Rotoprofessor Challenge: Week 3 Pick-ups

There have been a handful of moves in the Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy League since the last time we checked in, so let’s take a look at what the owners did:

  1. The Rotoprofessor dropped Joe Flacco and picked up Kerry Collins. My need for a QB with the loss of both Tom Brady and Vince Young continues and hopefully Collins can produce like the QB he once was.  Is he going to?  Who knows, but it’s a better gamble then Flacco at this point.
  2. Philly Phunters dropped Bernard Berrian and picked up Amani Toomer. Berrian has a bigger potential this season, but the question marks at QB and injuries have limited him to just 3 catches this season.  Toomer is a solid player, though he is never going to be the top option in New York, not with Palxico Burress roaming the field.  I’d consider Toomer if you need someone this week, but I am much higher on Berrian.
  3. El Guapo dropped Tavaris Jackson and picked up Darren Sproles. Good move, especially for this week.  With Sproles expected to get the bulk of the carries with LaDanian Tomlinson hurting, he should be owned in all formats.  Jackson doesn’t offer much anyways, so he’s no real loss.
  4. Cool Runnings dropped Shayne Graham and picked up Ryan Longwell. A swap of kickers, which is there really to say?
  5. El Guapo dropped Steve Slaten and picked up J.T. O’Sullivan. In need of a back-up QB, he went for O’Sullivan who has not been terrible this season.  In a league that requires 2 starting QB’s, O’Sullivan is the perfect back-up type player.  Especially in Martz’ offense, he will have the potential to put up a big game when you need him, much like he did in Week 2 against Seattle.
  6. Barry dropped San Diego’s Defense and picked up Brandon Jackson. Personally, I do like San Diego’s defense despite their struggles thus far and the loss of Shawn Merriman for the season.  Still, Barry has a decent defense in Green Bay and wanted to handcuff Ryan Grant, just in case.  Personally, I wouldn’t have dumped the Defense, but probably someone else to get Jackson, but to each his own.  Still, Green Bay has Dallas this week and could be in for a tough game.
  7. Barry dropped Rudi Johnson and picked up Michael Bush. One game at 16 carries and 90 yards was enough to pick up Bush.  Personally, I don’t see him having a huge impact this season, with Darren McFadden likely locked in as the starter all year.  Still, he’s a solid back-up, as is Rudi Johnson.  If you have a need for someone like this, it is an either/or scenario.  They are both gambles and not likely to have huge games most weeks, barring an injury.
  8. Geckos dropped Dustin Keller and picked up Vincent Jackson. Jackson is decent option in deeper leagues as a back-up WR.  That’s all he should be viewed as, and that’s all that Geckos needs him as.  Keller was a gamble to begin with, and the Jets don’t seem to be making him a huge go to guy in their offense quite yet.  Maybe later in the season, but at this point he’s no better then other TE’s on the waiver wire so he will be easily replacable.
  9. Barry dropped Anthony Fasano and picked up Steve Slaton. Ah, Barry just loves these types of RB, doesn’t he?  I’m not big on Slaton, who had just 43 yards in the first week of the season.  Still, Fasano isn’t a big loss, so it’s a good gamble, just in case Slaton does put things together.
  10. Dawg House dropped Dominic Rhodes and picked up Buffalo’s Defense. He needed a Defense for this week, and with Buffalo taking on Oakland, why not?  Rhodes has no real value anyways.
  11. Megatraon dropped Jeff Reed and picked up John Carney. Another swap of kicker’s and it’s a gut call.  I have no problem with it.
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