2018 Quarterback Sleepers: Which Under-the-Radar Options Should You Target (Trubisky & More)

by Joe Delcorse

So what makes a sleeper? There are different grades of sleepers. Rather than trying to throw darts with a blind fold on and shooting the moon with my off hand I like to focus on the players drafted in the early middle rounds that have potential to really make a splash. A true sleeper is someone that is really just a roll of the dice, so if you are relying on you are already in trouble because chances are that sleeper is on everyone’s list by draft day.

Once the roster is set and you add your high upside sleepers then you look for the people who nobody is aware of, are selling short or are unaware of because of preparation. Position battles, injuries, age, experience and team cohesion all can create doubt on a player but volume and opportunity are the most important trends to monitor.

With that I leave you with three quarterback sleepers to consider:

Sleeper chart:

  • * – Look alive, move up your draft board Potential MVP
  • ** – Don’t wait too long. Every body knows
  • *** – Shhhhhh. Don’t forget to get your Z’s


Marcus Mariota – Tennesse Titans – *
He’s a very trendy player on a lot of lists and with good reason. With two seasons under his belt I look for season three to really be a culmination of his skillset transcending into today’s dual threat quarterback. He should ultimately become what many expected and propel himself among the leagues elite. New head coach Mike Vrabel will look to offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur to coordinate an offensive plan tailored to Mariota’s skillset. LaFleur had great success in the past with Jared Goff and Kirk Cousins.


Phillip Rivers – San Diego Chargers – **
Rivers just does it year in and year out and is primed for perhaps his finest season ever. He can still get it done with his legs when necessary and has good mobility in the pocket. Nobody stands in the pocket better and with his talented assortment of backs and receivers, along with a stable offensive line, big numbers should be likely once again.  Draft him confidently, as Rivers more often then not puts up 2 TD per week. There will be far more good performance than duds.


Mitch Trubisky – Chicago Bears – ***
Trubisky is ready to make some noise in the fantasy world and the Bears should finally have a franchise quarterback at the helm. He showed flashes of what he could do last season and proved he has the ability to compete with potential to be a star. Year number two has the potential for tremendous improvement in production and expectations as evidenced by Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, who are both now among the NFL elite. Trubisky’s new weapons added through the offseason and new offensive-minded head coach, Matt Nagy, should lead to some big games and allow the sophomore quarterback to showcase his abilities and continue his ascension to the upper echelon.

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