Streaming Defenses (2016): Week 4: Which Offense Do We Want To Exploit?

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Things are constantly changing in the NFL, and what we knew at the time of our drafts is already “out of date” and irrelevant three weeks into the season though we are starting to get a grasp of the offenses we should look to pick on.  With that in mind, which defenses that were likely ignored on draft day are worth considering for Week 4?  Let’s take a look:


Tennessee Titans – at Houston
ESPN – 6.1%, CBS Sports – 22%

The Houston offense, behind a developing rookie quarterback, have allowed a league high 15 sacks while throwing for the third fewest yards (500).  They have a talented backfield, with Lamar Miller and D’Onta Foreman (as well as Deshaun Watson being capable), but is that enough?

The Titans are right in the middle of the pack against running backs over the first three weeks (they’ve allowed the 17th most points per week), though it’s the receiving yards that have impacted them (175 yards and 1 TD).  With Miller putting up 6 receptions and Foreman 2, that’s not something that’s going to scare you much.

The Titans have been worse against the pass this season, but with that not being a big threat this is an ideal situation to try and exploit.


Pittsburgh Steelers – at Baltimore
ESPN – 58.4%, CBS Sports – 97%

Obviously they are a well owned defense in CBS leagues, but they are available in nearly half of ESPN leagues and are therefore worth including here.  The matchup alone makes this appealing, as the Baltimore offense appears to be in shambles.  The Ravens are averaging 17.0 points per game, putting them in the bottom third of the league, and are tied for second most interceptions (4).  They also don’t have one dependable running back, with a cast of characters with no one clear candidate to dominate.

For their part the Steelers are allowing the second fewest yards per week (259.3), have forced the second most fumbles (7) and are tied for the second most sacks (11).  You can argue against them as a streamer, but they are well worth using this week.


Sources – ESPN,

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  1. reggie says:

    hi professor

    do you like Titans D even over Jags or Bengals this week?

    big thanks as always for your great insight!

  2. romo says:

    hey roto! i will try and get cincinnati for this week only (is it worth picking them up?). i have new england as my weekly, is it worth holding onto them or just pick up new defenses every week?

  3. darrick says:

    hey professor, which defense would you start this week. i have new england d but i can drop them for either packers or titan d

  4. Too Tall says:

    Hi Professor,

    I have Minnesota defense this week vs Detroit. Stick with them this week or drop them for Cincinnati or Tennessee?

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