Week 10 Rankings (2017): Top 25 Quarterbacks

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Injuries have played a significant role in the quarterback landscape, but they are not the only think wreaking havoc.  There have been numerous quarterbacks across the league whose performance has struggled (like Eli Manning), though others have stepped up and emerged as viable QB1 (like Josh McCown and Jared Goff).  How does it all come together, along with the bye weeks, for Week 10?  Let’s take a look:

  1. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks – at Arizona
  2. Tom Brady – New England Patriots – at Denver
  3. Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys – at Atlanta
  4. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – at Buffalo
  5. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – vs. Cleveland
  6. Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills – vs. New Orleans
  7. Josh McCown – New York Jets – at Tampa Bay
  8. Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams – vs. Houston
  9. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Indianapolis
  10. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Dallas
  11. Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – vs. Miami
  12. Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins – vs. Minnesota
  13. Eli Manning – New York Giants – at San Francisco
  14. Jay Cutler – Miami Dolphins – at Carolina
  15. Marcus Mariota – Tennessee Titans – vs. Cincinnati
  16. Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – at Tennessee
  17. Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  18. C.J. Beathard – San Francisco 49ers – vs. New York Giants
  19. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. New York Jets
  20. Brock Osweiler – Denver Broncos – vs. New England
  21. Case Keenum – Minnesota Vikings – at Washington
  22. Jacoby Brissett – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Pittsburgh
  23. Philip Rivers – Los Angeles Chargers – at Jacksonville
  24. Tom Savage – Houston Texans – at Los Angeles Rams
  25. Mitchell Trubisky – Chicago Bears – vs. Green Bay


  • Remember when the Broncos were a scary defense for your QB to square off against?  In Week 9 Carson Wentz torched them for 4 TD, and while the yardage wasn’t necessarily there it didn’t have to be.  The stigma of facing Denver simply isn’t there, and it’s unlikely you’d shy away from using Tom Brady anyway.  Fire him up as one of the best options once again in Week 10.
  • In his first game post-Kelvin Benjamin, Cam Newton managed just 137 yards passing with 0 TD and 0 INT.  His day was saved by rushing for 86 yards and 1 TD, and that’s something that he’ll likely need to continue depending on moving forward.  He has 1 TD throw over his past three games and 2 TD vs. 6 INT over the past four.  While opposing QB have been able to pass against the Dolphins, they haven’t given up much on the ground.  The risk of them bottling up Newton drags down his potential value, though he’s still a QB1 given the uncertainty surrounding the position across the league.
  • Who would’ve thought that Jared Goff would be a solid play as a QB1 in any given week?  He’s coming off a monster performance against the New York Giants (311 yards, 4 TD) and now draws a banged up Houston defense that has consistently been beaten by opposing QB (for example, Jacoby Brissett threw for 308 yards and 2 TD in Week 9).
  • We all know that Kirk Cousins has the upside and it will be tough to sit him down, but he’s struggled finding the end zone for two straight weeks (510 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT).  The Vikings also represent a difficult matchup, and that further limits the potential.  It is all going to depend on your alternative, but he’s only a borderline QB1.
  • Eli Manning has been a bitter disappointment, partly due to injuries to his supporting cast.  At the same time let’s not pretend that he was impressive at any time during the season, even before the Giants’ season snowballed out of control.  A favorable matchup with the 49ers keeps him as a solid QB2 for this week, but under normal circumstances he would’ve been a locked in QB1 in this same situation.
  • It has been a disappointing season for Marcus Mariota, though the return of Corey Davis should help and he did throw for 2 TD in Week 9.  Is that enough to get excited, though?
  • Brock Osweiler struggled in his first start, going 19-38 for 208 yards, 1 TD and 2 INT.  He has a favorable matchup against the Patriots, but you have to wonder if Paxton Lynch will get his opportunity as soon as he’s viewed as healthy and ready to roll.  If Osweiler plays the full game he’s going to be a viable QB2, but know that the plug could be pulled at any moment.

Sources – ESPN, NFL.com

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  1. Joel Macke says:

    Would you drop Marriott for big Ben? And would you start tyrod over big Ben?

  2. Haggy says:

    Do you think Snead will come around or drop him for Ginn Jr. WHAT Denver RB would you own if any. Is Danny Woodhead worth grabbing now.

    • Ray Kuhn says:

      At this point, go with Ginn over Snead.

      Booker has the most upside of the 3, so if you have to own one, he is who it should be.

      If it’s an easy drop, stash Woodhead on your bench. Otherwise don’t goo too crazy.

  3. Haggy says:

    Would you grab Josh Gordon. Wondering how good he could be if he wasn’t high. Might be a good grab.???

    • Ray Kuhn says:

      Still going to be a few weeks before he is back, so your priority should be getting into the playoffs and getting a bye. If that is already set or you have an easy drop, grab him, but I’m not expecting much, if anything.

  4. Haggy says:

    I would be dropping Anderson for Woodhead Ray.

  5. BigD says:

    Important game this week Im first playing second both teams hit pretty hard with the bye week.

    1.Do I drop Brees @Buf for Roethlisberger @Ind based on matchup and coming off a bye week?

    2.Do I drop landry @Car for a potential boom game from Bryant?


  6. James says:

    Wilson over wr Stafford?

    Stafford has a juicy matchup?

  7. Manu says:


    Should I drop Mariota for McCown ?

    Smith is my other QB and I need a victory this week.

    Thanks !

  8. chris says:

    Bye Week issues– Wentz on bye and Wintson injured…. Best outta of these 3– Kennum, Brisset or Fitzpatrick????

  9. Trevor says:

    My alternative to cousins is Newton. Is Cam the better start over Kirk?

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