Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em (2017): Week 14: Tyrod Taylor, Kareem Hunt, Stefon Diggs & More

by Will Overton

Trying to decide who you should start or sit this week? Let’s take a look at a few potential decisions owners have and try to sort through them:


Start –Josh McCown – New York Jets @ Denver
Sometimes matchups are all about timing, and the timing for McCown this week seems just right. He is on a roll after a huge game against the Chiefs last week. Meanwhile, the Broncos have been a tough team to go against this season but the wheels seem to be falling off, given they allowed 35 points last week to Miami. The Jets are pretty content being a pass heavy offense right now and McCown should keep piling up the fantasy points.

Sit – Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills vs. Indianapolis
The matchup is a plus, but I am still not feeling good about using Taylor. He is currently questionable with a knee injury, but I am not sold even if he does play. The Colts can be thrown on, but does that really mean the Bills are going to totally change their game plan and throw the ball a bunch? I doubt it. I assume the Bills will do what they do best and pound the ball with LeSean McCoy, especially if they can get out to an early lead. The knee injury also may limit his upside since his ability to run gives his fantasy potential a boost.


Running Backs
Start – Kareem Hunt – Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland
The fantasy value of Hunt has surely taken a hit and I can’t blame owners for not wanting to play him right now, but I think this is a bad week to go away from him. The Chiefs have to recognize that they can’t give the ball to Hunt nine times and expect good things. He may be a little boom or bust, but when he gets 15+ carries good things always seem to happen. That includes last time he played Oakland and had 117 yards from scrimmage.

Start – Jamaal Williams – Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland
There are a few reasons to be a little reluctant with play Williams this week. Aaron Jones returned last week and while he only carried the ball once, it was an impressive 20 yard run for the game winning TD. There’s also the fact that the Browns run defense is actually quite good. Those things established, I still like Williams enough to play him in a playoff matchup. The Packers are running a lot while Brett Hundley is under center, so ethe workload should be there. While I do expect Jones to get more looks, Williams should still get the majority and has proven to be a pretty decent receiver (something Jones never really showed). Expect another 20+ touches and solid production.

Sit – Derrick Henry – Tennessee Titans @ Arizona
After the last two weeks the temptation to play Henry certainly has to be strong. He is coming off a game where he carried the ball 11 times for 109 yards, including a 75 yard TD run. That said, we have no reason to believe that the Titans are going to be turning more of the workload over to him at this point (you can’t expect more than 10 – 12 carries), and we haven’t seen him get the goal line work either. So then you’re hoping he breaks a big one, which we know he can, but Arizona’s run defense is solid and it’s pretty hard to bank on a big run. Henry could be a FLEX, but even then I’d be leery.

Sit – Peyton Barber – Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Detroit
With Doug Martin out last week against the Packers, Barber got a chance to shine and made the most of it. He ran for 102 yards while adding another 41 through the air on four catches. There is reason for hesitancy before sticking him in your lineup this week, including Martin returning from his concussion. Martin has been bad, so I think Barber keeps the gig as the lead back, but I assume Martin cuts into his touches some. There’s also the fact that before last week Barber hadn’t flashed much.


Wide Receivers (Two-Receivers Format)
Start – Josh Gordon – Cleveland Browns vs. Green Bay
Finally Gordon returned to the football field last week against the Los Angeles Chargers. He was targeted a team high 11 times and ended up with four catches for 85 yards. DeShone Kizer isn’t the most accurate QB, as we can see from the catch rate, but if Gordon is getting double digit targets we can live with a few bad throws. He is a threat to take it to the house anytime he touches it and the Packers have been known to allow some big games to receivers.

Sit – Stefon Diggs – Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina
I think it’s time that we stop riding those first four games from Diggs. The Vikings receiver has scored just one TD in his last seven games and he’s also been held to 35 yards or fewer in four of his last six. Diggs is a big play threat with real talent, but he’s in an offense that just isn’t built for big plays and a QB who is finding success with short passes and check downs. Adam Thielen is the perfect receiver for the Vikings offense and the numbers bear that out, for both Thielen and Diggs.


Wide Receivers (Three-Receivers Format)
Start – Marquise Goodwin – San Francisco 49ers @ Houston
All the talk this week has been about the connection between Jimmy Garoppolo and Trent Taylor. Yet last Sunday it was Goodwin who caught eight passes for 99 yards and led the team in targets. I’m a believer in Garoppolo being a real QB and I think the 49ers are invested in seeing what they have, so he’ll be throwing a fair amount. This week’s matchup is a dream too and Goodwin should be able to pile up the points and hopefully find the end zone.

Sit – Corey Davis – Tennessee Titans @ Arizona
I believe in the talent and the upside of Davis and I feel like he’s on the brink of a big game, but I really don’t think it’s going to happen this week. After piling up the targets for a couple of weeks he has only had eight total the last two weeks. There are so many options that Davis can’t seem to separate himself. He also may be getting the Patrick Peterson treatment, which will really cap his upside.


Tight End
Start – Jason Witten – Dallas Cowboys @ NY Giants
This one is a simple matchup play, and if you have a decent tight end going against the Giants you should be using him. Witten’s production has been all over the board, with either one catch or seven in the last five games. This week should tend towards that higher end. In Week 1 Witten had seven catches for 59 yards and a TD. The Giants are almost a lock for a TE touchdown every week and so I’ll bank on a Witten score.

Sit – O.J. Howard – Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Detroit
I do love to play tight ends against the Lions, but I don’t think Howard is the one I’ll be using. Jameis Winston came back last week and suddenly Howard has two targets while Cameron Brate comes back to the top of the heap of TE’s in Tampa Bay. Howard was starting to shine with Ryan Fitzpatrick playing QB, but I think he’s headed back to the back burner which is a shame because you’d really like to see what he can do.

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  1. Tony says:

    Hello Professor,

    If you have time, a quick question, please?

    I hate seeing injuries as part of determining my starters, but I read that Dean Shazier won’t be playing this week, so what effect will his absence have on the Steelers’ run defense as I have Collins. I was going to start G Bernard against the Bears, but then just read about how serious Shazier’s injury is, and of course, he won’t be playing. Not sure when he injured himself last week, but Mixon, then Bernard, ran over the Steelers’ defense. I’ve got J Williams as my other starter against the Browns.

    Thank you very much.


    • Obviously it has to play a role, but Collins isn’t a guarantee to produce anyways. That said him and Williams are more the coin flip with Bernard in the lineup

      • tony says:

        OK, thank you very much! I’d feel a bit more comfortable with Collins at home, and as noted in previous feedback, a coin flip with so many of my RBs close in the rankings, but I’d just read about Dean Shazier, so wondered about his impact against the run.

        Thanks again and good luck this weekend!

      • Tony says:

        Hi Professor,

        This might be worth sharing and I may have to reconsider my line-up, but the Packers’ website lists AJ as the starter. If the case, then I assume J Williams will be the third down back and maybe goal line runs? He is a better pass protector and catches passes, anyway, Collins is looking better, or maybe Hyde, but volume doesn’t look as promising.

        • I wouldn’t read too much into that, but Collins is right in same tier I’d be comfortable thefe. Hyde is a perfectly safe choice as well

          • Tony says:

            Thanks very much Professor – I appreciate it!

            I’ll watch for Packer updates, then flip a coin. That was probably sound advice from you before, and when the rankings are this close, it’s impossible to know who will score the most points; it’s like having three Patriot RBs!


  2. Haggy says:

    Would you play Goodwin over Ashlon Jeffery this week..

  3. Haggy says:

    This year My playoff opponent is the one who beat me last year. Really want this one…. Should be close He has Goff at QB.. This call should make or break me. Who would be safer.. Keenum or McCown…Give it some thougjt Prof…

  4. Pudge says:

    Play in a 2QB league…kind of stuck thisnwerk, first week of playoffs…need 2 QBs: rostered are Cousins, Kizer & Gabbert. On waivers are Siemian, Savage, Tyrod/Peterman. Thanks!

  5. LP says:

    Hey Prof!

    I need to start 2 out of the 3 RB’s in a standard non-ppr league:
    Fournette, K. Hunt, Alf Morris.

    Who you liking?


  6. Arma says:

    PPR. Pick two out of Gordon, Hunt, McCaffrey and Perine

  7. Wolverine says:

    Std scoring Flex: G Tate, J Gordon or G Bernard

  8. Arma says:

    PPR. Which 3 WRs should I play: R.Anderson, M.Jones Jr, AJ Green and Goodwin?

  9. trevor says:

    ppr rex burkhead or jamaal williams
    ppr marvin jones or crabtree
    ppr landry, marvin jones or tyreek hill
    ppr kenyan drake or dion lewis
    ppr drake, perine or howard
    ppr cratree, marvin jones or josh gordon
    ppr start two evans, crabtree, keenan allen or josh gordon
    ppr perine, drake or burkhead
    ppr start two burhead, lewis or perine
    ppr start two josh gordon, mike evans or brandon cooks
    ppr lewis, drake or jamaal williams
    ppr gore or perine

    • ppr rex burkhead or jamaal williams – Williams
      ppr marvin jones or crabtree – Crabtree
      ppr landry, marvin jones or tyreek hill – Hill
      ppr kenyan drake or dion lewis – Drake
      ppr drake, perine or howard – Dra!e (but close)
      ppr cratree, marvin jones or josh gordon – Crabtree
      ppr start two evans, crabtree, keenan allen or josh gordon – Evans/Allen
      ppr perine, drake or burkhead – Drake
      ppr start two burhead, lewis or perine – Perine/Lewis
      ppr start two josh gordon, mike evans or brandon cooks – Evans/Cooks
      ppr lewis, drake or jamaal williams – Drake
      ppr gore or perine – Perine

  10. Tom says:

    K.Hunt or A.Morris? Hunt has been killing me lately and Morris seems like he has a good shot at actually scoring a TD unlike Hunt. Who would you go with?

  11. House of Pain says:

    Hello Professor,

    Full point PPR: Jordan Howard or Frank Gore?

    Thank you

  12. Captain Bucknut says:

    I may disagree with your assessment on Peyton Barber. While it may seem logical that Martin will eat into his touches, I see a Barber being used in the red zone as that would be an area where Martin is more vulnerable. Barber has already proven himself as a goal line back and a viable target out of the backfield. Maybe not an RB 1 but definitely a flex play. Winston is going to need all hands on deck to try and get his team to 500 on the season.

  13. Arma says:

    PPR. TE position. Rudolph or Doyle?

  14. Arma says:

    PPR. Which defense: Steelers or Bengals? Or should I look on waiver wire?

  15. Haggy says:

    Just looking at my line up. I got Perine at Flex. Afraid the Redskins are going to get WAY behind and quit running the ball. Would you go Goodwin in Flex instead of Perine Prof…

  16. hellbrand says:

    do i go with jamaal williams over carlos hyde…..since i am playing hunter henry at flex my choice is zach ertz and emmanual sanders…your thoughts

  17. dman says:

    prof, would you start Kareem hunt over Rex Burkhead?
    Cousins over Dalton?
    sheppard over hilton?

    thanks prof

  18. promillo says:

    Hi Prof!

    Pick two RBs: Morris, Murray, J. Williams, Gore or Bernard?

  19. Beans says:

    Well Professor I planed on Diggs at flex just because of the possible upside. Still might but who you starting at flex in PPR? Diggs, Jordy Nelson(please no), Crowell, Corey Coleman, Olson, Woodhead, Peyton Barber, Aaron Jones or Mike Davis?

    Would you go Alf Morris over those RB’s? Thanks for the help. Hopefully I have another question for next week. Otherwise thanks for all the good info and your input on all my questions and I’ll talk to you in the spring.

  20. Brian says:

    Hey Prof ,
    1point PPR

    Definitely starting Gordon so need 2 more

    Lewis, Hunt, Bernard, or Burkhead

    also at TE: Rudolph, sefarian Jenkins, or Stephen Anderson?

  21. Chris says:

    Jared cook or Charles Clay?? Also DeMarco Murray or Jamal Williams??

  22. James S says:

    Hello – deciding on 3 out of the following (half PPR)
    Mike Davis vs Jax
    Alex Collins vs Pitt
    Funchess vs Min
    Diggs vs Panthers

    Xavier really making me ready to sit Funchess…

  23. K says:

    PPR: flex Marqise Lee or Perine?
    Standard: WR Gordon or Dez?


  24. James says:

    Wilson over McCown?

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