Week 3 Rankings (2018): Top 15 Defenses

by Ray Kuhn

Looking for the best possible defense each week should be your strategy. However you have to tread carefully, as you don’t want to do it at the risk of the rest of your roster. If you do find yourself with one of the top defenses there is no need to stream, as it will likely hurt you in the long run. With that being said, let’s take a look at how our rankings shake out for this week:

  1. Minnesota Vikings – vs. Buffalo
  2. Houston Texans – vs. New York Giants
  3. Chicago Bears – at Arizona
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Tennessee
  5. Dallas Cowboys – at Seattle
  6. Los Angeles Rams – vs. LA Chargers
  7. Baltimore Ravens – vs. Denver
  8. Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Indianapolis
  9. Cleveland Browns – vs. New York Jets
  10. Cincinnati Bengals – at Carolina
  11. Denver Broncos – at Baltimore
  12. New York Jets – at Cleveland
  13. New England Patriots – at Detroit
  14. Green Bay Packers – at Washington
  15. Carolina Panthers – vs. Cincinnati


  • The sample size is small but it shouldn’t come as a total surprise that Seattle’s offense is at the top of the list as far points scored by opposing defenses. They have a weak offensive line, not much of a running game (Chris Carson was a non-factor in the second half last week and Rashaad Penny has yet to get going) and Doug Baldwin is sidelined. Russell Wilson is talented, but there is only so much that he can do. The Dallas defense has allowed an average of 14.5 points so far this season with two fumble recoveries while they search for their first interception. They  have shown the ability to get to the quarterback with nine sacks, including six against the Giants last week. That is a trend I would expect to continue.
  • Chicago has shown an ability to get after the quarterback, to the tune of 10 sacks far this season, while allowing 24 points in Week 1 followed by 17 points last week. Perhaps even more important from a fantasy perspective, the Bears have scored a touchdown in each game so far this season. As far as playmakers go they appear to have multiple on defense, and the Cardinals (this week’s opponent) will likely be unable to generate much in the way of offense making them a low-risk proposition.
  • The Giants offensive line wasn’t any good to begin with, Erick Flowers is a turnstile at right tackle, and now their starting center is sidelined for the season with an injury. So far the Texans have just three sacks, but that should change. With just one interception Houston also hasn’t generated much in the way of big plays, but they are in a good spot for their home opener.

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  1. J says:

    Not much clarity on Bosa yet. Is it worth dropping the Chargers for the Browns going forward, or should I stick it out regardless of this week’s terrible matchup?

  2. Krysta says:

    Who do you consider “top defenses” that you plug and play each week?

  3. Nonie says:

    Hey Prof

    12-team standard league
    I’ve got Kareem Hunt and James Conner as my starters at rb. Wondering if you would recommend Breida or Clement as my flex? Thank you as always 🙂

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