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Poll: Who Will Be The Biggest Week 1 Disappointment?

Earlier today the Rotoprofessor writers shared their thoughts to the question:

Which potential Top 15-20 pick will be the biggest Week 1 disappointment?

To view our answers click here, but now it’s your turn.  Who do you think will be the biggest disappointment this week?  Make sure to share your reasoning in the comments as well!

Poll: Which Rookie QB Will Have The Best Week 1 Performance?

Football fans will be treated to an intriguing Week 1 matchup, as the first two picks of this past year’s draft will matchup against each other.  The question, though, is which quarterback do we think will post the better performance in their debut?

Will Jameis Winston backup why he was the top selection?  Will Marcus Mariota show that he’s the better player?

Let’s hear your thoughts!

Poll: Which 1st Round RB Is Least Likely To Reach Our Preseason Expectations?

Many NFL teams have reached the end of the first quarter of their season, so we can start to assess who have been the biggest disappointments of the year (and there are a lot of candidates). More specifically, many of the first round running backs have failed to live up to their preseason expectations (and that’s even excluding Adrian Peterson).

While we would expect most of them to ultimately get there (just see Jamaal Charles from last night), but it’s hardly a given.  Let’s see who everyone thinks is least likely to reach our preseason expectations (make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below as well):