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Waiver Worthy: Week 14 Fallout: Blake Bortles, Rod Smith & More

by Will Overton

You should either already be in your playoffs or starting them this week. Either way, unless you are in a dynasty league you should be making waiver wire moves based solely on what is happening for that player this week, without worrying about the future. There is no more long term thinking, it’s win or go home time.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some options you can add that may be able to help you out this week:


Blake Bortles – QB, Jacksonville Jaguars
There may not be much more terrifying of a thought than using Blake Bortles in a playoff matchup, but that may be a reality you need to face. Week 14 saw Carson Wentz and Josh McCown say goodbye to the rest of their seasons and if you are scrambling for a QB, the options owned in less than 50% of leagues isn’t great. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Week 12 Fallout: Rod Smith, O.J. Howard, J.D. McKissic & More

by Will Overton

This could be the last week before the playoffs start in your league, which means all hands on deck. Unless you are in a dynasty league, if you are making moves on the waiver wire it’s because you are looking for someone to play, so making the right move means everything. Here is my rundown of the waiver wire featured players after Week 12:


J.D. McKissic – RB, Seattle Seahawks
At some point in time the Seahawks have to realize that Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls are absolutely, terrible right? I expected to see the flashy young J.D. McKissic more involved in the run game this past week, only to have to endure carry after carry from Lacy (who went nowhere with the opportunities). Meanwhile McKissic, who is averaging 4.5 YPC, continues to be used as a third down back almost exclusively. I am hoping the Seahawks see the light and make this change but there is no guarantee, which means most of McKissic’s value is still in the pass catching game. Read more

Waiver Worthy: Wide Receiver Edition: Corey Coleman, Josh Doctson, Zay Jones & More

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Injuries have opened some opportunities, though does that mean long-term success?  How about some recently returning wide receivers?  Can they hit the ground running and produce for teams in need?  Let’s take a look at some of the hot waiver wire targets to try and determine if they are worth buying or should be left for someone else:


Corey Coleman – Cleveland Browns
Taking on a tough Jacksonville defense the Browns wasted little time in turning Coleman into their top target.  He finished with 6 receptions (11 targets) and 80 yards and until Josh Gordon returns a similar workload should be in his future.  Even once Gordon is ready, given how long he’s been sidelined is there any guarantee that he makes an impact?  Read more

Waiver Worthy: Running Back Edition: Samaje Perine, Damien Williams, Devontae Booker & More

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

There are several running back situations that were sent into a state of flux over the past few days, with the Washington Redskins being the biggest “issue” to sort through.  They aren’t alone, though, with some surprising performances dominating the news on Sunday.  Who are the running backs we should be buying?  Who should we be ignoring?  Let’s take a look:


Samaje Perine – Washington Redskins
It’s almost like he’s the last man standing, with Chris Thompson lost for the season and Rob Kelley also sidelined.  Perine took advantage of the opportunity in Week 11, turning 23 carries into 117 yards and 1 TD.  He also doesn’t have a daunting schedule, with the Giants, Cowboys and Chargers set for the next three weeks.  Perine isn’t going to be a factor in the passing game and had struggled prior to this “breakout” performance, but finding a 15+ touch running back is never an easy task.  Consider him a must grab option. Read more

Waiver Worthy (Week 10 Aftermath): Rex Burkhead, Austin Ekeler, Dontrelle Inman & More

by Will Overton

We’re at a point in the season where you not only have to look at things from a long term perspective, but also in a one week vacuum. Playoff spots are going to be decided over the next couple of weeks and it’s important that you are putting the best team possible on the “fantasy field.” With that in mind let’s look at some of the targets on the waiver wire and decide who can make your team better both this week and the rest of the season:

Rex Burkhead – RB, New England Patriots
The New England Patriots running game is such a guessing game it can be very frustrating to use any of them on your fantasy team. That said we’ve seen Burkhead get more and more involved the last couple weeks, and he currently seems to be just a notch below Dion Lewis on the totem pole. Read more

Waiver Worthy (Week 8 Aftermath): Jimmy Garoppolo, Corey Clement, Robby Anderson & More

by Will Overton

Another six team bye week has fantasy owners hitting the waiver wire in a panic. Unfortunately the pickings are very slim right now. If you’re looking for a wide receiver you may be in luck and we’ll discuss some options, but everywhere else the options are limited.

The NFL did buzz on a big deal last night with Jimmy Garoppolo being dealt to San Francisco, and so we’ll start by looking at him as a waiver option and then hit on some big performers from Week 8 as well:

Jimmy Garoppolo – QB, San Francisco 49ers
We’ve been waiting for the better part of two years for the Patriots to trade Garoppolo and the time has now come. The 49ers have been starting rookie C.J. Beathard the last couple weeks, but clearly weren’t convinced he was a long-term answer and they weren’t willing to wait for the offseason. Garoppolo will be an immediate starter, the only question is whether it’ll be this week or next. We haven’t seen a lot, but he did start two games last year and completed 71% of his passes with 4 TD and 0 INT. He has upside and in a year where the drop-off from the good QB to the next tier is pretty big this is a good spot to add and see what happens.
Verdict: Buy him if you need a QB Read more

Waiver Worthy (Week 7 Aftermath): Wendell Smallwood, Deonte Thompson, T.J. Yeldon & More

by Will Overton

It’s Week 8 and it’s our first “dreaded” six team bye week of the season. Coupled with mounting injuries this might be a week where you’re scraping the bottom of the waiver wire barrel. With that in mind, this week we are not only looking back at what waiver options emerged in Week 7, but also looking forward to Week 8 and which guys on the wire you want to use based on matchups. So let’s get to work finding you some plays off the wire:

O.J. Howard – TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The first round pick showed a bit of the promise this past week, going for six catches, 98 yards and a pair of TD. This may have been his coming out party, or just a sampling of what he will one day be. Howard clearly has the skills, and I have no doubt will one day be a force in fantasy football. The question is does he have the polish now and will he get consistent enough work with Cameron Brate in the picture? I think he’s a bit of a gamble add in standard leagues, with possible upside, but keeper and dynasty leagues he’s a must own.
Verdict: High Risk/High Reward add in standard leagues, but a must own in long term leagues Read more

Waiver Worthy (Week 6 Aftermath): Chris Ivory, Orleans Darkwa, Brett Hundley & More

by Will Overton

The devastating injuries are piling up and fantasy owners are reeling from it. Desperate times can lead to desperate measures, so before you blindly hit the waiver wire to fill a hole on your team, make sure you read this first. Unfortunately the wire is bit of a wasteland this week despite the injuries. Nonetheless, I will give you my take on all the big names coming out of Week 6 who will be enticing, and I’ll let you know how you should handle each one:

Chris Ivory – RB, Jacksonville Jaguars
With the injury to Leonard Fournette and the success he had in the passing game yesterday, Chris Ivory is bound to be a popular name getting attention this week. Ivory only carried the ball twice on Sunday, but he had nine catches for 74 yards including a TD that featured a pretty nifty run him after the catch. I think Ivory’s success is going to be dependent on Fournette’s recovery from this hip flexor. Ivory is not a third down back, despite his success in the passing game, and I think it’s farfetched to think he can maintain that. With a nice matchup against the Colts coming up, if Ivory is the featured back he could be a nice pickup and play if you need a back for one week. Read more

Waiver Worthy (Week 5 Aftermath): Alluring Youngster (Mack, Smith-Schuster) & More

by Will Overton

Week 5 is officially in the books and we are here to get you started on the process of looking ahead to Week 6 and beyond. Today is waivers day and we will take a look at some of the players who stood out in and may be on the radar for fantasy owners. Let’s take a look at some of the names you should know and what my thoughts are on the potential value:


Marlon Mack – RB, Indianapolis Colts
There was some preseason hype surrounding Mack, but it was squelched early on in the season. He ended up third string at RB for the Colts and then an injury derailed him further, so Week 5 was the first time we got a glimpse of the potential he possesses. Mack carried the ball nine times on Sunday for 91 yards and a TD, catching one pass for just two yards. Once he got it going the Colts seemed more than willing to give him more opportunities and I think that may be a theme. Read more

Waiver Worthy: RB Edition: Latavius Murray, Wayne Gallman Among Must Add Options

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Week 4 created numerous opportunities for running backs who could quickly emerge as must use fantasy options on a weekly basis.  There were some significant injuries (Chris Carson, Dalvin Cook), while others continued to underperform.  Let’s take a look at the running backs you are going to want to target off the wire, and which ones you may want to ignore:


Wayne Gallman – New York Giants – Running Back
Paul Perkins has been a bitter disappointment over the first few weeks, with 32 carries for 61 yards (1.9 yards per carry) and 0 TD.  You could argue that the Giants need to look elsewhere, even if Perkins hadn’t gone down with a rib injury.  Instead that just expedited the process, and Gallman stepped in and showed more upside immediately:

  • Rushing – 11 carries for 42 yards
  • Receiving – 2 receptions for 8 yards and 1 TD Read more