Week 3 Rankings: Top 60 Wide Receivers

Injuries will play a potentially big role this week, not just to wide receivers but to corner backs as well.  Let’s take a look at how things currently stand (these will updated later in the week, if necessary):

  1. Miles Austin – Dallas Cowboys – at Houston
  2. Andre Johnson – Houston Texans – vs. Dallas
  3. DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles – at Jacksonville
  4. Randy Moss – New England Patriots – vs. Buffalo
  5. Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers – at Chicago
  6. Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts – at Denver
  7. Chad Ochocinco – Cincinnati Bengals – at Carolina
  8. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals – vs. Oakland
  9. Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons – at New Orleans
  10. Brandon Marshall – Miami Dolphins – vs. New York Jets
  11. Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions – at Minnesota
  12. Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints – vs. Atlanta
  13. Anquan Boldin – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cleveland
  14. Hakeem Nicks – New York Giants – vs. Tennessee
  15. Wes Welker – New England Patriots – vs. Buffalo
  16. Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers – vs. Cincinnati
  17. Terrell Owens – Cincinnati Bengals – at Carolina
  18. Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs – vs. San Francisco
  19. Santana Moss – Washington Redskins – at St. Louis
  20. Percy Harvin – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Detroit
  21. Donald Driver – Green Bay Packers – at Chicago
  22. Hines Ward – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Tampa Bay
  23. Pierre Garcon – Indianapolis Colts – at Denver
  24. Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles – at Jacksonville
  25. Steve Smith – New York Giants – vs. Tennessee
  26. Johnny Knox – Chicago Bears – vs. Green Bay
  27. Malcolm Floyd – Seattle Chargers – at Seattle
  28. Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos – vs. Indianapolis
  29. Bernard Berrian – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Detroit
  30. Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys – at Houston
  31. Mark Clayton – St. Louis Cardinals – vs. Washington
  32. Michael Crabtree – San Francisco 49ers – at Kansas City
  33. Legedu Naanee – San Diego Chargers – at Seattle
  34. Mike Sims-Walker – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Philadelphia
  35. Lee Evans – Buffalo Bills – at New England
  36. Jerricho Cotchery – New York Jets – at Miami
  37. Jacoby Jones – Houston Texans – vs. Dallas
  38. Austin Collie – Indianapolis Colts – at Denver
  39. Robert Meachem – New Orleans Saints – vs. Atlanta
  40. Steve Breaston – Arizona Cardinals – vs. Oakland
  41. Mike Wallace – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Tampa Bay
  42. Mike Thomas – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Philadelphia
  43. Louis Murphy – Oakland Raiders – at Arizona
  44. Eddie Royal – Denver Broncos – vs. Indianapolis
  45. Mario Manningham – New York Giants – vs. Tennessee
  46. Devin Aromashodu – Chicago Bears – vs. Green Bay
  47. Davone Bess – Miami Dolphins – vs. New York Jets
  48. Derrick Mason – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cleveland
  49. Braylon Edwards – New York Jets – at Miami
  50. Roy Williams – Dallas Cowboys – at Houston
  51. Kevin Walter – Houston Texans – vs. Dallas
  52. T.J. Houshmandzadeh – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cleveland
  53. Laurent Robinson – St. Louis Rams – vs. Washington
  54. Devery Henderson – New Orleans Saints – vs. Atlanta
  55. Mike Williams – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. Pittsburgh
  56. Nate Burleson – Detroit Lions – at Minnesota
  57. Mohamed Massaquoi – Cleveland Browns – at Baltimore
  58. Justin Gage – Tennessee Titans – at New York Giants
  59. Chris Chambers – Kansas City Chiefs – vs. San Francisco
  60. Devin Hester – Chicago Bears – vs. Green Bay


  • The Texans have allowed a pair of 400+ yard passing performances already this season.  Considering what Miles Austin has done over his last 14 regular season games (96 receptions, 1,527 yards, 11 TD), the matchup appears to scream for another big week.
  • I know Antonio Cromartie looked good filling in for Darrelle Revis in the second half against Randy Moss, but it’s not going to be easy to replicate that performance.  Brandon Marshall will likely be the benefactor, and consider him a WR1 for the upcoming week.
  • Speaking of Moss, after being held down in Week 2, is there any doubt that he’s going to come out with something to prove this week?
  • With Minnesota’s ability to stifle the run, the Lions may opt to try to beat them by passing the ball.  They’ll keep Jahvid Best involved, most likely, but Calvin Johnson is always going to be the main target.  Of course, the quarterback play is going to influence just how good he could be.  With just eight catches and under 100 yards through the first two weeks, it’s hard to get excited.
  • If Percy Harvin was healthy, he’d likely be a top option for the coming week.  Unfortunately, he’s a wild card, which means he’s going to start off as a WR2 with the potential for more depending on the news this week.
  • At this point there’s no questioning who the top receiver for the Giants is, and the answer isn’t Steve Smith (despite leading the team in receptions with nine).  Hakeem Nicks already has four TDs on the season on only six receptions.  It’s hard to overlook him.
  • Demaryious Thomas showed just how good he is in his NFL debut, unfortunately he’s not likely to have a repeat performance in his second game.  After the Giants tried to go with the pass and got blown out, look for the Broncos to utilize Knowshon Moreno and the run to try and stay in the game.  Still, eventually, they are likely to have to go to the air to keep up.
  • Champ Bailey’s ankle injury certainly affects the ranking of Reggie Wayne.  If Bailey is out, Wayne is probably a Top 5 choice.  For now, we’ll put him just outside, but the news throughout the week will determine his ultimate value.  If Bailey is out, it snowballs to Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie.  The cornerbacks each move up a spot, meaning the secondary receivers likely get even better matchups.  Peyton Manning could pick them apart.
  • Will Percy Harvin play or not?  It’s impossible to tell, which makes it tough to get a good gauge of his potential value for the upcoming week.  If he were healthy, he’d be a good play.  Unfortunately, his spot on the rankings is tenuous, at best.
  • There’s no questioning the struggles of Bernard Berrian, but if Harvin is out, you would have to think he’d be in line for a solid performance.
  • Santana Moss and Donovan McNabb have quickly gotten on the same page.  Moss had 70 catches all of last season, only twice having more then six receptions.  He already has 16 catches, including a 10 catch performance in Week 2.  Throw in a favorable matchup with the Rams and he’s a solid WR2 this week.
  • After being shutout in Week 1, Mike Sims-Walker exploded for 10 catches for 105 yards and 1 TD in Week 2.  It’s hard to imagine him replicating those numbers, so I’d keep him as a WR3 this week.
  • Is it time to panic regarding Michael Crabtree?  Not yet, but you certainly would be justified in being a bit nervous.  He’s shown absolutely nothing thus far and while the Chiefs are among the worst passing defenses in the league (253 yards per game), it’s impossible to trust him as anything more then a WR3.
  • Malcolm Floyd is coming off a 95 yard, 1 TD performance and draws the Seattle Seahawks (259 yards per game) in Week 3.  They are tied for tenth in the league, having allowed six passing plays of 20+ yards, so there appears to be opportunity for him to make a big play or two.
  • There are quarterback questions in Pittsburgh, which makes you wonder what Mike Wallace, Hines Ward and company are capable of this week.  We’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out, but keep that in mind as you prepare your roster for the week.
  • Will Braylon Edwards play after being arrested for DWI on Tuesday morning?  Early word is he’ll dress but not start (at least).  Jerricho Cotchery appears to be the safe bet among Jets wide receivers for the coming week, for whatever that means.

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  1. mogli says:

    Well Kellen Winslow is my TE. I know hes the team best Reciever but i would like to pick another TE from waiver wire and Keller from NYJ is been taken so i m wondering u can help me with that i really need to pickup a RB from waiver wire. Right now i have Brandon jackson, jamal charles and jerome harrison and they all doing bad i kno that good thing is i have good WR and QB LOL.

  2. Nick Tenaglia says:


    If you want TE help look at Aaron Hernandez (NE), Maeoki (KC) or Todd Heap (BAL). All three of these guys are not phenominal TE1s every week, but they all should see a good number of targets from their QBs, making them solid TE2/matchup plays.

    As far as RB is concerned, we have no idea who is available in your league. However, Jamaal Charles should eventually present himself as a RB1 – either Thomas Jones gets injured or loses his spot as the #1 RB in KC – and once Charles gets enough carries he should be pretty explosive from week-to-week. If you have Jerome Harrison you may want to grab Peyton Hillis if he is available – its the natural handcuff. Lastly, I don’t know if its time to give up on Brandon Jackson – granted I am not the high on him to begin with – however you may be able to make a play for CJ Spiller while he is still at a low value. Currently he is putting up awful numbers due to his lack of carries, but just like Jamaal Charles from last year, once he gets his opportunity to shine – which should happen in the 2nd half of this season – then he will start producing good numbers each week.

  3. admin says:

    mogli, as Nick pointed out, can you give us an idea of who is available on the waiver wire? That would go a long way in helping give an assestment of what you should do.

  4. mogli says:

    payton hill, Donald brown, marion barber,jason snelling, mike tolbert, lynch, and K-wiilima Redskins RB. all of these RB are avaliable in the waiver wire. for TE, hernendez, Owen daniels, john carlston, and topp heap all these TE are avaliable right now as well. so plz tell me which TE and RB to pick. i do have welker as my WR so i m iffy to pick TE from same team. and i had enough with jerome harrison. so plz reply and let me kno thxx aloot

  5. Nick Tenaglia says:

    wow I am good! I already told you who to pick up before you even told me who was available.

    So as I said before, take Peyton Hillis and Aaron Hernandez. I don’t know if you follow the Patriots or not (or if you check Rotoworld news), but Kevin Faulk (the Pats 3rd Down RB) is done for the season, and there are talks that Hernandez is now going to see even more snaps than he usually has been (roughly 55%). Meaning that Hernandez is going to turn into more of a H-back role (see: Cooley, Chris and/or Clark, Dallas). For TE, its not even a question – you should instantly pick him up and start him every week until further notice

  6. D Hudson says:

    Im completely stacked but two weeks in a row im starting the wrong players, advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Need 3 WR’s

    Anquan Boldin, Demaryius Thomas, Mike Sims-Walker, Malcolm Floyd, Jeremy Maclin

    Need 1 RB (CJ is my other starter)

    Darren McFadden, Ahmad Bradshaw, Clinton Portis (v Rams is tempting), Jamaal Charles

  7. admin says:

    mogli, Nick’s assesment certainly is good. I would also consider Williams, though only if you are not a believer in Clinton Portis.

    D Hudson: The RB is easy this week, I’d definitely go McFadden

    As for the WR, I’d go Boldin & Maclin for sure. The final one is a coin flip between Floyd & Thomas, but with the Broncos looking to spread the ball around more, I’d go Floyd.

  8. mogli says:

    thx alot man, hernendez here i come just dropped jerome lol and i will wait for peyton cuz they gonna play against ravens and they r very good aginst the run. and who should i start louis murphy or steve smith NYG in week 3. sorry askin alot here lol

  9. Schnizen says:

    How do you have Kevin Walter listed below Aromashodu? It has been acknowledged that the only reason he was productive in week 1 was because they had him in the slot but he isn’t comfortable and will only be running the outside – meaning more and more of the lack of appearance he had last week. With the cowboy’s D focusing on Andre, K Walter’s going to have a nice game

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