Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 3

Trying to decide who you should start or sit this week?  Let’s take a look at a few potential decisions owners have and try to sort through them:

Start – Clinton Portis – Washington Redskins – at St. Louis
Sit – Jamaal Charles – Kansas City Chiefs – vs. San Francisco

Those in FLEX formats can still use Charles, but the first two weeks have certainly hurt his value.  Thus far he has received just 22 carries (11 in each game), as the team appears committed to having him share time with Thomas Jones.  That makes him a tougher play, especially against a 49ers team that has allowed just 63.5 yards per game on the ground.  He can contribute in the passing game, but his value is still diminished.

Word is that the Redskins have already given up on Larry Johnson, just further entrenching Portis as the team’s main running back.  While Portis has not overwhelmed, if there was a week for him to get things going this would be it.  The Cardinals have allowed 153.0 yards per game over the first two weeks, so look for them to feed him the ball and try to finally get him on track.

Start – Tim Hightower – Arizona Cardinals – vs. Oakland
Sit – Shonn Greene – New York Jets – at Miami

It’s hard to imagine that Greene was actually going in the first round just a few weeks ago.  Now, he appears to have fallen behind LaDanian Tomlinson on the depth chart and is a tough play in all formats.

At this point we still don’t know if Beanie Wells will return or not, but it’s hard to picture him making a big impact even if he does.  He’s going to have to be worked slowly into the lineup, so Hightower should again see the bulk of the carries.  With the Raiders run defense struggling (140.0 yards/game) and Hightower putting up 169 yards and 2 TD over the first two games, he appears poised for another big day.

Start – Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles – at Jacksonville
Sit – Michael Crabtree – San Francisco 49ers – at Kansas City

The announcement that Michael Vick will again start for the Eagles should bring ease to fantasy owners.  He showed that he could pass the ball in Week 2 (21-34 for 284 yards and 3 TD) and faces the Jaguars, who have allowed the fourth most passing yards per game thus far this season.  Maclin has scored a TD in each of the first two games and could be in line for a solid game.

(This applies to those in leagues who require just two starting WR)  If your league requires three starting receivers, I’d probably still roll the dice with Crabtree.  Otherwise, you have to have become disenchanted with him by now.  Just three catches for 44 yards through two weeks?  Just leave him on your bench until he proves worth using.

Start – Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys – at Houston
Sit – Mike Wallace – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Tampa Bay

Wallace has the potential for the big play, but you need a quarterback in order to accomplish the feat.  Who exactly is going to be throwing the ball for the Steelers?  At this point, that’s anyone’s guess, and Wallace hasn’t performed well to date (4 catches for 87 yards).  The question marks just make him a tough play.

Bryant, meanwhile, has looked pretty good thus far in his rookie season.  The matchup with the Texans, who have been torched by the pass in the first two weeks, should put him in line for another strong performance.

Start – Brett Favre – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Detroit
Sit – Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears – vs. Green Bay

It’s hard to argue against Cutler, who has 649 yards, 5 TD and 1 INT thus far in 2010.  Of course, one of those games came against the Detroit Lions (third worst in the league, allowing 304.5 yards/game).  The other was against the Dallas Cowboys, a tougher matchup, but this week’s game against Green Bay will be the true test.  The Packers have allowed just 116.5 passing yards per game over the first two weeks, shutting down Philadelphia and Buffalo.  I know those aren’t tremendous offenses, but the numbers are certainly impressive.  The Bears receiving corps is still a little unproven, and the Packers rushing defense is significantly worse (136.5 yards/game).  Charles Woodson’s presence certainly has an impact.  (Obviously, this decision applies solely to one-quarterback formats).

Favre has been terrible, there’s just no way around that.  Still, with the Lions on the schedule you have to like his chances to have a strong week.  Detroit has been torched by Chicago and Philadelphia early on, so look for the Vikings to try and mimic their success.  With or without Percy Harvin, short passes to Adrian Peterson and utilizing Visante Shiancoe should be more then enough for Favre to succeed.

What are your thoughts on these decisions?  Who would you start?  Who would you sit?

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  1. Is this the week Favre actually looks like an NFL QB? Agree with all of your choices.

  2. LukeNukem says:

    I agree with your start/sits. My rankings for this week: Hightower (12) over Greene (30). Portis (11) over Charles (17). Maclin (22) over Crabtree (29). Favre (11) over Cutler (14).

    The Packers are pretty average against QBs so far, based on our matchup tool (, but that’s way skewed because it’s only been 2 weeks, and a chunk of Vick’s week 1 fantasy points came on the ground. Cutler’s mobile, but he’s not Vick-mobile. It’s hard to bench Cutler because he’s so hot right now, but this game should probably bring him down to Earth. I’m only starting him if my other QBs are Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman or worse.

  3. Eric says:

    Need some advice on the Houston receivers. I have Walters and Jones. Would it be a good game to start them both against the Cowboys?

  4. admin says:

    It’s always tough to depend on two players from the same team at the same position. The game could be a shootout, but that’s no guarantee. Who are your other options?

  5. Jaymz says:

    Need some help on who my second WR will be this week. I have Desean Jackson as my #1. My other options are Mike Sims-Walker, Hakeem Nicks, or Demaryius Thomas. I picked up Mario Mannigham last week in case Nicks couldn’t go, and plan on dropping him for another WR. Nate Washington, Eddie Royal, and Louis Murphy are all on waivers in my league. Of thoes six guys who do you like the best this week?

  6. admin says:

    Jaymz, I would go Nicks of those guys. He’s playing like a borderline WR1 and should again be in line for a strong day.

    Sims-Walker scares me and the Broncos are now talking about not having a clearcut #1 WR.

  7. Nick Tenaglia says:

    I aggree with admin. You’re best bet is Nicks, but if he can’t go then Louis Murphy might be worth taking a flier on. But if you’re in need of definite points, Eddie Royal should be solid (espeically if its PPR)

  8. Jaymz says:

    Hey thanks for the advice I’m a newbie at this and really appreciate the help, my reasoning for Simms-Walker was he he is playing Philly who I felt had a weak pass D. Compared to Nicks against the Titan’s Pass Def. which I thought was better. I guess I would just like to understand why you go with Nicks, just overall consistency? I also have another dilemma now, I have Gore, MJD, Arian Foster, and picked up Mike Tolbert this week who I guess is now starting with Matthews out. Which Three would you go with, I’m leaning towards Tolbert over Foster.

  9. admin says:

    Nicks just has the higher upside potential. The Jaguars are not a passing team, so I wouldn’t take the matchup into as much of the assessment.

    As for the RB, I wouldn’t go with Tolbert. I had Foster ranked above Mathews before the injury and given what he’s shown, there’s no reason to bench him now.

  10. Eric says:

    My WR’s are Hines Ward, Mike Crabtree, Nate Washington, Jones, and Walter. Crabtree is disappointing and I have no faith in Batch. I have Holmes but he won’t be an option until week 5. Leaves me with the 2 houston guys and Washington. It is a PPL. I might stick Crabtree back in but 2 week has given me 4 points total. Also is Homes worth holding on to or should I drop him to stash Keiland Williams to help my decimated RBs(have Matthews and had Grant)?

  11. admin says:

    Given your other receivers, I would keep Holmes. With that group, he has the potential to be an every week starter. If you want Williams, I’d consider dropping Washington.

    As for this week, Ward is an easy start, even with the QB concerns. He’s the best option you have. After that, I think you have to give Crabtree one more shot. He has the most potential out of any of your receivers, so you might as well roll the dice on him. I also like Jones over Walter, so I’d make him my third.

  12. Rodney says:

    Which def/st to start between the bears and the saints?

  13. Jason D says:

    I got J Charles stinking up my fantasy team at the flex position. I’m in a deep leauge. Do u think I should pick up C Buckhaulter, Thomas Jones or Peyton Hillis for a flex player this week instead?

  14. Eric says:

    Thanks for the advise.

  15. admin says:

    Out of the three you mentioned Hillis would be the best, but I wouldn’t make the move. While Charles’ struggles have certainly hurt, he has the most upside of any of the players you named and offers the best opportunity for you.

  16. All DaY LM says:

    hey have three running backs j.charles, l.mccoy, and D. williams. Dont no who to start, leaning on mccoy and williams,and having either M. Fllyod or Charles as a flex. Also should i start vick or farve. I need help!!!!!!!!

  17. Mike R. says:

    I have Cutler, Roddy White, Baltimore D, Akers, Ray Rice and Celek starting. They all have a WK8 bye. The only starters that will be playing WK8 are Steven Jackson and Miles Austin. I currently have Brandon Jackson, Jonathan Stewart, Beanie Wells, Mike Wallace, Dez Bryant, Sidney Rice and Demaryius Thomas. McNabb was recently released and is on waivers for Tues. Also H. Miller, Z. Miller and T. Moeaki are available right now. I can make a DEF and K decision Wk8 on a matchup/hot streak basis. My question is in a non-ppr league do I make decisions on picking up players now or wait until Wk6 or so? AND on Wk8 who do I drop to fill out my team? I am hoping I can keep all the studs but as it stands right now after Wk8 I may just have a new TE as Celek hasn’t cut it yet. Your thoughts, suggestions and ridicule for poor drafting are much appreciated.

  18. Rodney says:

    I need help. Don’t know which defense/special teams to start this week, the Bears or the Saints. Also should i start kicker Bironas or Gould.

  19. admin says:

    OK, let’s take these one at a time:

    All Day LM – I’d definitely go with McCoy & Williams at your RB spot. Charles is a risk, but I would think he still has more upside over Floyd. When you have two players who are close, I would go with the RB. He could get hot on the ground and also should be a factor in the passing game. As for the QB, it’s Vick all the way for me.

    Mike R., there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead, assuming you have guys that you don’t mind dropping. That’s the major question. Don’t drop someone who you may use now, in order to think about 5 weeks down the road. If you didn’t do it while you were drafting, there shouldn’t be any change at this point. I think the TE that are available are all on the some footing, so if they are available now, you’ll probably be able to get one later (if you see one or two of them go, that’s a different story). McNabb is intriguing, so he’s the one I would consider making a move on, depending what other QB are on your waiver wire. As for Celek, don’t give up just yet. It’s only two games.

    Rodney – Chicago vs. Green Bay is a tough matchup. I’d go New Orleans. As for the kicker, I’d go Bironas.

  20. kyle says:

    Need help with recovers start percey harvin, demeryus Thomas, lee evens or mike Williams sea. already have d Jackson as my #1 just do.t want to but up another 0 on the 2nd

  21. jonny says:

    ochocinco or steve smith (NYG)?

  22. admin says:

    Kyle – I certainly wouldn’t go Evans and I’m not big on Williams. Thomas could be involved in a shootout with Indianapolis, but the Broncos are looking to spread the ball around. That leaves us with Harvin, who is a big risk, but also has the highest reward. If you want to gamble, he’s my guy, but if you want to play it safe I’d go Thomas.

    Jonny – Ochocinco by a lot. I have him as a Top 10 WR this week.

  23. bt says:

    Santana Moss or Mike Sims-Walker

  24. Pat Newton says:

    Hines Ward, Dwayne Bowe,Steve Breaston, and Demaryius Thomas are my receivers other than Fitzgerald. Which two should I go with?

  25. Mike R. says:


  26. All DaY LM says:

    hey again, have more qustions leaning toward doing a d williams 4 ochocinco trade. Just accepted a m lewis and m fllyod 4 P thomas. Have 4 good running backs and only 2 good wide out should i do it.

  27. admin says:

    I know D. Williams is struggling, but he was a 1st round pick. It’s not terrible, depending on the rest of your team, but you may be able to go for a higher upside WR. What other RB/WR do you have?

  28. All DaY LM says:

    Andre johnson
    Wes welker
    Mike Williams

    Pierre Thomas
    Jamaal Charles
    LeSean McCoy
    Deangalo Williams
    also just picked up Ken Darbs

  29. admin says:

    Hmmm…. It’s tough, especially with Thomas currently hurting right now. If he is forced to miss any time, you’d be leaving yourself awfully thin at RB. Are there any WR available on the waiver wire?

  30. All DaY LM says:

    Branch Evans or Hester are the top 3

  31. All DaY LM says:

    also r parrish, d amendola, b hartline, heyward bay, or j morgan, or j gaffney

  32. All DaY LM says:

    I also just found l. naanee, James Jones, Devone Bess, and J cotchery they were all way down

  33. admin says:

    I like Naanee as a third WR, and think Jones/Gaffney/Bess could be usable from week-to-week. There’s enough there that, with the injury concerns with Thomas, I wouldn’t go crazy and make a trade quite yet. Once Thomas proves healthy, then I’d shop Williams, Thomas or Charles and see what WR you can get.

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