Top 40 Running Backs For 2010: Take Two

Chris Johnson settling his contract dispute has brought a change atop our rankings.  Of course, that’s not the only thing that’s different.  Let’s take a look at how our rankings currently look:

  1. Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans
  2. Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings
  3. Maurice Jones-Drew – Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Ray Rice – Baltimore Ravens
  5. Frank Gore – San Francisco 49ers
  6. Steven Jackson – St. Louis Rams
  7. Michael Turner – Atlanta Falcons
  8. Knowshon Moreno – Denver Broncos
  9. DeAngelo Williams – Carolina Panthers
  10. Ryan Grant – Green Bay Packers
  11. Rashard Mendenhall – Pittsburgh Steelers
  12. LeSean McCoy – Philadelphia Eagles
  13. Jonathan Stewart – Carolina Panthers
  14. Beanie Wells – Arizona Cardinals
  15. Cedric Benson – Cincinnati Bengals
  16. Jamaal Charles – Kansas City Chiefs
  17. Shonn Greene – New York Jets
  18. Ryan Matthews – San Diego Chargers
  19. Pierre Thomas – New Orleans Saints
  20. Ronnie Brown – Miami Dolphins
  21. Matt Forte – Chicago Bears
  22. Brandon Jacobs – New York Giants
  23. Felix Jones – Dallas Cowboys
  24. Clinton Portis – Washington Redskins
  25. Joseph Addai – Indianapolis Colts
  26. Ben Tate – Houston Texans
  27. Fred Jackson – Buffalo Bills
  28. Jahvid Best – Detroit Lions
  29. C. J. Spiller – Buffalo Bills
  30. Justin Forsett – Seattle Seahawks
  31. Cadillac Williams – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  32. Marion Barber – Dallas Cowboys
  33. Darren McFadden – Oakland Raiders
  34. Jerome Harrison – Cleveland Browns
  35. Chester Taylor – Chicago Bears
  36. Thomas Jones – Kansas City Chiefs
  37. Ahmad Bradshaw – New York Giants
  38. Montario Hardesty – Cleveland Browns
  39. Ricky Williams – Miami Dolphins
  40. LaDanian Tomlinson – New York Jets


  • The resolution of Chris Johnson’s contract dispute in Tennessee allows him to leapfrog into the top spot of the rankings.  He will be the main cog of the Titans’ offense, with Javon Ringer (who has eight career carries) as his main backup.  The Vikings, meanwhile, drafted Toby Gerhart 51st overall.  He easily could see some time, especially if Peterson continues to struggle with fumbling problems.
  • As of right now there still is a chance that Cedric Benson is suspended a few games due to a recent assault charge.  While it doesn’t appear likely, it’s still possible and has to be taken into consideration.
  • The talk of the Cardinals utilizing the run more now that Kurt Warner has retired makes Beanie Wells look like a much more attractive option, no?
  • Rashard Mendenhall should have a solid start to his 2010 campaign, especially with Ben Roethlisberger out due to suspension.  Still, he had just three 100-yard games in 2009, so it’s hard to slot him in the Top 10.
  • Does the presence of Thomas Jones hurt Jamaal Charles’ value?  I certainly don’t think so, and you can see why by clicking here.
  • DeAngelo Williams vs. Jonathan Stewart…  While Williams should be ranked higher, check out why I think Stewart has more fantasy value based on his draft spot by clicking here.  As a RB2, he’s a tremendous option.
  • There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Ryan Mathews, but be cautious.  With Darren Sproles as the third down back, Mathews may not contribute much in the passing game.  Also, don’t rule out the fullback, Mike Tolbert, vulturing some TDs.
  • Clinton Portis appears primed to open the season as the Redskins starter, making him worthy of being a RB2.  Of course, with Larry Johnson and Willie Parker on the roster, he’ll likely share carries, but at that point in the daft, everyone has questions.
  • Check out why I think Justin Forsett is the running back to own from Seattle by clicking here.
  • Would you consider Brandon Jacobs a RB2?  I would, and you can find out why by clicking here.

What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who is ranked to high?  Who is ranked to low?

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  1. Will Overton says:

    You’re a bit higher on Knowshon than anyone I’ve seen. What makes him a top 10 back for you over the likes of Deangelo, Beanie and Grant?

  2. Hogie says:

    Arian Foster? How is he not in the top 40? He is the top RB on a great offensive team and should be playing with a lead and running often. How is he not a top 40 back, as you list many backups on this list…

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