Stat of the Day: Devonta Freeman vs. Tevin Coleman

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

While the overall numbers appear to be close, the production for Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman, when Freeman receives at least 9 carries (nine games this season) shows a completely different story:

Devonta Freeman1467305
Tevin Coleman905633

In those nine games Coleman has gotten more than 9 carries once and hasn’t had more receptions (20 for Freeman vs. 19 for Coleman).  Over the course of the season the numbers look close, but that’s solely due to Coleman performing well while Freeman was on the sidelines.

The Falcons showed in Week 13 that Freeman would continue to operate as the lead back (12 carries vs. Coleman’s 8).  While Coleman has proven he can produce, even with the “limited” opportunities, he’s more of a FLEX play due to the risk/split.

Source – ESPN 

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  1. Haggy says:

    Need 2 Running Backs and 1 Flex out of this group… Morris, Perine, Freeman, Henry and Marquise Goodwin…Playoff GAME 1 should be close matchup…

  2. Max says:

    Starting McCoy as RB1 and need to know who joins him. Mixon, Tevin Coleman, or the newly acquired Mike Davis. I’m leaning Mixon but concerned about the injury. Sit Coleman Thursday night and roll the dice?

  3. I’m 100% good with using Davis, so I would sit Coleman

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