Week 7 Rankings (2017): Top 15 Defenses

by Ray Kuhn

Next man up. That is always an applicable cliche in the NFL, and that is the case once again this season. One place where it has become quite evident is the quarterback position, and that creates opportunities for opposing defenses. You could say that brings us to another cliche, “any given Sunday”, and that is also ringing very true and we have to also expect the unexpected. Let’s try to weigh both and look at how our options rank for this week:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars – at Indianapolis
  2. New Orleans Saints – at Green Bay
  3. Dallas Cowboys – at San Francisco
  4. Minnesota Vikings – vs. Baltimore
  5. Buffalo Bills – vs. Tampa Bay
  6. Carolina Panthers – vs. Chicago
  7. Tennessee Titans – at Cleveland
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Cincinnati
  9. Los Angeles Rams – vs. Arizona
  10. Miami Dolphins – vs. New York Jets
  11. Baltimore Ravens – at Minnesota
  12. Seattle Seahawks – at New York Giants
  13. Denver Broncos – at LA Chargers
  14. Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Washington
  15. Kansas City Chiefs – at Oakland


  • If you picked up the Titans defense to take advantage of the Colts last week, you are in luck once again for Week 7 as they draw the Browns and their mess of an offense. Whether it is Deshaun Kizer or Kevin Hogan under center for Cleveland, the Titans are in prime position to take advantage. Six percent of the Browns’ pass attempts have resulted in an interception, about twice the league average, and that won’t change. How the Titans defense has previously performed is almost irrelevant, especially when you are looking for upside and value. They will likely improve on the four interceptions they have, and you would like to see them improve on their eight sacks. This pick says a lot more about the Browns than the Titans.
  • Speaking of the Colts, who better to face them this week then the number one ranked fantasy defense? Next to the Browns the Colts have allowed the second most points to fantasy defenses, and it could be a long day this week. Jacksonville has at least one interception in each game, other than last week, and for the season they have nine picks while severely limiting the passing attack of their opponents. The Jaguars have recovered six fumbles and have 23 sacks, including 10 in Week 1 against the Texans. For the most part, other than the Week 2 disaster against the Titans, Jacksonville has also been a consistent producer and they likely will be worth the price this week.
  • Let’s get this out of the way quickly, the Saints’ defense is not going to score three touchdowns again. Forget about doing it in a week, it is possible they don’t come up with three more touchdowns in total for the rest of the season. They are flying high after last week, despite allowing 32 points, and they get an untested quarterback in Brett Hundley. He failed to impress in his debut after Aaron Rodgers was injured, but in fairness he wasn’t prepared to enter the game, and it’s possible he is better this week. However, he is still a very inexperienced quarterback and the Saints do have seven interceptions in the last three weeks. The Packers will likely stick to a conservative game plan so there is little risk. New Orleans has also shown a consistent ability to get to the quarterback as they have 16 sacks in five games.

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  1. D says:

    Why so low on Seattle? They were great on the road against the Rams.

  2. Derrin says:

    I have the Ravens Defense; however, I’m worried about today! On the waiver wire is Tennessee, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Miami… should I pick up one off wire for a streamer start while stashing the Ravens for the future? Thanks! P.S. I would be terrible at FFB if not for this website and your help! Keep doing what your doing!

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