Week 9 Rankings: Top 25 QB

With all of the top quarterbacks on the field for Week Nine, match-ups certainly play a huge role in the rankings.  Let’s take a look at how things look:

  1. Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Houston
  2. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – at Tampa Bay
  3. Tom Brady – New England Patriots – vs. Miami
  4. Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers – at New York Giants
  5. Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens – at Cincinnati
  6. Matt Schaub – Houston Texans – at Indianapolis
  7. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – vs. Carolina
  8. Donovan McNabb – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Dallas
  9. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys – at Philadelphia
  10. Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Baltimore
  11. Matt Hasselbeck – Seattle Seahawks – vs. Detroit
  12. Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears – vs. Arizona
  13. Kurt Warner – Arizona Cardinals – at Chicago
  14. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Denver
  15. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Washington
  16. Eli Manning – New York Giants – vs. San Diego
  17. Kyle Orton – Denver Broncos – vs. Pittsburgh
  18. David Garrard – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Kansas City
  19. Alex Smith – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Tennessee
  20. Jake Delhomme – Carolina Panthers – at New Orleans
  21. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – at Seattle
  22. Matt Cassell – Kansas City Chiefs – at Jacksonville
  23. Vince Young – Tennessee Titans – at San Francisco
  24. Jason Campbell – Washington Redskins – at Atlanta
  25. Chad Henne – Miami Dolphins – at New England


  • I can see Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub getting into a big-time shootout, which gives Manning the edge in being the #1 QB for Week 9 over Aaron Rodgers.
  • Drew Brees is one of the best QBs in the league, we all know that, but he squares off with the best passing defense in the league.  Considering that the Panthers find themselves among the ten worst rushing defenses, it is very likely that the Saints unleash Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell & Reggie Bush, limiting Brees’ potential value.
  • For as good as the Giants’ passing defense was early in the season, as they face the better QBs in the league they are being exposed.  The secondary has been plagued by injuries and it is hard to imagine them limiting Rivers in the coming week.
  • Jay Cutler has the potential for a big week against the Cardinals, but his 11 TD vs. 11 INT ratio for the season is not very awe-inspiring.  Still, look for him to be a must use option this week.
  • David Garrard has a positive match-up, but the Jaguars are just not a team that focuses on the passing attack much to find the end zone.  He has just five touchdown passes on the season and three of them came in one game.  That makes it tough to depend on him as a starter, but as a bye week replacement he is a solid option).
  • Matt Ryan has been very good this season, but one of the few things the Redskins do well is defend the pass.  Look for the Falcons to lean on Michael Turner.
  • Tony Romo has found his stride of late, throwing for 918 yards and 8 TD over his last three games.  At this point he’s re-emerged as a must start option in all formats.

What are your thoughts?  Who was left off the list?  Who should be higher?  Who should be lower?

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