Stats of the Day: Supporting Jay Ajayi’s Breakout

It’s been an amazing two week run for Jay Ajayi, though that should go without saying. How legitimate is his emergence, though? Even his biggest supporters (which you could argue Rotoprofessor has been among since being selected prior to 2015) couldn’t have seen this coming. That said, here are a few interesting stats that help to support his future outlook:

According to Yahoo!’s Jeff Ratcliffe:

“He forced 10 missed tackles on the day, making him just the second player this season to top double-digits.”

According to Neil Greenberg of The Washington Post:

“Ajayi now has five runs of 15 yards or more and leads the league in yards per carry after contact (4.11) with 20 missed tackles on the year.”

Obviously no one is about to expect 200+ yards per week, but with a passing game that’s struggled there’s little reason to think he won’t continue to be fed the ball. He’s not only been making people miss, but he’s also been able to churn out significant yardage after getting hit. That’s a tremendous combination, and should lead to continued success.

Remember, he would’ve been drafted significantly earlier then he was had there not been long-term concerns about his knee. Healthy right now, he has the ability to both run and catch the football and has little competition on the depth chart (thanks to Arian Foster’s retirement). At this point there is every reason to believe.

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  1. Haggy says:

    Prof..Would you take A.Jeffery for J.Howard in bears WR for bears RB trade.

  2. Benjamin Childs says:

    I’ve got two offers on the table, both are pretty sweet, I’m just not sure which one I want….

    I receive Mike Evans,

    I give up either Ajayi or Stewart and Michael.

    Should I cash in Ajayi’s hot start? Or should I hold on to him and sell off all my depth ( I still have Gore as well).

    • Trading two RB for Evans would make me nervous. I certainly wouldn’t want to be left with Stewart/Gore as my starters

      • Benjamin Childs says:

        Sorry, I just realized this was kinda ambiguous…

        Offer 1: I get Mike Evans, I give up Ajayi
        Offer 2: I get Mike Evans, I give up Stewart and Michael

        I accepted Offer 1 last night, leaving me with Stewart, Michael, and Gore at RB. You helped make me a believer in Ajayi, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put all my eggs in one basket like that.

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