Week 4 Rankings (2016): Top 25 Quarterbacks

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Just three weeks in and we are already faced with having to maneuver around a handful of bye weeks.  Unfortunately for fantasy owners, the two quarterbacks who are out this week are among the best options in the league (Aaron Rodgers & Carson Wentz).  Who are the best options to step up and replace them?  Which under-the-radar options are worth buying in two-quarterback leagues?  Let’s take a look:

  1. Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – at Atlanta
  2. Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts – at Jacksonville
  3. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – at Chicago
  4. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – at San Diego
  5. Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers – vs. New Orleans
  6. Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Indianapolis
  7. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Kansas City
  8. Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys – at San Francisco
  9. Eli Manning – New York Giants – at Minnesota
  10. Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins – vs. Cleveland
  11. Carson Palmer – Arizona Cardinals – vs. Los Angeles
  12. Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Oakland
  13. Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Miami
  14. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks – at New York Jets
  15. Ryan Tannehill – Miami Dolphins – at Cincinnati
  16. Derek Carr – Oakland Raiders – at Baltimore
  17. Brian Hoyer – Chicago Bears – vs. Detroit
  18. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Carolina
  19. Trevor Siemian – Denver Broncos – at Tampa Bay
  20. Sam Bradford – Minnesota Vikings – vs. New York Giants
  21. Brock Osweiler – Houston Texans – vs. Tennessee
  22. Alex Smith – Kansas City Chiefs – at Pittsburgh
  23. Jameis Winston – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. Denver
  24. Blaine Gabbert – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Dallas
  25. Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills – at New England


  • The matchup would tell us that Drew Brees is going to be among the best options for Week 4.  However with the game coming in San Diego it’s not quite that simple.  In his road start in Week 2 he threw for 263 yards and 1 TD and he’s always produced significantly better at home than on the road (9 TD vs. 6 INT in ’15).  He’s still going to be among the better options, but keep the split in mind.
  • Last season against the Bears Matthew Stafford threw for 703 yards, 7 TD and 1 INT.  He’s already posted a pair of 300+ yard games this season, as well as two 3 TD games, so everything seems to be pointing in the right direction.  Throw in the questions surrounding the Lions’ running game and there’s every reason to slot him in as a Top 5 option.
  • A healthy Russell Wilson would probably be a locked in Top 5 option against a Jets’ secondary that has underwhelmed this season.  That said he’s battling a sprained MCL and isn’t even a guarantee to play.  We’ll keep him on the rankings, but there’s reason to be skeptical about his potential upside.
  • Brian Hoyer’s first game filling in for the injured Jay Cutler was a “success”, though he was asked to throw the football 49 times.  Still, he posted 317 yards, 2 TD and 0 INT and there should be opportunities for him to make plays against the Lions (who have allowed 10 TD over the first three weeks).  Obviously there’s risk, but he’s an under-the-radar option for those in need.
  • Ryan Tannehill has thrown for nearly 900 yards over the first three weeks (892) and draws a Cincinnati defense that’s allowing the fourth most points per week to opposing QB.  Throw in the questions hovering over the running game and he’s a borderline QB1 and a very good play as a QB2.

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  1. Haggy says:

    Got Brees at QB. Can I drop Dalton and go to 1 QB to pick up Prior or Crowder. Also worried Lockett will be one of those WR’s that do 5,7,8 then 27 then 6 every week and thinking of dropping him for Jimmy Graham. Got Diggs,T.Williams,Lockett and Hogan who I want to hang on to cause Brady may click with him or if someone gets hurt there he could be big. Love Brady more than Wilson I guess. Also since I have Gordon would you target Crowder over Prior. Thanks Prof this one has me spinning.

  2. Stan Gable says:

    I currently have Russell Wilson at QB. Only hurt me in week 1 when I lost by .7points after having a 53 point lead into Monday night. My league is nonppr and play 3wr. Saw your ranks above and considering both Flacco and Dak. I do like Flacco schedule this week and next to cover Wilson’s week 5 bye.

    My question is should I drop Rashad Jennings (RB5 behind Lamar,CJA,Sims,Tevin Coleman) or Quincy Enunwa (WR5 behind AJG, ARob, Marvin Jones, Diggs)? Leaning dropping Jennings since play 3wr and think Jennings hurt and headed for committee even with Vereen out. What do you think?

  3. Kyle k says:

    Thinking about picking up Jordan Howard, would any of the following be worth dropiping for howard in a dynasty league? S. Ware, j. Ajayi, Curtis artis-payne? I also have Foster, Stewart and Freeman as my other backs.

  4. Haggy – Dropping Dalton is dependent on what’s on the wire, honestly. Fine to do if the wire is deep, but if it’s shallow it’s tough

    Stan Gable – I’d think Enunwa is more easily replaced. Sure the Giants will move more to a committee… Maybe. Jennings is going to see the bulk of the work with Vereen out, assuming he’s healthy.

    Kyle K – I’d put Howard above Ajayi (who I’m a big fan of) and CAP right now

  5. Stephen says:

    I’ve got Eli and Tyrod, but I’m considering some stream options. What do you think of Dak over either of them?

  6. Eric says:

    Hey Prof- standard league and need help. Tell me who u would start please- RB’s Miller, Howard, Jennings and Ivory
    WR- Hopkins, Benjamin, Baldwin, Diggs and D. Jackson. With flex I’m thinking probably one of the WR’s. QB I have to choose between picking up Prescott, Wilson (someone waived him), or Tannenhill. Thanks for your time bro

  7. Stephen – For this week Dak/Eli is a bit of a coin flip, and I wouldn’t hav an issue dropping Taylor for him. Prescott gets the slight edge.

    QB – If healthy it’s Wilson, otherwise Prescott
    RB – Miller/Howard
    WR – Hopkins/Baldwin
    FLEX – Benjamin (assuming it’s Kelvin)

  8. Austin says:

    Hey prof, so I need some help this week. Current starting lineup is:

    QB- Rothlisberger
    RB- Elliot / Riddick
    WR- Hopkins / Cooks
    TE- Hunter Henry (claim is in for Zach Miller; fingers crossed)
    FLX- Tyrell Williams
    D/ST- Carolina
    K- Dustin Hopkins

    Bench- Cobb (bye), Eifert (doubtful), Will Fuller V,
    Mike Wallace, Chris Ivory, McKinnon, Siemian.

    Making the right plays this week? Help a brother out!

  9. chris says:

    Rodgers bye week and I need a spot starter. Winston, Prescott or alex smith???

  10. Matthew Summerlin says:

    Hi Prof,

    Have Eli and Ryan as my QBs and can only start one. Both have tough matchups this week. My waiver wire top picks include Cousins, Dalton, Prescott, Flacco, Hoyer Tannehill, Osweiller. Would you suggest dropping Eli or Ryan and stream one of the other QBs or take my chances with Eli or Ryan this week?

    Thanks. Love the work you do!!

  11. chris – I’d lean Prescott, even with Dez out

    Matthew Summerlin – I’d take my chances w/what you’ve got (and go Manning). Thanks for the support!!

  12. STEVEN UNGER says:

    i have carson palmer. shiuld i drop him for dak prescott

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