Streaming Defenses (2016): Week 3: Which Offense Do We Want To Exploit?

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Things are constantly changing in the NFL, and what we knew at the time of our drafts is already “out of date” and irrelevant three weeks into the season though we are starting to get a grasp of the offenses we should look to pick on.  With that in mind, which defenses that were likely ignored on draft day are worth considering for Week 3?  Let’s take a look:


Miami Dolphins at New York Jets
As has been the case over the first two weeks, this is mostly about the inept Jets’ offense as opposed to any upside in the defense.  The Jets have been as bad as advertised over the first two weeks, averaging the third fewest yards per game (242.5) and failing to utilize what should be their best weapon (Bilal Powell).

Miami didn’t show much in their first game of the season, taking on the Chargers in San Diego, as they had just 1 sack and 0 takeaways.  Where they struggled in that game was against the pass (323 yards, 1 TD), but that’s certainly not the Jets’ bread and butter and they shouldn’t be able to beat Miami through the air.  If you need to stream a defense they are an ideal option.


Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants
The Giants offensive line has been a disaster, as they’ve allowed 8 sacks over the first two games and the running game has been nonexistent.  While a healthy Odell Beckham would help get things going, can we really guarantee that he’s going to be at full strength and the dynamic option we’ve come to know?

The Eagles are going to come after Manning early and often, as they are tied for fourth in the league with 8 sacks over the first two weeks.  They’ve also limited opponents to 216.0 passing yards per game, and unless the Giants can suddenly figure something out on a short week there’s a good chance that the Eagles continue to post impressive numbers.

Their problem as a group has been against opposing running backs (eleventh most points per week), and maybe the Giants find a solution but it’s not Paul Perkins (14 carries for 26 yards) and the offensive line doesn’t seem capable of consistently opening up running lanes.  Watch Shane Vereen, but he’s not enough of a deterrent.


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  1. Too Tall says:


    I have Minnesota defense. Considering streaming Miami, Philli, or Indianapolis this week. Would you keep Minnesota for the long haul and stream one of these defenses this week?

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