Top 25 Quarterbacks For 2010: Brett Favre Returns & Preseason Week 1 Fallout

Well, it turns out Brett Favre isn’t retiring.  Shocking, right?  Let’s take a look at how that, as well as any injuries and news coming out of the first preseason game, shakes up our rankings:

  1. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers
  2. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints
  3. Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts
  4. Tom Brady – New England Patriots
  5. Matt Schaub – Houston Texans
  6. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys
  7. Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers
  8. Brett Favre – Minnesota Vikings
  9. Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens
  10. Eli Manning – New York Giants
  11. Donovan McNabb – Washington Redskins
  12. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons
  13. Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears
  14. Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals
  15. Kevin Kolb – Philadelphia Eagles
  16. Vince Young – Tennessee Titans
  17. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions
  18. Chad Henne – Miami Dolphins
  19. Alex Smith – San Francisco 49ers
  20. Matt Leinart – Arizona Cardinals
  21. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers
  22. Mark Sanchez – New York Jets
  23. Matt Cassel – Kansas City Chiefs
  24. Kyle Orton – Denver Broncos
  25. Jason Campbell – Oakland Raiders


  • Brett Favre’s return to the Vikings (and seemingly return to health), thrusts him back into the realm of QB1 status.  He’ll be 41-years old in October, but he’s coming off a year where he threw for 4,202 yards and 33 TD.  He has a tremendous group of WR around him, assuming both Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin return to health.
  • There’s nothing to worry about regarding Eli Manning’s injury during Monday night’s game.  He is one of the toughest options in the league, having played in all 16 games for five years running.
  • According to ESPN (click here for the article), the Rams split first-team reps between San Bradford and A.J. Feeley on Monday.  Neither should be considered more then a depth option in two-quarterback formats, so I wouldn’t consider this earth shattering news.  Bradford certainly has more potential upside and is the option I’d rather draft.
  • I really like Jay Cutler for the upcoming season, but his potential to disappoint during the final weeks is a huge concern.  Over their final four weeks they play home games against the Patriots and Jets and road games against the Vikings and Packers.  That means three of his four games may be played in poor conditions, meaning the team could focus on the run more.  That knocks him down out of a starting spot, because he may not be the best play when it matters most.  He doesn’t fall far, however.
  • Matt Leinart looked good in the Cardinals first preseason game, going 6-7 for 49 yards.  Its preseason, so don’t put much stock in it, but you have to like what you saw.  He gets boosted up a few spots, because as long as he shows promise, having Larry Fitzgerald means he has the potential for big numbers.
  • Matt Ryan has moved to #12 on the rankings, but that doesn’t mean I want to draft him as my starter.  Click here to see why I’d love to have him as my backup.
  • Click here to get an in-depth look as to why I have Rodgers ranked atop the rankings.

What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who is ranked too high?  Who is ranked too low?

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