Week 10 Rankings (2016): Top 15 Defenses

by Ray Kuhn

This is an easier week for selecting defenses. With four games, as of Wednesday night, sporting an over/under between 40 and 44 there are some obvious defenses to target. The highest over/under of the week is 50, Atlanta/Philadelphia and Dallas/Pittsburgh, so the majority of games are expected to be tight battles with some room for defensive points. With that in mind let’s take a look at how the defenses rank for this week:

  1. Arizona Cardinals – vs. San Francisco
  2. Los Angeles Rams – at New York Jets
  3. Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cleveland
  4. Houston Texans – at Jacksonville
  5. Minnesota Vikings – at Washington
  6. New England Patriots – vs. Seattle
  7. Carolina Panthers – vs. Kansas City
  8. Kansas City Chiefs – at Carolina
  9. New York Jets – vs. Los Angeles
  10. San Diego Chargers – vs. Miami
  11. Denver Broncos – at New Orleans
  12. Green Bay Packers – at Tennessee
  13. Atlanta Falcons – at Philadelphia
  14. Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Houston
  15. Washington Redskins – vs. Minnesota


  • When there is turmoil at the quarterback position it means opportunity from a defensive perspective. Yes the Rams are traveling to the east coast and playing the early game on Sunday, but this is too good of a situation to pass on. Ryan Fitzpatrick is up to 13 interceptions on the season, after two more last week, and his knee is not 100%. If Fitzpatrick isn’t under center, then the Rams get to face Bryce Petty who has attempted two career passes. The Jets have allowed the most points to opposing defenses so far this season, and Los Angeles should be able to right the ship as they have been mediocre as of late.
  • Attacking the Jaguars is a pretty solid bet, but they also offer some fantasy value themselves. That comes this week as they challenge Brock Osweiler and his nine interceptions against nine touchdown passes. So far this season the Jaguars have just three interceptions, but that will likely change this week.
  • The focus is going to be on Minnesota, but we also shouldn’t avoid the Redskins’ defense in a game with an over/under of just 41.5 points. Minnesota’s offense isn’t exactly prolific, and Sam Bradford doesn’t strike fear in opposing defenses. However he doesn’t make too many mistakes, and the Redskins only have five interceptions so far this season. There isn’t too much potential here, but the Redskins also shouldn’t hurt you either as points will be at a premium. Plus, there is always the possibility that Bradford reverts back to his turnover-prone self.

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