Week 2 Rankings: Top 20 Tight Ends

It seems like a weekly tradition, with some surprising tight ends emerging to have big weeks.  The real question is, can they sustain it?  Let’s take a look if any of the Week 1 heroes find a spot in our rankings for the coming week:

  1. Dallas Clark – Indianapolis Colts – vs. New York Giants
  2. Vernon Davis – San Francisco 49ers – vs. New Orleans
  3. Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers – vs. Jacksonville
  4. Jason Witten – Dallas Cowboys – vs. Chicago
  5. Jermichael Finley – Green Bay Packers – vs. Buffalo
  6. Visanthe Shiancoe – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Miami
  7. Brent Celek – Philadelphia Eagles – at Detroit
  8. Chris Cooley – Washington Redskins – vs. Houston
  9. Zach Miller – Oakland Raiders – vs. St. Louis
  10. Tony Gonzalez – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Arizona
  11. Kellen Winslow – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Carolina
  12. Heath Miller – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Tennessee
  13. Greg Olsen – Chicago Bears – at Dallas
  14. John Carlson – Seattle Seahawks – at Denver
  15. Jermaine Gresham – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Baltimore
  16. Todd Heap – Baltimore Ravens – at Cincinnati
  17. Jeremy Shockey – New Orleans Saints – at San Francisco
  18. Dustin Keller – New York Jets – vs. New England
  19. Tony Sheffler – Detroit Lions – vs. Philadelphia
  20. Bo Scaife – Tennessee Titans – vs. Pittsburgh


  • The Saints got burned by Visanthe Shiancoe in Week 1.  Given the problems in San Francisco with Michael Crabtree, would it surprise anyone to see the team utilize Vernon Davis as their go to receiver?  As it is, he had eight catches in the first week of the season.
  • Detroit got torched for 362 passing yards in the opening week, though a lot of that came courtesy of Matt Forte.  I would think the Eagles will utilize a lot of screens and short passes, meaning Celek could be inline for a solid day regardless if it is Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick under center.
  • The Vikings offense looked “off” in general, though Brett Favre and Visanthe Shiancoe didn’t seem to have a problem.  He had four catches for 76 yards and a touchdown and should continue to be one of the go to guys with Sidney Rice out.
  • Chris Cooley looked like his old self, didn’t he?  You knew fantasy owners might regret sleeping on him, and it may not have taken too long.  He had six catches for 80 yards against the Cowboys.  After seeing the Colts utilize Dallas Clark against the Texans in Week 1, there’s a good chance the Redskins try to do the same thing.
  • Until Owen Daniels proves healthy and is worked back into a role in the offense, it’s impossible to trust him outside of the deepest of formats.
  • Marcedes Lewis and Tony Moeaki may be hot names on the waiver wire, but one big week from a tight end doesn’t mean much.  If they can repeat it, then things will change.
What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who’s too high?  Who’s too low?

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  1. Nick Tenaglia says:

    I think Brent Celek will have a solid week. If you read my prior comments regarding the insertion of Michael Vick (ie DeSean Jackson/Jeremy Maclin ranks rise; LeSean McCoy’s rank falls), then Brent Celek’s value should rise along with Jackson’s and Maclin’s. In any passing situation with Mike Vick three things will happen:
    1. Vick scrambles out of the pocket and it turns it into a run
    2. Vick scrambles out of the pocket avoiding a sack and turns it into a deep pass (broken coverage by DBs)
    3. Vick makes a smart QB move when he can’t find the open receiver and dumps it off to his safety valve (either the RB or the TE)

    Using the above scheme, Celek should see a lot of safety valve receptions – making him a great TE1 for any PPR leagues. He does also have a chance of making a red-zone catch for a TD.


    I think Dustin Keller’s rank needs to be pushed to something a little higher than 18 – at least top 15. He is a smarter play than Shockey, Heap, Gresham and Carlson. Keller had a terrible week 1, but no Jets receiver/tight end had a good week. That was a product of great defense by the Ravens. Keller presents a big mis-match for the New England defense. Given the Jets affinity to the run, the Patriots 3-4 defense should prepare for a lot of linebacker shifting. If the Jets were smart about it, they would run off the tackles and try to exploit the Pats weak OLBs and DEs. That being said, with the proposition of pounding the run at the OLBs, when Keller does get matched up against one of the OLBs on a pass play, he should be able to get open and possibly break off a long RAC. Keller has notiously been a weapon versus the Pats.

    In the Jets last 3 games vs the Pats, Keller has a total of 14 catches for 147 yds and 1 TD. In game 1 at NE in ’08 he had 8 catches for 87 yds (1st in Reception and Yds on NYJ). In game 2 at home he had 3 catches for 22 yds and 1 TD (only NYJ player with a TD catch). In game 3 at NE he had 3 catches for 38 yds (2nd on NYJ in Catches and Yds – 3rd in Targets).

    Looking at the basic stats its clear that he is not a TE1, but when you look at the context of the games you can see that when the Jets need to pass the ball (game 1) he becomes a huge threat. And looking at the Pats revamped offense, this may turn out to be a pass-heavy gameplan for the Jets.

  2. admin says:

    Nick, I agree that Celek should have a good day in Week 2 and your thought process is spot on. I’m just not sure I’d move him up much further then #7 right now. Maybe flipping him with Shiancoe, but that’s about it.

    As far as Keller goes, with the state of the Jets passing game, I just don’t trust any of their receivers/tight ends. Sanchez looked awful in Week 1, whether it was the defense or not. He just didn’t seem to trust his skills, nor did the Jets in the way they called the game. The matchup is solid, but if the QB can’t get him the ball, it’s a moot point. Until they prove me wrong, I just can’t trust him and certainly wouldn’t start him.

  3. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Yeah I agree with your reasoning on Keller. I actually have both him and Witten on my team – and Witten is the obvious choice every week. Keller is a boom or bust player this week, with the Week 1 signs pointing towards bust.

  4. NE doesn’t have the D Baltimore does. Keller has played well against Pats and Gresham scored last week. My gut says he plays well this week.

  5. Mike says:

    Watch for the Patriots Rob Gronkowski to start making regular appearances on this list in the weeks to come. This kid is gonna be good.

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