The Ditch List: Week 4 Fallout: Breaking Down Four Players It May Be Time To Cut Bait On

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Not every cut is created equal, and it’s going to depend on your league size/format in many cases.  That said there have been some obviously disappointing starts to the season and in the right circumstance three weeks is enough information to formulate a decision, cut bait and move on.  Let’s take a look at a few candidates that you should consider dropping:


Amari Cooper – Oakland Raiders – Wide Receiver
Cooper had a difficult matchup against the Broncos, but his 2 reception, 8 yard performance is just the latest in what has been a disappointing season.  Overall he’s turned 23 targets into 10 catches and 101 yards.  Sure he’s scored a TD, but that came in Week 1 and he’s been virtually unusable over the past three weeks:

  • vs. New York Jets – 4 receptions for 33 yards
  • at Washington – 1 reception for 6 yards
  • at Denver – 2 receptions for 9 yards

With Derek Carr leaving yesterday’s game early only adds another little twist, as he could potentially be looking at E.J. Manuel starting in the short-term (though we’ll have to wait and see).  Completely giving up on Cooper doesn’t make sense as there’s simply too much upside potential, but at this point he’s obviously a player who belongs on your bench and nowhere else.

Verdict – Firmly plant on your bench, but don’t give up


Paul Perkins – New York Giants – Running Back
He wasn’t doing much early in the game (9 carries for 13 yards), and then went down with an injury.  In his place stepped Wayne Gallman, who looked better than Perkins has all season long as he turned 11 carries into 42 yards while catching 2 passes for 8 yards and 1 TD.  We’ll have to wait and see how long Perkins is sidelined, but even if he doesn’t miss time you’d have to think that the Giants will give Gallman an opportunity (Perkins is averaging 2.1 yards per carry and has not rushed for more than 22 yards in a game).  With his dismal production, his role in question and the potential injury, Perkins is a disposal player at this point.

Verdict – Droppable in 12-formats if you need roster spot


Eric Decker – Tennessee Titans – Wide Receiver
Marcus Mariota was injured, which would further hurt the upside of Decker (who has been a relative bust despite being one of the significant acquisitions for the team).  Yesterday Decker was targeted just twice, putting up 2 receptions for 13 yards.  He’s totaled 12 receptions for 104 yards and his season best is 4 receptions (Week 3) and 49 yards (Week 3).  He’s been targeted a total of 20 times, though not more than 5 since Week 1 (he had 8 targets in the first week).  He also has failed to find the end zone as Tennessee is a run based offense and Decker appears to be the third receiving option, at best:

  • Rishard Matthews – 32 targets
  • Delanie Walker – 26 targets
  • Eric Decker – 20 targets

At this point Decker is droppable in shallower formats, but worth stashing in deeper leagues if the waiver wire is fairly barren.

Verdict – Droppable in 12-team leagues (and shallower)


Breshad Perriman – Baltimore Ravens – Wide Receiver
This is the third season for the former first round draft pick, so expectations were high.  Instead he’s been a bust with 25% of the season behind him, totaling 2 receptions for 11 yards.  Just to make matters worse he has a total of 8 targets, which came split between Weeks 1 and 4 (he went untargeted in Weeks 2 and 3).

Perriman is going to be limited by the struggles of Joe Flacco, and he’s also going to be behind Jeremy Maclin and Mike Wallace on the depth chart.  In other words the outlook is fairly limited, and there’s little reason to think that anything is going to change.

Verdict – Droppable in 14-team leagues (and shallower)


Sources – ESPN,

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  1. Tony says:

    Hello Professor,

    I’m starting to worry that Joe Mixon will appear next on this list.

    In your opinion, is the O-line that bad, or is Mixon overrated? I saw his highlights against the Packers and there were times he had nowhere to run, but didn’t see any of his plays from yesterday, but then really good RBs would probably find somewhere to run and get more than 29 yards on 17 carries?

    Anyway, your thoughts are welcome if you have time for my question?

    Thank you very much.


    • Breaking Badasses says:

      Joe Mixon ain’t gonna get it right away, they just fired the offensive coordinator a week ago? After Bengals bye week Mixon will start lighting it up.

      • Tony says:


        You’re probably right and of course I want to compare him to Hunt, who I passed over to take Mixon, but then I imagine what Mixon could do if he had KC’s O-line blocking for him; I’m in a keeper league, so intention was looking ahead for the long term, but expected better from him, but then they also put Hill in for a few plays, then Gio for
        a few, so might not help either? When he gets any yardage, he seems to get in big chunks, so that is encouraging?

        Anyway, I’ll certainly hold him and stay patient, but some chat here and there already about him being overrated, so was looking for other opinions, and thanks for yours – appreciate it!


    • You have to stay patient on Mixon. The offense is just finding it’s footing, so it’s going to take a little time. He should remain the lead back for now, and he’s not close to finding his way onto this list quite et

      • Tony says:


        Thank you as well for your feedback, and I’ll certainly hold him for the season as he was my first selection as the third pick in the draft.

        I would sure like to see the KC O-line blocking for him, but hopefully the Bengals’ line will improve to see if he is that good, and still believe he is.

        Anyway, I was hoping for some other perspectives on his play without having seen the game, so thanks again.


  2. Brian says:


    Was offered Mike Evans and Legarette Blount for Melvin Gordon, Sammy Watkins and Alex Smith. After this week will be 3-1….Other QB/RB/WR are:

    QB: Winston, Palmer, Smith
    RB: Gordon, Hunt, Cohen, Abdullah, Alex Collins
    WR: Jordy, Keenan Allen, Watkins, Crowder, Corey Davis

    Is a 1 point ppr….I’ve yet to use Watkins, and am a bit worried about Gordon’s knee going forward…what do you think?

    • I could understand being nervous about Gordon, but I don’t see Blount as a good replacement and you’d be leaving yourself a little bit weak at RB. I love Evans, but I wouldn’t be so quick on that one

  3. Beans says:

    What’s up professor? With all of the running back injuries this week could you please rank or these available players my PPR league? Jamal Williams, Latavius Murray, Alex Collins, Gallman, McKissic, McGuire, Lacy? Thank you for your thoughts.

  4. Haggy says:

    If you wanted to handcuff A.J.Anderson…..Booker or Charles

  5. Dev says:

    Hello Professor;

    12 teams; full point PPR

    Is it time to drop Jamison Crowder. So much potential but he seems to have completely disappeared from the passing game…thanks

  6. Kermit says:

    G’Morning Prof – Is it time to ditch Jay Ajayi for Duke Johnson? Or, would picking Johnson up over T. Cohen be a better move? Crowell, Ellington and Abdullah are also available in my 10 team PPR league. Thanks

  7. Kermit says:

    G’Morning again – Would you, could you, pick up D. Watson, J. Goff or K. Cousins over Siemian in 10 team PPR? Kind of a no-brainer regarding Watson I’d say, but I’m 5 on the wire and may lose out based on at least 2 of my fellow leaguers ahead of me. Thanks

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