Week 2 Rankings (2016): Top 50 Wide Receivers

by Will Overton

The key to moving from Week 1 to Week 2 is balancing adjusting your lineup based on what you learned as well as not overreacting and dismissing all the hard work you did before your draft. I’ve made adjustments to my rankings without making wholesale changes and here is how I have the Top 50 shaking out:

  1. Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati
  2. Odell Beckham Jr – New York Giants vs. New Orleans
  3. A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh
  4. Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons @ Oakland
  5. DeAndre Hopkins – Houston Texans vs. Kansas City
  6. Allen Robinson – Jacksonville Jaguars @ San Diego
  7. Amari Cooper – Oakland Raiders vs. Atlanta
  8. Mike Evans – Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona
  9. Alshon Jeffrey – Chicago Bears vs. Philadelphia
  10. Brandin Cooks – New Orleans Saints @ NY Giants
  11. Brandon Marshall – New York Jets @ Buffalo
  12. Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota
  13. Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys @ Washington
  14. Julian Edelman – New England Patriots vs. Miami
  15. Jordan Matthews – Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago
  16. Kelvin Benjamin – Carolina Panthers vs. San Francisco
  17. Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis
  18. Marvin Jones – Detroit Lions vs. Tennessee
  19. Jeremy Maclin – Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston
  20. Sammy Watkins – Buffalo Bills vs. NY Jets
  21. TY Hilton – Indianapolis Colts @ Denver
  22. Jarvis Landry – Miami Dolphis @ New England
  23. Golden Tate – Detroit Lions vs. Tennessee
  24. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals vs. Tampa Bay
  25. Randall Cobb – Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota
  26. Emmanuel Sanders – Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis
  27. Donte Moncrief – Indianapolis Colts @ Denver
  28. Eric Decker – New York Jets @ Buffalo
  29. DeSean Jackson – Washington Redskins vs. Dallas
  30. Doug Baldwin – Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles
  31. Willie Snead – New Orleans Saints @ NY Giants
  32. Travis Benjamin – San Diego Chargers vs. Jacksonville
  33. Michael Crabtree – Oakland Raiders vs. Atlanta
  34. Allen Hurns – Jacksonville Jaguars @ San Diego
  35. Sterling Shepherd – New York Giants vs. New Orleans
  36. Stefon Diggs – Minnesota Vikings vs. Green  Bay
  37. Michael Floyd – Arizona Cardinals vs. Tampa Bay
  38. Mohamed Sanu – Atlanta Falcons @ Oakland
  39. Tajae Sharpe – Tennessee Titans @ Detroit
  40. Steve Smith Sr – Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland
  41. Will Fuller – Carolina Panthers vs. Kansas City
  42. John Brown – Arizona Cardinals vs. Tampa Bay
  43. Corey Coleman – Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore
  44. Vincent Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona
  45. Brandon LaFell – Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh
  46. Tyler Lockett – Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles
  47. Tavon Austin – Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle
  48. Mike Wallace – Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland
  49. DaVante Parker – Miami Dolphins @ New England
  50. Kamar Aiken – Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland


  • If you were worried about Josh Norman checking Antonio Brown, it clearly didn’t happen. Brown exploded for 8 catches, 126 yards and a pair of TD grabs. He is clearly the number one player in fantasy football, let alone the number one wide receiver. You’re going to see a whole lot of Brown at the top of this list, even on weeks like this one where the three guys directly behind him all have better matchups on paper.
  • We’re only one week into the season, just another reminder, but what we saw from Jameis Winston was very impressive. It was one game and the Falcons defense isn’t exactly elite, but if he is going to take a step forward this season the big winner in that is clearly Mike Evans. I think we’re going to see Evans finally get some consistency in his game and even with Patrick Patterson looming I see him as a Top 10 WR.
  • It may seem as though I am a little bit high on Marvin Jones, but after watching the Lions game on Sunday there are a couple clear takeaways. First of all the Lions are looking to move the ball at a quick pace and do a lot of it on the arm of Matt Stafford. Secondly, while the Lions have targets to spread the ball around to, Stafford and Jones seem to have an instant connection.  While Golden Tate is a great option too, Jones is the red zone threat and was the leading target last Sunday. This week’s matchup might not be as great as the one with the Colts, but the Titans did just get torched by Shaun Hill and Stefon Diggs.
  • It may very well change from one week to the next, but in Week 1 it was Larry Fitzgerald who came out and topped the charts for the Arizona Cardinals receiving group. He hauled in a pair of TD catches and this week tops the list of Cardinals receivers. That said it won’t be a surprise to see someone else take over that role. I am a little worried about John Brown after his stinker because he just wasn’t a part of the offensive game plan, which doesn’t bode well.
  • The injury to Keenan Allen was incredibly unfortunate and a giant kick in the gut to his fantasy owners who likely spent at least a third, if not a second round pick on him. Allen’s absence creates a new opportunity and it’s Travis Benjamin’s for the taking right now. Benjamin looked good on Sunday after Allen went down catching seven passes. Even though he only amassed 32 yards, Rivers was looking his way often and with his play making ability he will break loose at some point.
  • It didn’t take long for Sterling Shephard to make an impact in his NFL debut, catching a TD from Eli Manning in the first quarter. Shephard only ended up with three catches on 43 yards, but I think he is clearly going to be a decent part of the offense. Victor Cruz played a role in the game as well, which could impact his value a little, but the Giants throw enough to where that’s not a big deal. This week is a dream matchup for the Giants and Shepherd and we could see a serious breakout performance.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Going to need 2 of these 3: Cobb, Fuller, or Shepard.
    Got a scare last week when I benched Fuller for Shep, but it worked out. Think Fuller deserves a spot in lineup yet? .5 ppr.

  2. Haggy says:

    OK Prof.. Loaded up on Running backs this year. Been picking up wide recievers on the wire. Which two of these I have stashed should I start THIS WEEK and what ORDER would you put this bunch in. T.Williams, S.Diggs,T.Lockett,C.Hogan,E.Rogers,J.Gordon….Thanks Prof.

  3. K says:

    I know it’s early…but I’m starting to look ahead to some bye week fill-ins. 8 team standard, I’m pretty stacked at WR with:

    Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Maclin, Hurns, Snead, John Brown

    I’m as concerned as you about John Brown, and was thinking of dropping him for Sharpe or Tyrell Williams. Any thoughts?

    Also, for some reason, someone dumped Melvin Gordon. Assuming I could get him when he clears waivers, would you dump Langford for him?


  4. Alphonse Nguyen says:

    Hi Prof, if Sanu can’t go, who would you play Rogers from the steelers or Hogan from the Patriots in a PPR league?

  5. Matthew Summerlin says:

    Hi Prof,

    Need 2 of these 3: Latavius Murray, Ware, or Forte. 1 pt. PPR

    Loaded at WR, need 3: Julio, NUK, Allen Robinson, or Amari Cooper. .5 PPR


  6. Brian D says:

    I can’t start Locket over Watkins right?

  7. chris says:

    Flex issues- Justin forsett , travis Benjamin or Thomas Rawl????

  8. michael phelps says:

    (wr, wr, flex) I need three wide receivers randall cobb, willie snead, dez bryant, julio jones, eric decker. also could run langford out of a flex spot

  9. Beth says:

    Hi Prof. I’m not sure which of my 3 WRs to start this week. I’m planning on starting Julio Jones, Mike Evans, and Doug Baldwin, but I also have Sterling Shepard. With the Giants playing the Saints, I think he may have a big game. Any advice? Thanks!

  10. reggie says:

    standard scoring
    have Julio, DeAngelo, and Ware starting. Need one Flex and one WR from the following:

    Cobb, Shady, Baldwin, Marvin Jones

    thank Professor – love your work!

  11. Brian D – Given the news, I don’t consider it crazy

    chris – I’d say Rawls has the highest upside of that group

    michael phelps – Jones is the lock. I’d lean Cobb/Decker for the final two spots, though tough to sit Bryant (though don’t love the upside with the way the offense was run in Week 1).

    Beth – He easily could have a big game, but he’s a bit risky. I’d lean with it the way you have it, as those guys are “safe” and have just as high, if not a higher upside.

    reggie – Cobb & Baldwin for me (and thanks for the support!!)

  12. reggie says:

    thank you sir !!!

  13. K says:

    Flex question on 10 team PPR, with the following starters:
    WR: Green, Cooper
    RB: Gurley, Forte
    TE: Ebron
    Flex: Currently Baldwin

    Bench: Snead, Hurns, Hyde, and Melvin Gordon

    The current state of disarray that LA is in right now and Gurley’s performance against SF make me nervous that Seattle is just going to stack the box against him all day.

    Opponent this week has Brees/Cooks — is Snead worth flexing in hopes that Cooks gets locked down and I can offset some of their points from Brees?

    As always, thanks!

  14. Greg says:

    Dez Bryant or LeSean McCoy this week?

  15. JZ says:

    Hi Prof! Need some WR/RB/Flex advice:

    Current lineup:
    RB – Peterson, Matthews
    WR – Cooper, Nelson
    Flex – Baldwin

    BE – T Coleman, J Brown, Cruz

    I’m thinking of rolling the dice on Cruz given this week’s matchup but then again, unsure on who to sit. Should I keep current or make a change?

  16. K says:

    Thoughts on Sanders over John Brown or Snead ROS? Someone dropped him after 1 clunker and he’s off waivers tomorrow…

    Thank you!!

  17. paul says:

    Do i start Justin Forsett, M. Sanu, V Jax or jeremy hill at flex? Its a ppr league.

  18. Who look says:


    Fozzy Whittaker or Shane Vereen, to add until A.Peterson returns?

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