Trade Review: S. Smith & Jacobs for Parker & Crayton

by Eric Stashin

The Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy League has seen it’s second trade, and it is between myself and Felipe.  I will give you my thoughts behind the trade now and I will allow Felipe to give his thoughts later on. The deal saw me trade Willie Parker & Patrick Crayton to Felipe in exchange for Steve Smith & Brandon Jacobs.

Using Sammy Morris as my RB/WR player, I felt like I was short a “skill player”, which this trade helped my acquire.  I do feel like Brandon Jacobs is a slight downgrade from Willie Parker, but with Frank Gore as my other RB I feel like I am still very well stocked at the position.  Plus, Morris is now available on the bench if need be, so I feel like my team is significantly deeper now.

In addition, I feel like my WR spots were upgraded significantly.  I know have Roddy White & Steve Smith as my top two players, with Santonio Holmes acting as the WR/RB most weeks.  Crayton is a decent player, but he wasn’t someone I planned on using very often, so he wasn’t a big loss.  Smith, meanwhile, is one of the elite receivers in the league and has the potential to win a match-up for me on any given week.

For me, it just seemed like way too big of an upgrade not to pull the trigger on this trade.  What does everyone else thing?

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