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2015 Fantasy Rankings: Top 40 Running Backs (#21-40)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Earlier in the week we started our running back rankings (click here to view #1-20), so who fills out our Top 40?  Let’s take a look:

21. Giovanni Bernard – Cincinnati Bengals
22. T.J. Yeldon – Jacksonville Jaguars
23. Mark Ingram – New Orleans Saints
24. Carlos Hyde – San Francisco 49ers
25. Frank Gore – Indianapolis Colts
26. Todd Gurley – St. Louis Rams
27. Joseph Randle – Dallas Cowboys
28. Duke Johnson – Cleveland Browns
29. Doug Martin – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
30. Tre Mason – St. Louis Rams
31. C.J. Spiller – New Orleans Saints
32. LeGarrette Blount – New England Patriots Read more

2015 Fantasy Rankings: Top 40 Running Backs (#1-20)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

There are few workhorses left in the NFL, often with “lead” backs playing the first two downs (and in some cases rotating on earlier downs).  That’s not to say that there aren’t tremendous options, but the position is harder to sift through than ever before.  Let’s take a look at how we currently have things ranked for the coming year:

  1. Jamaal Charles – Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings
  3. Eddie Lacy – Green Bay Packers
  4. Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. Arian Foster – Houston Texans
  6. LeSean McCoy – Buffalo Bills
  7. Marshawn Lynch – Seattle Seahawks
  8. DeMarco Murray – Philadelphia Eagles
  9. Matt Forte – Chicago Bears
  10. Jeremy Hill – Cincinnati Bengals Read more

2015 Fantasy Rankings: Top 40 Wide Receivers (#21-40)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Last week we looked at the Top 20 Wide Receivers heading into 2015 (click here to view), so let’s continue those rankings and look at the next twenty.  Where is there upside?  Who should we avoid?  Let’s take a look:

21. Anquan Boldin – San Francisco 49ers
22. Jordan Matthews – Philadelphia Eagles
23. Kenny Stills – Miami Dolphins
24. Desean Jackson – Washington Redskins
25. Golden Tate – Detroit Lions
26. Michael Floyd – Arizona Cardinals
27. Allen Robinson – Jacksonville Jaguars
28. Martavis Bryant – Pittsburgh Steelers
29. Andre Johnson – Indianapolis Colts
30. Pierre Garcon – Washington Redskins Read more

2015 Fantasy Rankings: Top 40 Wide Receivers (#1-20)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

We all know who the elite wide receivers in the league are, but how do they rank for the coming season?  Where does 2014 breakout Odell Beckham Jr. fall, which may be one of the most debated rankings heading into the season?  How about “declining” veterans like Calvin Johnson?  Let’s answer those questions and all the rest:

  1. Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos
  2. Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys
  3. Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons
  4. Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. Odell Beckham – New York Giants
  6. Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions
  7. Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers
  8. Alshon Jeffrey – Chicago Bears
  9. A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals
  10. Kelvin Benjamin – Carolina Panthers Read more

Top 10 Rookie Running Backs For 2015

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

There were two running backs selected in the first round this year, certainly an oddity for today’s NFL.  That said, does that necessarily mean that they are the best options for 2015?  Which rookie running backs will be the best investment for this season?  Let’s take a look:

1) Melvin Gordon – San Diego Chargers
A first round selection this past season, he should step in as the early down running back for the Chargers.  There are going to be questions about his ability to catch the football, though the presence of Danny Woodhead means he’s not going to operate in that role anyways.  There certainly is no question regarding his ability to run the ball (2,587 yards on 343 carries at Wisconsin in 2014) or find the end zone (32 total TD in ’14).  Considering he’s also the “big back”, meaning he’s the biggest goal line threat, there’s a lot to love heading into the season.  He should push to be considered a RB1 in his rookie season. Read more

2015 Fantasy Rankings: Top 15 Tight Ends

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Tight end is always one of the toughest positions to plan for and fantasy owners lost one of the more dependable options for the first few weeks of the season as Antonio Gates was lost to suspension.  Of course there are plenty of high upside alternatives available, but the question is which risks are worth taking?  Let’s take a look:

  1. Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots
  2. Jimmy Graham – Seattle Seahawks
  3. Julius Thomas – Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Greg Olsen – Carolina Panthers
  5. Zach Ertz – Philadelphia Eagles
  6. Delanie Walker – Tennessee Titans
  7. Jordan Cameron – Miami Dolphins
  8. Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs Read more

2015 Fantasy Rankings: Top 15 Quarterbacks

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Quarterback continues to be as deep as ever, making it tough to justify reaching for one of the elite (especially with questions hovering over some of the traditionally best options).  That’s not to say that we shouldn’t target one of the best options on draft day, it just means that we need to be smart about it.  Would anyone really be upset if they had to “settle” for a Matt Ryan or Matthew Stafford?

That’s a debate for another day, however, so let’s take a look at how our quarterback rankings currently look:

  1. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers
  2. Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts
  3. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks
  4. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos
  6. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints
  7. Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers Read more

Early 2015 Rankings: Top 12 Running Backs (Post Free Agency)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Usually we have a pretty good feel for the top of our running back rankings, though that’s hardly the case at this point as we head towards 2015.  A three-game suspension to Le’Veon Bell, who likely would’ve been at the top of the rankings, has helped to send things into chaos.  Throw in question marks up and down the rest of the rankings for various reasons and there’s little doubt that these are going to change between now and the beginning of the season.

How do they look at this moment?  Let’s take a look:

  1. Eddie Lacy – Green Bay Packers
  2. Matt Forte – Chicago Bears
  3. LeSean McCoy – Buffalo Bills
  4. Jamaal Charles – Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Marshawn Lynch – Seattle Seahawks
  6. Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers
  7. Arian Foster – Houston Texans Read more

2015 Rankings: Top 12 Quarterbacks (Post Free Agency)

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

The NFL Draft is still a few weeks away (which also means we have a few weeks until our projections can become crystal clear), so there is no doubt that these rankings will change between now and the start of the season.  That said the free agency period caused us to reevaluate our early rankings as NFL franchises made some bold moves.

How far does Drew Brees fall, thanks to the remaking of the franchise?

Does Brees’ loss (aka Jimmy Graham) push Russell Wilson up the rankings significantly?

Here’s our first look on how our quarterback rankings look:

  1. Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts
  2. Aaron Rodgers – Green Back Packers
  3. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons
  4. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks
  5. Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos Read more

2014-2015 Championship Round: Top 4 Defenses

by Will Overton

It may seem like an easy decision to grab a defense this weekend, but what if you could use the couple hundred dollars you save by passing on the Seahawks and upgrade somewhere else? I’ not saying that’s what you should necessarily, but you should at least consider your options. This is how I see the defenses ranking for this weekend’s games:

  1. Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay
  2. New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis
  3. Green Bay Packers @ Seattle
  4. Indianapolis Colts @ New England Read more