Week 4 Rankings (2018): Top 15 Defenses

by Ray Kuhn

With three games under our belt we can begin to feel a little more confident in our judgments of both opposing offenses and fantasy defenses. Of course it is the NFL and things can, and should be expected to, change each week, but we can only go off of what we know… Or think we know. With that being said, let’s take a look at how your options rank for the upcoming week:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. NY Jets
  2. Green Bay Packers – vs. Buffalo
  3. Chicago Bears – vs. Tampa Bay
  4. Philadelphia Eagles – at Tenneseee
  5. LA Rams – vs. Minnesota
  6. Seattle Seahawks – at Arizona
  7. LA Chargers – vs. San Francisco
  8. Indianapolis Colts – vs. Houston
  9. Arizona Cardinals – vs. Seattle
  10. New England Patriots – vs. Miami
  11. Cleveland Browns – at Oakland
  12. Dallas Cowboys – vs. Detroit
  13. New York Jets – at Jacksonville
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Chicago
  15. San Francisco 49ers – at LA Chargers


  • Even though the Jaguars lost last week they only allowed nine points. Through three games they have allowed a total of 44 points with opposing offenses not being able to generate much of anything. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise the Jaguars entered the season as the top fantasy defense, but there will be some weeks where it might be worth paying up for them in DFS. Granted the margin of victory might be closer than expected against the Jets, but there is no reason not to expect the Jaguars’ defense to have success. Despite his opening day victory in Detroit, and 300-plus passing yards in Week 2, rookie quarterback Sam Darnold has had some growing pains. After he struggled against the Browns last week we should expect Darnold to have his share of difficulties against the Jaguars and their seven sacks.
  • If you really are looking to dig deep for a streaming option this week, why not take a look at the 49ers? Yes, the same San Francisco team that allowed the Chiefs to score 38 points against them last week and have given up a combined 83 points to begin the season. San Francisco has just two interceptions, but they do have seven sacks. At the same time, while we know that Phillip Rivers can move the ball through the air, the Chargers have allowed the eighth most points to opposing fantasy defenses so far this season.
  • Seattle isn’t the same defense they once were, but they still are a solid unit with a few key pieces leftover from the glory days. Through three games we haven’t seen Arizona show much in the way of any type of ability to move the ball, and this week they turn to rookie Josh Rosen. With a combined 58 points allowed, seven interceptions and eight sacks, the Seahawks shouldn’t have a problem feasting on Rosen.

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  1. Krysta says:

    14 Team, PPR Currently have New Eng…stay the course or trade in for Indy, New Orleans, KS City, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Tenn, Cleveland, Detroit or Jets?

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