so sure after this one. As for the Bills, wow this is going to be a long year. I think if anything we have learned that the Bills may be an excellent option to stream against and the Saints may not be a team to fear playing your guys against. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 14 Fallout: Blake Bortles, Rod Smith & More

by Will Overton

You should either already be in your playoffs or starting them this week. Either way, unless you are in a dynasty league you should be making waiver wire moves based solely on what is happening for that player this week, without worrying about the future. There is no more long term thinking, it’s win or go home time.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some options you can add that may be able to help you out this week:


Blake Bortles – QB, Jacksonville Jaguars
There may not be much more terrifying of a thought than using Blake Bortles in a playoff matchup, but that may be a reality you need to face. Week 14 saw Carson Wentz and Josh McCown say goodbye to the rest of their seasons and if you are scrambling for a QB, the options owned in less than 50% of leagues isn’t great. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 12 Fallout: Rod Smith, O.J. Howard, J.D. McKissic & More

by Will Overton

This could be the last week before the playoffs start in your league, which means all hands on deck. Unless you are in a dynasty league, if you are making moves on the waiver wire it’s because you are looking for someone to play, so making the right move means everything. Here is my rundown of the waiver wire featured players after Week 12:


J.D. McKissic – RB, Seattle Seahawks
At some point in time the Seahawks have to realize that Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls are absolutely, terrible right? I expected to see the flashy young J.D. McKissic more involved in the run game this past week, only to have to endure carry after carry from Lacy (who went nowhere with the opportunities). Meanwhile McKissic, who is averaging 4.5 YPC, continues to be used as a third down back almost exclusively. I am hoping the Seahawks see the light and make this change but there is no guarantee, which means most of McKissic’s value is still in the pass catching game. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Wide Receiver Edition: Corey Coleman, Josh Doctson, Zay Jones & More

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Injuries have opened some opportunities, though does that mean long-term success?  How about some recently returning wide receivers?  Can they hit the ground running and produce for teams in need?  Let’s take a look at some of the hot waiver wire targets to try and determine if they are worth buying or should be left for someone else:


Corey Coleman – Cleveland Browns
Taking on a tough Jacksonville defense the Browns wasted little time in turning Coleman into their top target.  He finished with 6 receptions (11 targets) and 80 yards and until Josh Gordon returns a similar workload should be in his future.  Even once Gordon is ready, given how long he’s been sidelined is there any guarantee that he makes an impact?  Read more