Week 4 Rankings: Top 20 Tight Ends

Tight end has proven to be an incredibly unpredictable position for fantasy owners.  From week-to-week you never know who is going to step up and have a big game.  Just look at last week, when Benjamin Watson had five catches for 47 yards and a touchdown.  Would anyone have predicted that?

It’s unpredictable, for sure, but let’s take a look at my rankings for the coming week:

  1. Dallas Clark – Indianapolis Colts – at Jacksonville
  2. Jermichael Finley – Green Bay Packers – vs. Detroit
  3. Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers – vs. Arizona
  4. Vernon Davis – San Francisco 49ers – at Atlanta
  5. Dustin Keller – New York Jets – at Buffalo
  6. Zach Miller – Oakland Raiders – vs. Houston
  7. Tony Gonzalez – Atlanta Falcons – vs. San Francisco
  8. Chris Cooley – Washington Redskins – at Philadelphia
  9. Brent Celek – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Washington
  10. Greg Olsen – Chicago Bears – at New York Giants
  11. Aaron Hernandez – New England Patriots – at Miami
  12. John Carlson – Seattle Seahawks – at St. Louis
  13. Jermaine Gresham – Cincinnati Bengals – at Cleveland
  14. Heath Miller – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Baltimore
  15. Todd Heap – Baltimore Ravens – at Pittsburgh
  16. Kevin Boss – New York Giants – vs. Chicago
  17. Bo Scaife – Tennessee Titans – vs. Denver
  18. Marcedes Lewis – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Indianapolis
  19. Jeremy Shockey – New Orleans Saints – vs. Carolina
  20. Tony Sheffler – Detroit Lions – at Green Bay


  • Jermichael Finley has not yet found the end zone, but has back-to-back 100+ yard games.  Going against the Detroit Lions, who have allowed 265.0 passing yards per game, he should continue to excel.
  • I know how bad the San Francisco 49ers offense has been, but a change at offensive coordinator could bring a renaissance to the offense.  Vernon Davis is coming off his worst game of the season (3 receptions, 22 yards), but I’d look for him, as well as the offense in general, to improve significantly this week.
  • The Houston Texans have allowed 368.7 passing yards per game.  They’ve allowed 14 plays of at least 20 yards and four plays of at least 40 yards (the only team to have allowed more is Jacksonville at 16 and six).  While the Raiders offense runs through Darren McFadden, Zach Miller is arguably the best receiver on the team and could be in store for a big day.  Consider him a very good play this week.
  • Over the past two weeks Dustin Keller has 13 catches for 213 yards and three touchdowns.  Think that he and Mark Sanchez are working the short passing game well?  Look for them to continue exploiting what has worked, meaning Keller should have another strong day.
  • I know how bad Brent Celek has been, but with the way Michael Vick has been playing you have to think it’s only a matter of time before he starts kicking in some numbers.  I’d still use him this week.
  • John Carlson has 10 catches over the past two weeks and had a 6 catch, 95 yard, 2 TD game against the Rams last season.  Consider him a low-end TE1 this week.
  • Once Owen Daniels is healthy, he should prove to be a usable option once again.  Thus far he’s clearly still limited, however, with just six catches for 60 yards.  It’s tough to trust him for now.

What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who’s too high?  Who’s too low?

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    1. Bob says:

      Not that hard to predict – Gates has been a beast every week.

    2. Doug says:

      Who do you think will have a better game this weekend–Aarron Hernandez or Jermaine Gresham?

    3. admin says:

      I’d go with Hernandez this week. He’s put up back-to-back strong games and is really building a rapport with Tom Brady. Plus, with their preference to pass first, he should get plenty of opportunities.

    4. Ryan says:

      I have Keller and Clark. Which would you pick? (Non-PPR)

    5. admin says:

      Clark, he’s not just the best tight end in the league, he routinely outperforms WR as well. While Keller has been great and has a favorable matchup, there’s just no way I can sit down Clark.

    6. Joel says:

      I have Keller and Davis at TE. I also have Turner, Bradshaw, Mathews at RB.

      I can start both Keller and Davis and bench Bradshaw since he is playing against Chicago but I am not sold on it.


      I can start one of my TE and all three RBs. Any suggestions?

    7. admin says:

      Playing both tight ends is intriguing, but I still wouldn’t do it. The RB have a much higher upside to produce, as they should all get both rushing and receiving yards with the potential to score. I’d go with all three RB and Davis.

    8. Joel says:

      The only hesitation I have is that Bradshaw is playing against the Bears. You make a good point that RBs get rushing and receiving yards and if it were any other team than the Bears I wouldn’t hesitate at all to start him. Do you think he will still make more points than Keller or Davis?

      Also, Keller is playing pretty hot right now and I am not sure what will happen with Davis under the new offensive coordinator. You think Davis will produce under the new coach more so than Keller’s hot streak right now?

      Thanks for the advice!

    9. admin says:

      My gut is to go with Bradshaw as the FLEX. There’s just more potential and Chicago’s defense is actually in the middle of the pack in yards allowed thus far this season.

      As for the TE, I have them back-to-back in my rankings, so it really is a coin flip. If you have more faith in Keller, then go with him. Go with your gut on that one.

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