Stat of the Day: Isaiah Crowell’s Deceptive 2018 (Sell High Candidate)

Stat of the Day:

Of Isaiah Crowell’s 390 rushing yards in 2018, 193 of them have come on three big runs…

Those runs came in Week 1 (62 yards) and Week 5 (77 and 54 yard runs).  What’s more intriguing his how “productive” he’s been on his other 54 carries he’s had this season:

  • Overall Yards/Carry – 6.8
  • Yards/Carry (without three runs of 50+ yards) – 3.6

The question is, when you think of dynamic runners who routinely break big runs is Crowell a name that comes to mind?  So far this season there have been two players with three runs of 40+ yards, Crowell and Saquan Barkley.

The Jets are going to continue to utilize Bilal Powell, with Crowell seemingly having a locked in role as the short yardage/goal line back.  That’s going to keep him on the FLEX spectrum, but don’t make the mistake of simply looking at the surface numbers and assuming he’s going to be even better than that each and every week.

Without the big play he’s been pedestrian, at best, and it’s not something that you should count on.  There’s value, in the right situation (and considering he’s banged up Week 6 isn’t that situation), but Crowell simply isn’t a player to trust.  If you can extract value out of him do it now, before the rest of your league mates figure that out.

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  1. Beans says:

    What’s up Professor? I’m sure you don’t get a lot of questions like this but who would you rather have ROS Will Lutz or Zurlien? I know Greg is out but for this question pretend he is healthy. Thank you

  2. Trevor says:

    Standard Crowell or peterson

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