Week 3 Rankings (2015): Top 15 Defenses

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Two weeks in and we’re starting to get a feel for who the better defenses in the league are, but there’s still a bit of uncertainty.  The stats are easily skewed due to one bad performance, and two games is simply too small of a sample size.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at how the rankings stand for Week 3:

  1. Seattle Seahawks – vs. Chicago
  2. Denver Broncos – at Detroit
  3. Houston Texans – vs. Tampa Bay
  4. Carolina Panthers – vs. New Orleans
  5. Arizona Cardinals – vs. San Francisco
  6. New England Patriots – vs. Jacksonville
  7. Buffalo Bills – at Miami
  8. New York Jets – vs. Philadelphia
  9. Cleveland Browns – vs. Oakland
  10. Cincinnati Bengals – at Baltimore
  11. Miami Dolphins – vs. Buffalo
  12. Indianapolis Colts – at Tennessee
  13. Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cincinnati
  14. St. Louis Rams – vs. Pittsburgh
  15. Minnesota Vikings – vs. San Diego


  • Drew Brees is banged up and the Saints are an offense that is struggling anyways (19 points per game).  With Carolina’s defense making plays (6 sacks, 3 interceptions), they are well worth utilizing this week and among the top five options in the league.
  • The Jets are a strong defense, but the Eagles offense has the potential to click at any minute.  That’s not to say that New York isn’t a must play, especially given how bad Philadelphia has looked for much of the season, just know that there is a little bit of a risk.
  • The Buffalo Bills got beat up a bit by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.  Is that really something we are about to hold against them?  The Dolphins are hardly the Patriots and they should be in line for a big bounce back week.

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  1. Haggy says:

    Vikings,Browns,Colt defense week 3. Got Rams D but thinking I may pick up one of these for week 3. Not thinking Rams can do good with Pitt.

  2. Beans says:

    What’s up professor? Someone has given up on Charles Johnson in one of my PPR leagues. Would you drop Royal, Agholor or Brandon Coleman for him? I’m currently forced to start one of these guys this week.

  3. Haggy – I’d se Cleveland for this week

    Beans – Sure, I’d say he has a higher upside than all of them, though I wouldn’t want to be using him this week. Coleman is probably my first cut

  4. Beans says:

    I see you say Coleman is your first cut but you have him ranked higher than Royal and Agholor. Just curious why. Gun to your head when does Perriman play?with Cooks struggling Agholor non existent Bryant suspended I’m desperate at WR. Not to mention the loss of Romo.

  5. Gern says:

    I have three teams and my defenses scored -1 point and cost me a close matchup that the Card defense won with 18 points. So, I’ve picked up Denver’s defense in two leagues (to replace the phins) and am strongly considering dropping the Ravens’ d for the Jets. Thoughts?

    Also, I have three QBs on one team (Luck, Rivers, and Mariota) and need the roster spot. I’m going to move Rivers as he and Luck have the same bye week (darn auto draft) and am wondering what might be fair value in the trade market. I’m weak at WR (Marshall, Moncrief, T Williams, Andre Johnson, and Bolden), but the only current trade discussion is Gore/Miami for Rivers. Should I push for this or hold out for an WR2/3 such as Mike Evans or Cooks?

    If it helps my RBs are: Charles, Shady, A Foster, and Starks (until Lacy is back in)…

    • For the D, I’d absolutely agree (especially for this week)

      As for the trade of Rivers, I’d probably take Gore if I could get him. While he’s struggled, he’s still one of the better RB and doesn’t have much of a threat for the bulk of the carries. If you can get Evans, I do prefer him given your depth at RB, but you certainly could do worse.

  6. chris says:

    Which D to start- Texans, rams, bengals??

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