Waiver Worthy Week 4: Buy ‘Em or Deny ‘Em

There were some surprising performances from Week 3, but does that mean the players are worth owning?  Let’s take a look:

Peyton Hillis – Running Back – Cleveland Browns
He’s been sharing time with Jerome Harrison, but with Harrison out yesterday with a thigh problem Hillis had a huge day against a very good Baltimore defense.  He had 22 carries for 144 yards and 1 TD, while adding seven receptions for 36 yards.  Now, with Harrison having not yet done anything to emerge as an every down back (85 yards over the first two weeks) you have to wonder if Hillis has taken control of the job.  The situation should play itself out quickly, but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get him stashed in all formats.
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Running Back – New England Patriots
The Laurence Maroney trade and the injury to Kevin Faulk have left several voids in the Patriots backfield.  Green-Ellis took advantage of his opportunity to pick up the slack, rushing for 98 yards on 16 carries, as well as scoring a touchdown.  While many other players received a carry (eight in total), no one else had more then six.  If that’s going to continue, Green-Ellis is going to be the back worth owning in New England.  We know the Patriots offense is going to be driven by the pass, but as you can see by this game, that doesn’t mean their running backs won’t have value.  He’s worth grabbing if you are in need of some depth at the position, though he is no guarantee to be an every week provider (just see what Fred Taylor has done thus far).
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

Matt Cassel – Quarterback – Kansas City Chiefs
He had been awful heading into Week 3, with just 244 yards and 1 TD.  With the Chiefs improving to 3-0, you would think that the quarterback would be leading the way and he showed signs of improvement.  He went 16-27 for 250 yards, 3 TD and 1 INT.  He spread the ball around, with touchdowns to Dexter McCluster, Dwayne Bowe and Tony Moeaki.  The thing is, how much better then this do we really think he can be?  In fact, the offense is so run driven, with Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles, you could argue that it’s highly unlikely that he has many opportunities to throw three touchdowns again.  In two-quarterback formats he has value, but those in one-quarterback leagues can safely ignore him.
Verdict – Deny ‘Em (outside of two-quarterback formats)

Lance Moore – Wide Receiver – New Orleans Saints
He exploded for 6 receptions, 149 yards and 2 TD, far exceeding what he had done over the first two weeks of the season.  Is he going to fill the role of Reggie Bush or was this just an aberration?  It’s impossible to expect this type of performance very often.  He’s a big-play guy, who had an 80-yard TD yesterday buoying his statistics.  There are so many options in New Orleans, it’s hard to trust him outside of the deepest of formats.
Verdict – Deny ‘Em

Roy Williams – Wide Receiver – Dallas Cowboys
Is he the #2 or #3 receiver in Dallas?  It certainly appears like Dez Bryant has passed him, as Williams has failed miserably to live up to the expectations.  However, maybe becoming a forgotten man will allow him to operate easier and begin contributing in the Dallas offense.  He had seven catches for 74 yards over the first two weeks, and added five catches for 112 yards and two touchdowns in Week 3.  It certainly appears like the Cowboys are going to be a pass-dominated offense, with 935 yards over the first three weeks, as compared to 240 rushing yards.  He’s not going to be a good play every week, but he’s worth owning as a depth option.
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

Kevin Boss – Tight End – New York Giants
He missed time over the first two weeks due to a concussion, so it certainly was nice to see him contribute offensively.  He had three catches for 88 yards this week has the potential to be viable in any given week.  If you need a tight end, he’s certainly worth considering from week-to-week.  Of course, depending on your league, he’s probably no better then many of the other options (i.e. Tony Moeaki).  It’s an unpredictable position, so you’re better off leaving him on the waiver wire until you need him.
Verdict – Deny ‘Em

Roscoe Parrish – Wide Receiver – Buffalo Bills
The Bills passing attack is certainly nothing to brag about, and the fact that they exploded this week is more telling about the Patriots passing defense then anything else.  Five catches for 83 yards just isn’t going to happen often and there’s no way to trust him right now.  If your not going to consider using him, why would you want to own him?
Verdict – Deny ‘Em

Bruce Gradkowski – Quarterback – Oakland Raiders
He was pretty good, assuming starting duties over Jason Campbell and had his team in position to win (Sebastian Janikowski missed a short field goal as time expired).  However, he just doesn’t have the weapons to be a consistent starting quarterback in any format.  In fact, there’s no guarantee that he even maintains his starting spot.  As a backup in two-quarterback formats then sure, otherwise he’s not worth it.
Verdict – Deny ‘Em

Brandon Lloyd – Wide Receiver – Denver Broncos
The Broncos are not likely to have one main receiver, making it tough to lean on any one guy from to week-to-week.  Similar to the Bears, it appears that anyone from their receiving corps could get hot and become the go-to guy.  Lloyd was big this week, picking up six receptions for 169 yards and 1 TD.  He has been a solid player all year, though this game did almost match his performance over the first two weeks (8 receptions for 170 yards).  The fact is, the Broncos did go extremely pass heavy this week (Orton threw for 476 yards), especially with Knowshon Moreno out.  He’s ownable in deeper formats, but otherwise it’s tough to trust him from week-to-week given the instability at the position.  However, his strong start to the season makes it tough to ignore.
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

Jabar Gaffney – Wide Receiver – Denver Broncos
See the above for Lloyd, though he hasn’t been as good in the first two weeks (5 receptions, 49 yards, 1 TD).  He exploded for 12 receptions for 140 yards this week and there is a major difference between him and Lloyd…  Gaffney has more potential.  Considered a big-time sleeper prior to the season, he could set career highs across the board this year.  If I had my pick between the two, he’s probably the more likely to succeed long-term.
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

What are your thoughts on these players?  Who would you pick up?  Who would you avoid?

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    1. Jaymz says:

      I have a guy in my league who is offering a trade for Arian Foster. He is willing to give me Lesean McCoy, Roddy White, Raven’s D, and Ronnie Brown or Deangelo Williams. I really need a Defense and a #2 WR, and feel McCoy will produce comprable to Foster. Would you do this deal?

    2. admin says:

      Honestly, I would do that in a heartbeat (without knowing the rest of your roster).

      You are getting one of the better defenses in the league…
      You are getting a very good WR who has the ability to produce as a WR1…
      You are getting a back in McCoy who can be every bit as good as Foster, if not better…
      Plus, you are getting another RB who you can throw into your roster in any given week, if need be…

      It’s a no-brainer. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

    3. Jaymz says:

      That is how I looked at it, I guess I just needed some reassurance that McCoy was going to be that good. My other two starting RB are MJD and Gore. He wanted Gore initially but I wasen’t going to give him up. I would have actually preffered giving MJD due to his lack of production, but he wasen’t interested in him. Honestly I can’t blame him. My team should be well rounded now

    4. Rikus says:

      Jaymz, do you play in a 4-team league?

    5. Keith says:

      I originally drafted Jabar Gaffney. Then dropped him for Demetrious Thomas. Who is the better WR to have?

    6. admin says:

      It really is going to be a toss up from week-to-week, but I think Thomas has the higher upside.

    7. Nick Tenaglia says:

      which team has the worse tandem of fantasy receivers?
      New Orleans with Colston, Moore, Meachem and Henderson
      or Denver with Gaffney, Royal, Thomas and Lloyd

      From week to week any of these players could go off for 100+ yds and a TD (see: Lance Moore, Brandon Lloyd) and the #1 or #2 option could get only 25 yds (see: Marques Colston, Eddie Royal)

      Granted, if you could just own the TEAM’s Wide Receivers then you would be golden, but from week-to-week its a toss up

    8. Jaymz says:

      No there are actually 8 in my league. This is the first year for 7/8 of us. I guess I drafted and picked up players based on the numbers compared to most of the other guys who seem to go by their “gut” or who they really just like as players. Belive it or not I lost last week and only got 70pts.! I have a feeling the rest of the season will be a different story now. This site has helped me tremendously!

    9. Mike says:

      I need some opinions… I’m in desperate need of a RB2. Who do you think is the better option between Green-Ellis, Maroney, and Ivory? I know I’m really grasping at straws here, but let me know who you like.

    10. Bunny says:

      Would you drop Spiller for Green-Ellis? Also, I’ve got Favre (E. Manning is my QB1). How long do I need to hold out for him to produce? Would you drop him for Cassel for QB2?

    11. kyle says:

      Need help just got trade.offer… I would be giving up mjd and Percy harvin for Matt forte and Steve smith Carolina……my other backs are Ronnie brown and Tim hightower and receivers are desean jackson, lee evans, devery Henderson, and demaryius Thomas…….would I.gain anything with this trade I have yet to get a win this season………

      I’m also considering trying to trade Vernon Davis and maybe one other receiver for payton hillis….my other te is Mercedes Lewis

    12. admin says:

      Let’s take these one at a time:

      Mike – I would probably go Green-Ellis, because he has the best shot at emerging as a usable option. Maroney is going to be behind Knowshon Moreno, long-term. Ivory is behind Pierre Thomas. While the Patroits are a pass-oriented team, if Green-Ellis emerges as the RB1 (over Fred Taylor) he will have value.

      Bunny – No way I’m dropping Favre for Cassel, just keep the faith! As for Spiller/Green-Ellis, that’s an interesting call, but I’d probably go with Green-Ellis at this point. Spiller has a long way to go to become usable, and he may not get there this season.

      kyle – I definitely wouldn’t make the deal, because I’m not sure it’s a huge improvement. While MJD may not have produced yet, that’s a much bigger downgrade at RB then an improvement at WR. I’d keep the status quo for now and see if you can get a better offer.

    13. Brandon says:

      I am having a very tough time picking the right recievers to start week in and week out. I don’t have a true number one and I’m having to pick based on matchup’s. What do you think my best options are.. I have Steve Smith(NYG), Marques Colston, Austin Collie, and Mark Clayton. I have tabbed Austin Collie as a must start right now, but out of the others Smith and Colston haven’t done uch and well Clayton has been the better option but can that continue. Colston and Steve Smith are suppose to be WR1 for their teams they just play in offenses with alot fo weapons and pass distribution.

    14. Nick Tenaglia says:


      I would say after this week, you try and trade Smith and Colston for Miles Austin 2-for-1…. a combo of Collie and Austin would be sick.
      However, between Smith and Colston I would go Colston. We know that Brees likes to throw to everybody, but history has shown that his favorite target is Colston. Really I would look to the waiver wire and try to get someone due for a blow-up week – Louis Murphy should see a lot of action in a shootout vs HOU; look at Miami’s receivers (Bess and Hartline) vs the Patriots; look at the Bears receivers (Hester is probably available. maybe Knox if you’re lucky)

    15. W.T. says:

      I’m hurting at RB. I drafted Knownshon Moreno, DeAngelo Williams, and LT in a 2 RB and 1 Flex leauge. I’ve been able to trade for and/or pickup off waivers Cadillac Williams and Mike Tolbert. Right now, I’m ok in terms of at least having enough guys to rotate, but I’m not getting good really strong production from anybody and with the bye weeks coming, I feel like I need to make some moves. I could probably put some pieces together to acquire another 2nd string back that someone isn’t currently playing. Any suggestions?

    16. admin says:

      Brandon – I agree with Nick’s pick of Colston of the guys you have. It’s tough when you are in a situation like that, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Saints come up and look to stick it to Carolina fast.

      W.T., how many team’s are the league and who else do you have that you can offer?

    17. W.T. says:

      12 team league.

      I’ve had a trade offered to me – McFadden for Antonio Gates. I turned it down.

      The rest of the team:

      Aaron Rodgers
      Mark Sanchez
      Reggie Wayne
      Hakeem Nicks
      Dwayne Bowe
      Antonio Gates
      Chris Cooley
      Nate Washington

    18. Brandon says:

      12 Team League. I start Schaub, Mendenhall, Michael Turner, Collie, Colston, Carlson at TE this week,lesean mcCoy in Flex. Gould for K, and Seattle D this week.

      My bench

      Tomlinson,Green-Ellis, Steve Smith, Mark Clayton, Jason Witten, Carson Palmer as Backup QB right now, and New England D..

    19. mogli says:

      Hi i need to know which WR to start this week. My WR are
      Welker, reggie wayne, mark clayton, steve smith (NYG),louis murphy. i can start Three WR and other one gonna be WR/RB/T. basically i can start 4 WR since my RB SUCK big time. Do u i think i should purpose a trade for Peterson for REGGIE AND Dustin keller or if u have any trade option that will be awesome THX ALOT.

    20. ali says:

      Hi, I need to pick up a decent RB off the free agents. J Kuhn, d mccluster, l blount. Those are basically the best thats available. Which Guy will probably prove to be the best? Thanks!

    21. admin says:

      WT – Depending on your league there are probably other TE available on the waiver wire. I’m not sure I’d trade Gates, but maybe you can package Cooley and a RB for an improvement there. It really depends on if you can find a team with an extra RB that has a need at TE

      ali – I have to think Blount is the best bet. He’s the one with a chance to earn RB1 status on his team, so he’s worth rolling the dice on.

    22. Will says:

      Brandon Lloyd or Gaffney? And should either of them start in a 2 RB/WR 1 flex league over Laurence Maroney? (other RB are Addai, Burner Turner)and (Other WR Louis Murphy and Colston)

    23. admin says:

      Of the two, I’d go Lloyd as he has been the better option thus far this season. IT’s a toss-up, though, as to if he outperforms Maroney. Once we know for sure that Moreno is going to be out, we can get a better feel. My guess, however, with how pass happy they’ve been, is that I’d rather go with the WR.

    24. Brandon says:

      So I offered a trade in my league.. Tomlinson, Green-Ellis, Austin Collie, Mark Clayton, and Jason Witten for Steven Jackson, Greg Jennings, Sanatana Moss, and Zach Miller. The guy is slim on RB’s to start and well he has Jackson and Best who could both miss this week. I can afford to store him as I’m RB heavy. Also he has Maclin, Roy Williams and would be getting 2 more overproducing WR’s that I think he’ll eat up plus and upgrade at TE. Does anyone agree/ reject this??

    25. Angela says:

      I have Ray Rice (?able, but practiced Friday), Green-Ellis and Forsett. Which 2 of 3 should I go with, in your opinions? Thx!

    26. admin says:

      Angela, I would go Rice and Green-Ellis. I know Rice has been banged up and draws a tough matchup, but it appears like he’s going to play and he had success against the Steelers in 2010.

      With Fred Taylor officially ruled out, Green-Ellis has the potential to be just as productive as he was in Week 3. He also has less competition for carries then Forsett does.

    27. BleedPowderBlue says:

      I have two flex spots open and need a little advice on who to start there.. pick two please: Darren sproles, T.O. Mike williams(SEA), Stephen williams, Brad Smith

    28. admin says:

      I would go T.O. for sure

      For the other spot, it depends on how big of a gambler you are. Mike Williams is probably the safer option, but I think Stephen Williams has the higher upside to produce. If you are a risk taker, which I tend to be, I’d go Stephen Williams for the second spot.

      Go big or go home, right?

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