Top 5 Rookie Quarterbacks For 2010

Quarterback is generally the “glamor” position, the one that franchises draft in order to build their team around.  While Sam Bradford was the top overall selection, does that necessarily mean he is going to be the top rookie QB in 2010?  Let’s take a look at the best of the upcoming quarterback class and if they could have fantasy value this season:

1. Sam Bradford – St. Louis Rams
Selected with the first pick overall, the Rams are going to be paying an awful lot of money to have him sitting on the sidelines while A.J. Feeley runs the show.  There’s no question that Bradford is the QB of the future in St. Louis and while he may not start the year as the QB1, he’s likely going to get there before long.  With coach Steve Spagnuolo being quoted as liking the way Andy Reid developed Donovan McNabb (he made his first start in Week 10), it really appears to be just a matter of time.  He may lack some tremendous weapons, but the opportunity to put up some stats is going to be there.

2. Jimmy Clausen – Carolina Panthers
He slipped into the second round on draft day, but he may have landed in the best situation for success.  Unlike Bradford, he joins an offense with tremendous weapons, including a pair of star RB (DeAngelo Williams & Jonathan Stewart) and a top wide receiver in Steve Smith.  All he needs to do is overcome Matt Moore, which isn’t so unbelievable, and he’ll be set for a solid campaign.  The running game will be the feature, he’ll just be asked to manage the game (probably the only reason I didn’t push him to the top spot), so don’t consider him in one-quarterback formats.

3. Tim Tebow – Denver Broncos
It was a surprise to see him go in the first round, but having been selected there you have to think that the Broncos intend to use him.  They’ll likely develop a “Wildcat” type set to utilize him in, though the thought of him racking up big yards every week doesn’t seem likely.  He’ll have some big plays, but on draft day that’s just not what you are looking for, is it?  You need someone who is going to produce on a weekly basis and chances are, Tebow won’t be that.

4. Colt McCoy – Cleveland Browns
Eric Mangini is one coach who you just never know what is coming next.  After a QB controversy dragged on and on between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, the Browns rid themselves of both, bringing in a whole new crop of QBs.  Jake Delhomme will likely open the season atop the depth chart, but with Seneca Wallace and Brett Ratliff backing him up, McCoy has as good a chance as anyone to be successful.

5. John Skelton – Arizona Cardinals
With Kurt Warner retiring, Matt Leinart steps in as the starting QB in Arizona.  After Derek Anderson fell out of favor in Cleveland, would it be a huge surprise to see Skelton, a fifth round draft choice, eventually get a shot if Leinart were to either suffer an injury or fail to perform?  He’s got a big time arm and certainly would fit right in with the Cardinals high-powered attack.

What are your thoughts on the rookie quarterback class?  Who has the potential to have the biggest year?  Who would you avoid?

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