Week 8 Rankings (2014): Top 50 Wide Receivers

by Will Overton

Every week it seems like someone else is emerging into the top 20 – 25 of this group while some of the established veterans seem to continue slipping. At the top of the rankings we see many of the same subjects who continue to swap places among the top seven.

  1. Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans
  2. Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos vs. San Diego
  3. Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington
  4. Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Indianapolis
  5. Randall Cobb – Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans
  6. Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit
  7. Brandon Marshall – Chicago Bears @ New England
  8. T.Y. Hilton – Indianapolis Colts @ Pittsburgh
  9. Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona
  10. Mike Wallace – Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville
  11. Golden Tate – Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta
  12. Steve Smith – Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati
  13. Alshon Jeffrey – Chicago Bears @ New England
  14. Michael Floyd – Arizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia
  15. Emmanuel Sanders – Denver Broncos vs. San Diego
  16. Vincent Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Minnesota
  17. Kelvin Benjamin – Carolina Panthers vs. Seattle
  18. Julian Edelman – New England Patriots vs. Chicago
  19. Pierre Garcon – Washington Redskins @ Dallas
  20. Sammy Watkins – Buffalo Bills @ NY Jets
  21. Desean Jackson – Washington Redskins @ Dallas
  22. Doug Baldwin – Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina
  23. Andre Johnson – Houston Texans @ Tennessee
  24. Keenan Allen – San Diego Chargers @ Denver
  25. Torrey Smith – Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati
  26. Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit
  27. DeAndre Hopkins – Houston Texans @ Tennessee
  28. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia
  29. Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay
  30. Eric Decker – New York Jets vs. Buffalo
  31. Kendall Wright – Tennessee Titans vs. Houston
  32. Mohamed Sanu – Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore
  33. Wes Welker – Denver Broncos vs. San Diego
  34. Terrance Williams – Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington
  35. Percy Harvin – New York Jets vs. Buffalo
  36. Allen Robinson – Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami
  37. Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs vs. St. Louis
  38. James Jones – Oakland Raiders @ Cleveland
  39. Brandin Cooks – New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay
  40. Brandon LaFell – New England Patriots vs. Chicago
  41. Brian Quick – St. Louis Rams @ Kansas City
  42. Andre Holmes – Oakland Raiders @ Cleveland
  43. Davante Adams – Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans
  44. Cecil Shorts – Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami
  45. Cordarelle Patterson – Minnesota Vikings @ Tampa Bay
  46. Andrew Hawkins – Cleveland Browns vs. Oakland
  47. Eddie Royal – San Diego Chargers @ Denver
  48. Mike Evans – Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Minnesota
  49. Justin Hunter – Tennessee Titans vs. Houston
  50. Malcom Floyd – San Diego Chargers @ Denver
  • How good has T.Y. Hilton been lately? Just in case you haven’t been paying any attention lately, he’s been really, really good. Hilton has had 80 yards or more in five straight games and topped 100 in three of them. For a while there was a question as to who the Colts go to target was, but it’s very clear right now that it’s Hilton.
  • The last games going into the bye week were improvements for Vincent Jackson and he looks like he’s on his way to being a reliable receiver option once again. Jackson continues to be one of the better goal line targets in the red zone in the league. So even on an off day he could still put up double digit points with a TD score.
  • A new quarterback comes in for Washington and Pierre Garcon puts up a nice bounce back game. Garcon caught five balls for 87 yards last week and is hopefully back on track after three straight less than ideal games. There are no guarantees about how Colt McCoy will do, but as long as he’s looking for Garcon owners of this Redskins receiver shouldn’t be too worried.
  • Imagine how good Sammy Watkins could be right now if he more consistency coming from the QB position on his team. Watkins hauled in nine catches for 122 yards last week with a pair of TD grabs. Watkins is likely to continue with ups and downs this season, but he has such big play ability he’s just about a must play right now.
  • Week one for Doug Baldwin without Percy Harvin in town was a giant success. Baldwin had seven catches for 123 yards and a TD score. It had been a pretty quiet season up to this point for Baldwin, but he’s pretty obviously the number one target now for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson typically likes to spread the ball around, but Baldwin is skilled enough to be the lead guy on this team and be a top 25 wideout.
  • The Saints passing game is such a crapshoot anymore it’s hard to trust anyone in that receiving corp not counting a healthy Jimmy Graham. Still, if I am playing one Saints receiver it’s Marques Colston. The big Saints target passed 100 yards last Sunday for the first time this year since week one. Brandin Cooks will still see a fair amount of targets because of the way he is used, but Colston is most likely to put up the big points.
  • I have a hard time trusting Percy Harvin in his first week as a member of the New York Jets. A change of scenery may do him some good. In Seattle Harvin never reached 60 yards in a game and didn’t score a single TD this season. I can see Harvin being a safety valve of sorts for Geno Smith and hopefully getting the ball in open space more often. It’s a real wild card though and so playing him this week is a big gamble.
  • Most weeks Brandon LaFell is still not lighting the world on fire or anything, but he is seemingly the Pats number two receiver and third option for Tom Brady who is starting to take off. LaFell has caught at least four passes in three of his last four games and has 3 TD grabs in four games. The Bears secondary haven’t been nearly as impressive as expected so far this season and Brady could load up on them this week and LaFell could be a beneficiary of that.

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  1. Dave says:

    C Patt is killing me, I finally got to the point that I was going to drop him, and what happens, he actually has a game. Now he is facing oen of the worst Ds in the league in Tampa Bay. And I am actually going to start him…

    • hahaha…still a risky move depending on your alternatives though

      • Dave says:

        Don’t really have any alternatives, I have a WR on bye, and I am currently carrying 1 too many RBs. But who do you drop? Ellington, Jennings, Hillman, and Oliver… Jennings should be back next week, and at that point he is going to be back in the starting spot. For now I have ellington locked in, and bounce between oliver and hillman, though I made the wrong decision last week, having oliver in.

  2. ddschmidt says:

    I have someone who sent me a Shane Vereen for Andre Johnson trade. I currently have Ellington, Oliver, Sankey, and Cunningham at RB and Antonio Brown, Torrey Smith, Odell Beckham Jr, Cecil Short and James Jones for WR. Standard scoring league. Any suggestions?

  3. Mike from LA says:

    Who among these more worthy of 2 roster spots going forward? PPR League

    K. Benjamin (Starter)
    Decker (Starter)
    Wes Welker (currently on my bench)
    Andre Holmes (currently on my bench)
    ODB Jr. (currently on my bench)
    Mike Evans
    Torrey Smith

  4. ddschmidt – Is there a FLEX? With the way Johnson has been, you have more of a need for Vereen, with Sankey/Cunningham unusable right now

    Mike from LA – Well, the top two are your best. Are you asking about the guys on your bench? I’d go with Beckham/Smith, with Holmes/Evans extremely close behind. Welker probably has the lowest upside right now.

  5. Gary says:

    Hi Professor… PPR league… do you suggest D Baldwin or K Benjamin as my flex?

  6. Andrew says:

    What’s up roto just got offered julian Edelman for ben Tate. I’m stacked at rb and hurting at wr. I have leveon bell, lesean mccoy, Tate, forsett , Hillman, McKinnon, and gore. At wr I have Antonio brown, Benjamin , Kendall wright and andre holmes(I lost cruz). I think it’s a pretty easy trade seeing my depth. I’m 3 and 4 and wanna do something. It’s a 12 team ppr thx

  7. Mike in Georgia says:

    I have J. Nelson, Brandon Marshall, P. Garcon, Malcolm Floyd and Odell Beckham as WR’s with Jordy and Marshall on bye next week…should I pick up Jax’s Allen Robinson for Floyd for next week as well as going forward?

  8. Jon says:

    Standard scoring league.. Should I start Sanu or K.Allen?

  9. Chris says:

    Hey Professor, Garcon or Baldwin this week?

  10. Tyler says:

    Ben Tate or Jeremy Maclin in my flex?

  11. Chris – They are close, but I’d lean Baldwin given the matchup

    Tyler – Tate for me, since it’s close I’d lean for the RB

  12. jimmie says:

    Should I sit julio jones & jimmy graham for sammy Watkins & Dwayne allen. Since julio has been a bust the last couple of weeks and that goose eggs jimmy graham gave up in week 7

  13. Dale H says:

    Last week I went with Randle and cooks instead of Beckham and lost by 5 points. Got Harvin,Calvin Johnson, Cooks, Alan Robinson and D. Adams to pick from. Don’t think being safe is helping me I keep losing by a few points every week. What two should I use for WR out of these.

    • Harvin is unusable because it’s impossible to know his role at this point and Johnson may not play.

      I’d say Cooks should be locked in as one of them. Robinson is safer, but Adams has the higher upside so if you want to take a risk (and it sounds like you do) go with Adams

    • Dale H says:

      Ok cooks and adams it is, altho cooks has been Weak all year.

  14. Bob says:

    Cecil Shorts v Devante Adams for this week? Back to back in your rankings. Is one a safer bet but lower ceiling? What are your thoughts? I have AJ Green and Calvin Johnson out.

    • I’d say Adams is risky, but has the higher upside. Better matchup and better QB throwing him the football. Shorts is in a crowded receiving corps with a rookie QB and a tougher matchup

  15. mpgli says:

    who should i drop

    Percy Harvin or Eric Decker or should i keep both and whats going on with Wes Welker?

  16. smidge says:

    Who do you like in a standard league
    Need 2
    Baldwin, Tate, Larry Fitz, Quick or Decker
    Thank You

  17. Gatorade shower says:

    Hello roto professor, quick question. Who along these wide receivers are a better bet for this week. Julio Jones, pierre garcon, roddy white, Steve Smith or doug Baldwin? PPr league.

  18. John says:

    Playing 3 out of the 4 in my wr and flex spots. Who would you leave out? M Sanu, D Baldwin, S Smith Sr., or J Graham?

  19. Dale H says:

    Percy harvin or davante adams week 8

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