Week 4 Rankings: Top 60 Wide Receivers

Let’s take a look at how I currently have the wide receivers ranked heading into Week 4 (these will be updated later in the week if news necessitates it):

  1. Brandon Marshall – Miami Dolphins – vs. New England
  2. DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Washington
  3. Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts – at Jacksonville
  4. Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers – vs. Detroit
  5. Andre Johnson – Houston Texans – at Oakland
  6. Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons – vs. San Francisco
  7. Randy Moss – New England Patriots – at Miami
  8. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals – at San Diego
  9. Chad Ochocinco – Cincinnati Bengals – at Cleveland
  10. Wes Welker – New England Patriots – at Miami
  11. Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions – at Green Bay
  12. Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers – at New Orleans
  13. Donald Driver – Green Bay Packers – vs. Detroit
  14. Austin Collie – Indianapolis Colts – at Jacksonville
  15. Hakeem Nicks – New York Giants – vs. Chicago
  16. Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints – vs. Carolina
  17. Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Washington
  18. Anquan Boldin – Baltimore Ravens – at Pittsburgh
  19. Terrell Owens – Cincinnati Bengals – at Cleveland
  20. Johnny Knox – Chicago Bears – at New York Giants
  21. Steve Smith – New York Giants – vs. Chicago
  22. Hines Ward – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Baltimore
  23. Santana Moss – Washington Redskins – at Philadelphia
  24. Malcolm Floyd – San Diego Chargers – vs. Arizona
  25. Mark Clayton – St. Louis Rams – vs. Seattle
  26. Braylon Edwards – New York Jets – at Buffalo
  27. Michael Crabtree – San Francisco 49ers – at Atlanta
  28. Mike Sims-Walker – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Indianapolis
  29. Louis Murphy – Oakland Raiders – vs. Houston
  30. Devin Hester – Chicago Bears – at New York Giants
  31. Mario Manningham – New York Giants – vs. Chicago
  32. Legedu Naanee – San Diego Chargers – vs. Arizona
  33. Kevin Walter – Houston Texans – at Oakland
  34. Davone Bess – Miami Dolphins – vs. New England
  35. Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos – at Tennessee
  36. Lance Moore – New Orleans Saints – vs. Carolina
  37. Pierre Garcon – Indianapolis Colts – at Jacksonville
  38. Brandon Lloyd – Denver Broncos – at Tennessee
  39. Mike Wallace – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Baltimore
  40. Stephen Williams – Arizona Cardinals – at San Diego
  41. Jacoby Jones – Houston Texans – at Oakland
  42. Jabar Gaffney – Denver Broncos – at Tennessee
  43. Nate Washington – Tennessee Titans – vs. Denver
  44. Laurent Robinson – St. Louis Rams – vs. Seattle
  45. Lee Evans – Buffalo Bills – vs. New York Jets
  46. Mohamed Massaquoi – Cleveland Browns – vs. Cincinnati
  47. Mike Thomas – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Indianapolis
  48. Justin Gage – Tennessee Titans – vs. Denver
  49. Mike Williams – Seattle Seahawks – at St. Louis
  50. Josh Morgan – San Francisco 49ers – at Atlanta
  51. Eddie Royal – Denver Broncos – at Tennessee
  52. Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans – vs. Denver
  53. Robert Meachem – New Orleans Saints – vs. Carolina
  54. Jordan Shipley – Cincinnati Bengals – at Cleveland
  55. Derrick Mason – Baltimore Ravens – at Pittsburgh
  56. Jerricho Cotchery – New York Jets – at Buffalo
  57. T.J. Houshmandzadeh – Baltimore Ravens – at Pittsburgh
  58. Devery Henderson – New Orleans Saints – vs. Carolina
  59. Nate Burleson – Detroit Lions – at Green Bay
  60. Earl Bennett – Chicago Bears – at New York Giants


  • The New England secondary is certainly a weakness.  With Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne finally getting onto the same page against the Jets (without Darrelle Revis), he could be in store for another big game.  He is coming off a 10 catch, 166 yard, 1 TD day and the Patriots have allowed 7 TD through the air this season.  The difference between him, Greg Jennings and Reggie Wayne?  He doesn’t have as much competition for catches.
  • Would it surprise anyone to see the Giants and Bears game breakdown into a shootout?  Hakeem Nicks had the big three touchdown game in Week 1, but has yet to post a 100 yard game.  Steve Smith and Eli Manning finally looked like it was 2009 again, with a 9 catch, 103 yard day.  Sooner or later he’s going to find the end zone.  While Nicks remains the Giants top receiver, Smith is not far behind now.
  • Miami may have allowed just 193.3 passing yards per game thus far, but they also faced the Bills and a struggling Vikings team the first two weeks.  Against the Jets in Week 3, they allowed Mark Sanchez to throw for 256 yards and 3 TD.  I wouldn’t downgrade Randy Moss or Wes Welker for the upcoming week due to the matchup.  The fact that Moss has just nine catches is a different story, but at least he has three touchdowns.
  • Will Derek Anderson ever get himself on track?  He’s certainly the reason for Larry Fitzgerald currently not at the level we envisioned preseason.  Eventually, you have to think Fitzgerald is going to erupt, however.
  • Can Calvin Johnson get open against Charles Woodson?  It’s certainly tough to count on.
  • If the Panthers had a QB we could count on, Steve Smith would be a WR1 this week against the Saints.  Of course, it appears Jimmy Claussen will again be the starter.  That means Smith is more of a WR2, but still a must use option.
  • Anquan Boldin erupted for 8 catches for 142 yards and 3 TD in Week 3 against the Browns.  Unfortunately, it’s not Cleveland he’s going to be playing this week, it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers.  That makes him more of a mid-range WR2.
  • If Pierre Garcon dresses, Austin Collie could be moved down a few spots on the rankings.  Still, he has four touchdown catches on the season, as well as a pair of games over 160 receiving yards.  It’s hard not to consider him a high-level WR2 at this point, especially against the Jaguars, who have already allowed seven receiving touchdowns.  If Garcon is healthy, he should considered a low-end WR3 this week.  Still, with the play of Collie of late, it’s obvious Garcon is the third receiver on the team.  Fourth if you want to include Dallas Clark.
  • Mark Sanchez has been highly impressive the past few weeks and the Jets have shown that they are not going to give Braylon Edwards a harsh punishment for his DUI.  Against the Bills, Edwards becomes a potential WR2, but more of a high-level WR3.
  • Johnny Knox has put up back-to-back solid performance, with 8 catches for 180 yards and a touchdown.  The Bears have apparently lost faith in Devin Aromashodu, scratching him for the Week 3 matchup with the Packers.  That leaves Knox, Devin Hester and Greg Olsen to be the big-time receiving threats.  While the Giants passing defense has only allowed 169.3 yards per game, that’s only because they allowed the Colts to run wild against them (and faced a Titans team geared towards the run).  Knox appears to be a solid WR2 this week.
  • With Steve Breaston out of action due to surgery on a torn meniscus, Stephen Williams will likely step into the #2 receiver role.  He’s going to be a low-end option, more based on the unknown.  He has the potential to erupt, however, so keep him in mind if you are desperate.
  • While Mike Wallace had a big game in Week 3, the big play will be tougher to find against the Ravens.  Just keep that in mind.
  • Mike Sims-Walker has been miss, hit, miss thus far this season.  Can the trend continue?  The Colts passing defense has allowed 12 plays of at least 20 yards, tied for sixth most in the league.  I know David Garrard is not an elite QB, but I’d look for Sims-Walker to make a play or two this week and consider him a WR3.
  • Demaryious Thomas or Brandon Lloyd?  It’s too close to call, which makes them low-end WR3/FLEX options.  Thomas has the higher upside, so he gets a slight edge in the rankings.
  • Could Lance Moore be taking over the big play role of Reggie Bush while he’s out of action?  His big game is enough to rank him above Robert Meachem (4 catches, 38 yards over the first three games).

What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who’s too high?  Who’s too low?

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    1. Nick Tenaglia says:

      So per my usual week I am having some tough roster decisions to make this week – which is exacerbated by the BYE Weeks.

      -Cannot rely on my typical WR1 Miles Austin.
      -Ray Rice may be injured, but even if he isn’t he is facing Pitt
      -Ryan Matthews may be injured, and he still hasn’t broken out for a big game yet

      I need 1 RB, 2 WR and 3 RB/WR:
      Turner vs SF
      McFadden vs HOU
      Mendenhall vs BAL
      Ryan Matthews vs ARI
      Ray Rice @ PIT

      Larry Fitzgerald @ SD
      DeSean Jackson vs WAS
      Louis Murphy vs HOU

      Right now its look like the no-brainers are Turner, McFadden and Jackson. So who would you pick to fill the WR2 and 2 Flex Spots?

    2. Nick Tenaglia says:

      and No, I do not play in a 4-team league…. we have already had this discussion before

    3. admin says:

      If Mathews plays, he’s a must start as well. That’s the way it’s looking right now, too.

      After seeing Hillis torch the Ravens defense, Mendenhall would get my vote over Rice as well.

      As for the WR spot, I’m still holding out hope for Fitzgerald.

    4. Mike R. says:

      Hines Ward is on waivers (he was dropped for M. Manningham). I would like to pick him up but am having trouble with who to drop. I have R. Rice, S. Jackson (I know looks pretty dicey this week) Beanie Wells, J. Stewart and B. Jackson. Who should I drop? I also have at WR M. Austin, R. White, M. Wallace, D. Bryant and D. Thomas. We start 2 RB and 3WR.

    5. Nick Tenaglia says:

      @Mike R.

      Hines Ward is a great buy-high WR right now, so thats awesome that he is available. My two suggestions for who to drop are D.Thomas (I am assuming this is Demaryious Thomas) or Beanie Wells.

      Demaryious has huge potential, but the problem is that give your other WRs he will almost never see any playing time because he will not be a solid must-start each week. Unfortunately there will be weeks that may score 2 TDs and 100+ yds but it will be impossible to predict those games.

      Beanie is a viable candidate for the same reason that Thomas was – his week-to-week scoring will be erratic. And with Rice and Jackson in front of him, it will be hard to start the “potential” guy over the proven performers. That being said, Brandon Jackson and Jonathan Stewart also make good candidates, but Jackson is still a lead back – albeit and UNDERperforming lead-back – and I feel that eventually Stewart will eventually turn into the lead back in Carolina because they are going to get tired of DeAngelo Williams’ lack of production….

    6. Mike R. says:

      Thanks for the advice Nick.

    7. admin says:

      Mike, I agree with Nick, but I would definitely drop Thomas over Wells. While he’s going to be erratic, right now, there is every bit the opportunity for him to evolve into the main back and a consistent start. I don’t see that happening with Thomas, so he would be my first choice. Picking up Ward certainly is an easy call.

    8. Mike R. says:

      Thanks guys I appreciate it. I hope that a 9th place waiver of 10 places is good enough to get the Hines. I hope I was the only one to see the value in Ward. Grazie.

    9. mario says:

      what should i do with Vincent Jackson? hes taking up space right now!

    10. admin says:

      There’s still a chance he gets traded, so if you can afford the spot on your bench and you are in a deeper format, he’s worth holding onto for a few more weeks. Otherwise, if you need the spot, I wouldn’t hesitate to move on at this point. The outlook certainly isn’t good.

    11. Jesse says:

      I’m trying to decide who to start this week between Jeremy Maclin, Louis Murphy, Mario Manningham, and Kevin Walter. I’m 99% positive on Maclin, but who should fill the other? I’m leaning towards Murphy here, because he has been doing real well, and against a horrible Houston defense he could be fantastic. The same could be said again about Walter though, but who knows if he will actually get any touches? His big game was when Johnson was out, and he only got that touchdown at in the 4th quarter last week (pretty much the only time he touched the ball) when Johnson went out AGAIN. I’m a little hesitant to start him this week for this reason, even against Oakland. Manningham has been doing consistently well though too…what do yall think?

    12. admin says:

      Maclin is definitely a lock. As for the #2, I agree with your assessment on Murphy. They are all close, but he should have the best opportunity, given the lack of other receiving threats.

    13. Coach Tracy says:

      Need help on lineup(14 team league)
      …. need 2 receivers 2 Rb and 1 Flex…
      Rice, Kuhn, Torain (Charles on bye week)
      Fitzgerald, Welker, Owens, Smith (carolina) ,Jones (Houston)…
      Dont have a lot of faith with Smith with Rookie QB…

    14. admin says:

      RB – Rice, Kuhn (though, Kuhn & Torain are extremely close)

      WR – Fitzgerald, Ochocinco

      FLEX – Welker

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