Waiver Worthy: Week 7 Fallout: Denard Robinson, Tre Mason and More

by Will Overton

We’re clearly going to be looking no at both what was done this last and what could be done this coming week. We saw a few big breakout performances yesterday from the likes of Denard Robinson and Doug Baldwin. We also have to think about who could be breaking out next week and matchups can help dictate this stuff.

Looking at the prime waiver wire targets this week we will try and strike a balance between looking behind and looking ahead. With that in mind here are five of the guys I see as good waiver wire options this week:

Denard Robinson, RB – Jacksonville Jaguars: Just when we thought the Jaguars running back job was going to Storm Johnson, Denard Robinson took the lead yesterday and came out guns blazing. The former college QB standout ran the ball 22 times for 127 yards and a TD. Robinson has big upside due to his explosiveness and the fact that he’s still getting better as he learns the position.

Robinson did do this against the Browns who are pretty porous against the run. Also, Toby Gerhart was still out and could be back in the lineup this coming week. Robinson could hold down the starting job even after Gerhart returns though because Gerhart was doing nothing with the opportunity he did have. You almost have to add Robinson right now, but be aware that things could change.

Tre Mason, RB – St. Louis Rams: Mason saw his first action of the season  in week six, carrying the ball five times for 40 yards. Then all of the sudden in week seven he was the Rams primary back and ran the ball quite well against the stout Seahawks defense. Mason ran the ball 18 times for 85 yards and a TD. As far as we know Zac Stacy was healthy enough to play and just didn’t. Stacy has been disappointing so far and Mason clearly did enough to prove his worth as the team’s go to back. If I could only add one of Mason or Robinson I would lean towards Mason right now as I would feel more comfortable using him at this point.

Doug Baldwin, WR – Seattle Seahawks: I thought the departure of Percy Harvin would prove beneficial to Baldwin, I didn’t expect this kind of performance though. Baldwin caught seven balls for 123 yards and a TD against the Rams. The Seahawks were playing catchup for most of the game, a surprising position for them, and that helped Baldwin out, but he’s clearly the go to guy now.

Baldwin had upside last season, but was held back by Golden Tate, this year it was Percy Harvin. Now both of them are gone and Baldwin is the man. I wouldn’t put him in my top 20 of WR’s or anything, but I do think he’s going to be usable in several weeks going forward.

Corey Fuller, WR – Detroit Lions: This one is matchup based. I am a little hesitant to say that because the Lions are in London this Sunday, and that never seems to bode well for offenses. At the same time the Falcons secondary is not good at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if Calvin Johnson missed his third game in a row this week, especially with the travel issues, and if Johnson doesn’t play, Full will start again. Fuller caught his first career TD yesterday and I could see that momentum carrying over against the Falcons. This is probably more of a deep league add than anything, but if Johnson doesn’t play, Fuller should do well.

Ryan Tannehill, QB – Miami Dolphins: This is a matchup based play here too as Ryan Tannehill could be a top 12 Quarterback this coming week. While the Jaguars handled Brian Hoyer pretty well yesterday, they still aren’t a very good pass defense and Tannehill could expose them. Tannehill looked fantastic yesterday completing 78% of his passes and throwing a pair of TD’s. This is now three straight games with two TD’s for Tannehill and he’s also run for 35 or more yards three weeks in a row too showing off his mobility a bit. This is a nice combination of a hot QB and a nice matchup to make a sneaky fantasy play.

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  1. tony t says:

    Hey roto I’ve got a two parter here. I own spiller and Stacy now I’m thinking of holding Stacy for one more week since up 6-1 and dropping spiller for tre mason or denard Robinson. Would you drop both and pick up tee mason and denard Robinson or just spiller for mason.

    Part 2: I was offered Peyton manning and gio Bernard for martellus Bennet, Andy Dalton, Randall Cobb , and Andre ellington . I also have flacco, big Ben ,demariyus,Julio and Jamaal Charles with colston and patterson on my bench. Does this deal make sense or should I maybe try and get Ellington out. I really like my starting wr/rb situation but I’m inconsistent at qb.

  2. Matthew G says:

    My two cents: Make both RB pickups. The trade does make sense. Giving up Cobb and Ellington are huge hits, but Gio is still an RB1 and Peyton is Peyton. Not sure what I’d do considering I don’t know more about your team and what’s floating around in FA, but it’s a fair offer for both sides.

  3. Will Overton says:

    Tony – I would make that trade for sure. If you do the deal then you can also drop either Flacco or Ben, cause you don’t need both with Peyton and get one of those RB’s. You can also use the other free spot the trade would give you and grab the other back. Then reassess who to keep next week.

  4. S says:

    I have Sankey, Ivory, Ryan Mathews, Stacy, and Cunningham. Should I drop Stacy or Cunningham to pickup Denard Robinson or Tre Mason? If so, who should I drop to pickup who?

  5. Zach says:

    Hey Prof! My team sucks (1-6) and I’m hurting in RB position with A Williams on BYE (he’s a bust!). I’m #1 on the waiver wire and own Stacy and his handcuff Cunningham – I’ll probably dump Stacy so who do you recommend, Mason, Robinson, A Dixon or Ivory?

    My thoughts: I’m leaning Dixon because he’ll probably get the majority of carries that was split between two guys. Although Bryce Brown’s name is being thrown around. Mason looks good, but Cunningham had more points in my PPR league. Even though Robinson and Ivory did well, anything NYJ / JAX scares me. Thoughts?

  6. Randy says:

    How would you rank these RBs ROS… Vereen, Tre Mason, Ingram, and Sankey? This is a TD heavy league. 6pt=TD, 1pt=25 yards.

  7. Zach – I’d rank them Ivory, Robinson, Mason, Dixon (it’s sounding more and more like Brown is going to be the guy)

    Randy – None? lol….I’d probably go Vereen, Mason/Sankey (pretty even), Ingram

  8. RT says:

    RP – Would you drop Zac Stacy to pickup Tre or Denard? Thanks!

  9. Carson says:

    I have a question about running back help in a 14 team league where running backs are very thin. This is a 1/2 ppr league in which I can start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, a flex which can be either a RB, WR, or TE, a defense and a kicker. Right now, my team looks like this:
    QB: Colin Kaepernick
    RB1: Reggie Bush
    RB2: Trent Richardson
    WR1: Kelvin Benjamin
    WR2: Keenan Allen
    TE: Jimmy Graham
    FLEX: Rob Gronkowski
    DEF: Packers
    K: Cody Parkey
    QB: Andy Dalton
    RB: Bishop Sankey
    RB: Toby Gerhart
    WR: Percy Harvin
    WR: Rueben Randle
    TE: Vernon Davis

    I am currently 4-4 after this week and need and am in desperate new of a spark to pick up in exchange for Gerhart. My best idea at the moment is Zac Stacy, who was just dropped. Would this be a wise thing to do? Or is Stacy finnished for real? The other top RBs on the waiver wire are Devonta Freeman, and Talifario ( I think that’s how you spell it) from Baltimore. After that, there is almost nothing. Should I grab Stacy and hope, or stick with Gerhart and hope? Any advice would really help out. Thanks.

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