Waiver Worthy: Week 8 Fallout

Let’s take a look at some players who are potentially on your waiver wire after Week Eight and determine if they are worth owning or not:

Ryan Moats – Running Back – Houston Texans
Gary Kubiak has not named a starting running back, instead indicating that all three backs will get a chance to play.  That certainly puts Moats as a must own in all formats and brings significant questions into the potential value of Steve Slaton.  Once thought to be one of the few one-back systems, the Texans now join the ranks of teams using multiple backs and rotating throughout the game.  It’s the NFL trend, so it shouldn’t be a real surprise.  We’ll get a better feel for how carries will be split in the coming weeks, but at this point Moats is definitely worth grabbing.

Mark Sanchez – Quarterback – New York Jets
Since the awful Week 6 outing where he tossed five interceptions, he’s thrown for over 400 yards and three touchdowns without an interception.  Is that enough to convince you to use him?  Maybe in two-quarterback formats, depending on the match-up, but you have to remember that he’s a rookie and will likely be inconsistent from week-to-week.  That makes him tough to depend on.  (To see where he falls in our Top 25 for the upcoming week, click here).

Dustin Keller – Tight End – New York Jets
Many teams have a hole at the tight end position, so Keller is definitely a player who has found is way onto radars.  While his eight catch, 76 yard, one touchdown performance was nice, don’t take it out of context.  It was the first time since opening day that he had more than three catches or 31 yards in a game.  I certainly wouldn’t commit to him as your TE replacement at this point, instead matching up from week-to-week.  If you are looking for usable options for Week Nine, check out our Top 15 rankings by clicking here.

Kevin Boss – Tight End – New York Giants
What was said about Keller can almost be repeated verbatim, outside of the specific numbers from Week 8.  He has the potential to be a red zone target, but with just one TD on the season the Giants haven’t shown any sign that they are going to focus on him there.

Justin Fargas – Running Back – Oakland Raiders
He appears to be the main back in Oakland with Darren McFadden out of the line-up, though there is the chance that he is ready to return after the bye week.  That certainly would reduce Fargas’ potential value, but his potential makes him worth owning.

Leonard Weaver – Running Back – Philadelphia Eagles
He had a big game, but it came only because Brian Westbrook was out of the line-up due to a concussion.  He had eight carries in the game, after having just four over the first six games.  With Westbrook expected to return to the line-up, don’t look for his increased carries to continue.

Ted Ginn Jr.- Wide Receiver – Miami Dolphins
He lost his role as the starting wide receiver, so he took his frustrations out in special teams returning a pair of kickoffs for touchdowns.  That led to the Palm Peach Post (click here to read the article) to say that Tony Sparano classified him as “a ‘streaky’ player, who could be more effective as a kickoff return specialist and occasional deep threat than as a starting wide receiver”.  The chances of him having this type of performance again should be considered slim to none, meaning he’s not worth owning at this point.

Jeremy Maclin – Wide Receiver – Philadelphia Eagles
He’s taken over as a starter, picking up nine catches for 100 yards and a touchdown over his last two games.  Those may not seem like huge numbers, but remember it was just a few weeks ago that he had six catches for 142 yards and two touchdowns.  He has the potential to really start to shine with defenses having to pay more attention to DeSean Jackson.  While he may not be a weekly starter, he’s certainly going to be usable more often than not (this week is one of those week’s, as you can see from our Top 40 WR rankings by clicking here).

Nate Washington – Wide Receiver – Tennessee Titans
While many of the Titans receivers have skill, none of them appear primed to be a go-to receiver.  That hurts their value, because you never know which player is going to get attention from week-to-week.  Having not been overly impressive to begin with, I wouldn’t bother grabbing him.

Vince Young – Quarterback – Tennessee Titans
In two quarterback leagues, he’s certainly got value since he’s starting, though he’s more of a desperation option.  He didn’t throw much in his first start, going 15-18 for 125 yards and a touchdown, but was allowed to run the ball twelve times (picking up 30 yards).  With Chris Johnson being able to dominate out of the backfield, my guess is they continue with this formula moving forward, limiting his value.

Malcolm Floyd – Wide Receiver – San Diego Chargers
Chris Chambers has been released, meaning Floyd has earned himself a starting role in a high-powered offense.  Before we dub him as a must use, he is going to be fighting for touches with LaDanian Tomlinson, Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles and Antonio Gates.  He hasn’t had more than three catches in a game thus far in 2009, so leave him on the waiver wire for the time being unless something drastically changes.

What are your thoughts on these players?  Which would you grab?  Which would you avoid?

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