Waiver Worthy: Week 1 Fallout: Theo Riddick, Tyrell Williams, Carson Wentz & More

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Looking to hit the waiver wire already?  Who isn’t looking to improve, though making any hasty decisions off one game could ultimately prove more costly than helpful.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few players who may be available and if they are worth targeting or not:


Carson Wentz – Quarterback – Philadelphia Eagles
22-37, 278 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT

The second overall selection wasn’t particularly accurate (59.5% completion rate), we have to take into account that the performance came against the Browns and wonder how often are they going to let him throw the ball 37 times.  There was always going to be value in two-quarterback formats, but in single-quarterback leagues there’s no reason to get excited off this opening day line.

Verdict – Deny


Theo Riddick – Running Back – Detroit Lions
7 carries, 45 yards, 1 TD
5 receptions, 63 yards, 1 TD

Riddick virtually shared the production with Ameer Abdullah (63 rushing yards, 57 receiving yards, 1 TD), which is promising for his upside potential as he no longer should be viewed as solely a PPR option.  While Abdullah did have more carries (12 to 7), Riddick also missed a little bit of time due to a concussion scare.  Will Riddick emerge as the lead back at any point?  Probably not, though it’s not impossible given the timeshare in Week 1.  That makes him worth stashing in most formats.

Verdict – Buy


Brandon LaFell – Wide Receiver – Cincinnati Bengals
4 receptions, 91 yards, 0 TD

He converted all of his targets into receptions, which is a positive.  Of course he only had 4 targets (A.J. Green dominated the looks, with 12), could ultimately lose opportunities to Tyler Boyd and Tyler Eifert (once healthy) and you would think the team wants to run the ball more than they did (Jeremy Hill & Giovani Bernard combined for 14 carries).  There’s simply not enough upside to consider.

Verdict – Deny


Tyrell Williams – Wide Receiver – San Diego Chargers
2 receptions, 71 yards, 0 TD

With Keenan Allen going down, Williams’ role could grow even more.  He showed big play ability yesterday, and was more than that in the preseason (7 receptions for 83 yards).  Stevie Williams’ injury had already led to speculation that Williams could play a big role in the offense, but Allen’s cements it.  It could take time, but with Philip Rivers under center there’s a chance Williams emerges as a weekly option in three-receiver formats.

Verdict – Buy


Terrelle Pryor – Wide Receiver – Cleveland Browns
3 receptions, 68 yards, 0 TD

He actually led the team in targets (7) and could remain among the most utilized receivers even after Josh Gordon returns.  That said, Robert Griffin looked less than stellar and ultimately suffered a shoulder injury late in the game.  It’s simply hard to get excited about any Cleveland skill player, outside of Gordon.

Verdict – Deny


Victor Cruz – Wide Receiver – New York Giants
4 receptions, 34 yards, 1 TD

His return is a great story, after a pair of lost seasons, and the fact that he found the end zone will certainly pique the interest of many.  That said this is the Odell Beckham Jr. show (8 targets), while Cruz (4 targets) had the same number of opportunities as rookie Sterling Shepard and trailed Shane Vereen (5 targets).  For now there are going to be higher upside players to consider in most formats.

Verdict – Deny


Quincy Enunwa – Wide Receiver – New York Jets
7 receptions, 54 yards, 1 TD

Who would’ve expected this type of target breakdown for the Jets in Week 1:

  • 8 Targets – Enunwa, Brandon Marshall
  • 7 Targets – Eric Decker, Matt Forte

It’s surprising that Enunwa was targeted that often and it’s hard to anticipate him remaining that big of a part of the offense.  He should be behind Marshall & Decker (as well as Forte and Bilal Powell), leaving few opportunities for production on a weekly basis.  He’s likely the #4 or 5 option, meaning he’s someone to stash in the deepest of formats but not go running to acquire.

Verdict – Deny (but stash potentially)


Sources – ESPN, NFL.com

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  1. Gern says:

    Thanks Prof for the help last week (particularly with Ebron). Someone just dropped A Foster. Would you pick him up and drop either Bernard, Funchess, or Thomas?


    • L says:

      What Thomas? Julius Thomas, Michael Thomas, Demaryius Thomas, Mike Thomas? I assume Michael Thomas.

      IMO, the right move is to drop either Michael Thomas or Devin Funchess for him. I personally would drop Funchess as it appeared C.Newton greatly favored WR K.Benjamin and TE K.Olsen over Funchess and I think he’s the type of QB running an offense where he’ll stick with his few favorite targets verses spreading the fantasy wealth around. M.Thomas could be the guy if you prefer Funchess’ upside more (maybe you believe Benjamin will get hurt again), but I personally think Michael Thomas has more general positives going for him over Funchess (I could be wrong of course). You could also drop Bernard for Foster if you wished to keep both receivers, but I think Bernard has some weekly flex appeal and could find himself with a huge role if Hill ever went down and IMO that makes him a valuable stash.

    • I would agree with L that Funchess would be the drop, of course dependent on which Thomas we are talking about

      • Gern says:

        Thanks L and Prof!

        Yes, Michael Thomas (NO). Now Tavin Coleman’s around too! I think I’ll focus on Foster given his assured role in the offense (unless you both feel strongly about Coleman instead).

        • L says:

          I love me some T.Coleman, but unless D.Freeman gets injured I don’t think Coleman will see the role that Foster has — at least early on. I believe there won’t be much change from the near 50/50 split for the Falcons backfield till the season is more than a quarter, or maybe even a half, through as they’ll have more data by then to realize that Freeman just isn’t as effective as Coleman. Honestly, I’d rather have both of those guys on my roster than D.Funchess or Michael Thomas, but I don’t know if your dependent on keeping one of those receivers. Personally, I’d add Foster and Coleman and try trading one of your RBs for a better WR.

          • Gern says:

            Good thoughts! The problem is I’m #2 on the waiver wire and likely I’ll only get one of the two. Coleman becomes available at 3:33 am tomorrow and Foster the next day. I’m guessing both will be claimed so j have to prioritize 🙁

  2. LK says:

    Love this site! In a 12-tm PPR keeper would you drop DeAndre Washington or Eli Rogers for Tyrell? I really like DeAndre and his speed but saw a lot of Richard and Taiwan Jones (seriously?) out there as well. Right now I have Diggs, Moncrief, M.Jones Jr., E.Rogers, J.Gordon and backfield is Langford, Rawls, Michael, McKinnon, Kelley, Washington. Is Tyrell Willaims going to be more Keenan Allen or more Malcom Floyd?

    • First off thanks for The support! I’m not sure Wlliamswill be either, but he could be come a consistent producer in an offenses hat badly needs it at WR. If you like Washingto,i thinkswappingRogers for him makes a lot of sense

  3. Andy says:

    Who I should replace Keen Allen in 8 teams no PPR

    1. Mike Wallace (BAR)
    2. M Sanu (ATL)
    3. T Sharpe (Ten)
    4. C Hogan (NE)
    5. S Shepard (Giant)
    6. T BenJamin (SD)
    7. T Williams (SD)
    8. P Dorsett (Ind)

    Please give me best pick > ok > ok too
    My WRs: Allen Robinson, Golden Tate, K Benjamin, John Brown
    Can you give me your advice?
    Look like I will drop Christine Mike who back up my Thomas Rawl to pick up T Riddick or T Coleman ? should I ?


    • Of those if go Sanu, Hogan, Shepard, Williams. As for the RB move, that’s a tricky one. I’d go Coleman, Michael, Riddick as the preferred owns

      • L says:


        I’d go…

        Benjamin (likely #1 WR for SD. Potential WR2 upside)
        Sharpe (obvious #1 WR for TEN. Run-first offense caps upside to WR3)

        Sanu (#2 WR for ATL should provide solid WR4 floor w/ WR3 upside)
        Shepard (Cruz’s role might be a bit worrisome for Shepard; is he a WR3?)
        Wallace (#2 WR for BAL is a weekly boom/bust threat)

        Hogan (Is he #4,5,or6 for weekly targets? Gronk/Edelman = 1A/1B)

        T.Williams (I assume he’s now the #2 WR for SD instead of Inman.)
        Dorsett (#3 WR in IND has value, but Hilton & Moncrief won’t leave much)

  4. Beans says:

    What’s up processor? So I drafted DeAndre Washington to be one of my 4 rb’s who would hopefully push the starter out of the way. I felt good about him after spending the summer reading “how good he looked” and that OAK did not like Murray. Then comes J Richard (F-me). Who would you want ROS in a PPR. To pick him up Washington is only guy I can drop. I know it is only one week and I am trying not to panic but…. You know how it goes. Thank you sir

  5. James says:

    Waiver defense week 2….. Who should I pick up?


  6. Eric says:

    Hey prof- I have tyrod Taylor and #1 waiver priority in std. league. The only qb of substance available is Blake bortles and Matt Ryan. Would you recommend using the waiver on Blake bortles? Or stick with Tyrod? Thanks

  7. Wolverine says:

    Prof – Would you trade Sammy Watkins for Jordan Matthews in 10 team std?

  8. Walt says:

    Should I drop Tyler Boyd for tyrell Williams? Also Virgil green or ebron? My thought was green has young qb and maybe more looks in the End zone then ebron?

  9. g0chu says:

    I’m thinking of dropping Torrey Smith in a 0.75 PPR 10-team league. My 2 options I’m looking at are Tajae Sharpe and Tyrell Williams. I think Williams has tremendous potential ROS, but would you pick up Williams over Sharpe?

  10. Big905 says:

    Hows it going. Great advice. Im really short handed at RB and will more then likely have to make a trade at some point but right now I have Ware and Marin in this week. Only other RB on my bench is M.Jones. Who would you start? I dont like Martins match up this week.(Standard league)

    Also at WR this week I have AJ Green, Wille Snead, Eric Ebron and Demayrous Thomas in the flex. On my bench I have Sharpe, Moncreif,Diggs. Would you start any any of those bench players over the ones in my line up?

    As well any potential wavier wire pick ups I could use for RB? Its a 12 man league. Thanks for the help

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