Week 5 Rankings: Top 15 Kickers

Let’s take a look at how I would rank the Top 15 Kickers for Week 5:

  1. Matt Prater – Denver Broncos – at Baltimore
  2. John Carney – New Orleans – at Arizona
  3. Mason Crosby – Green Bay Packers – at Washington
  4. Neil Rackers – Houston Texans – vs. New York Giants
  5. Mike Nugent – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Tampa Bay
  6. Matt Bryant – Atlanta Falcons – at Cleveland
  7. Graham Gano – Washington Redskins – vs. Green Bay
  8. David Buehler – Dallas Cowboys – vs. Tennessee
  9. Nick Folk – New York Jets – vs. Minnesota
  10. Ryan Longwell – Minnesota Vikings – at New York Jets
  11. David Akers – Philadelphia Eagles – at San Francisco
  12. Sebastian Janikowski – Oakland Raiders – vs. San Diego
  13. Robbie Gould – Chicago Bears – at Carolina
  14. Josh Scobee – Jacksonville Jaguars – at Buffalo
  15. Nate Kaeding – San Diego Chargers – at Oakland


  • Would it surprise anyone if the Jets-Vikings game was a ground out, smash mouth, low scoring affair?  That certainly makes both Nick Folk and Ryan Longwell attractive options, as both could have numerous opportunities.
  • Matt Bryant and Mike Nugent are tied for the league lead in field goals, each having gone 10-for-11 thus far.  Nugent, however, has hit a pair from over 50 yards.  He’s the better option because of that, but both have proven usable.
  • Besides Nugent, the only other kicker to hit two from 50 yards is Josh Scobee, who gets the Bills this week in Buffalo.  He’s certainly an option worth considering.
  • Matt Prater is a perfect 8-8 in field goals this season, including one from over 50 yards.  With the Ravens defense on the horizon, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Broncos come up short of the end zone a few times, instead settling for three-points.
  • The Tennessee Titans have allowed 11 field goals this season.  That certainly bodes well for David Buehler’s potential to produce.

What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who’s too high?  Who’s too low?

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    1. Nick Tenaglia says:

      My two kickers are Bironas and Gostkoski. Obviously Gost is on BYE week right now, and Bironas’ BYE is coming in Week 9. I have three options going forward with my kicker situation:
      1. After this week, drop Bironas and use Gost every single week.
      2. Wait till Week 9, and then drop Gost and use Bironas every week thereafter
      3. Keep both and play the matchups

      We have a pretty deep league (21 players – 11 starters) with some tight roster restrictions and if I can trade/drop an extra kicker for another skill player, it would be worth it.

      What do you think the best option for me is?

    2. admin says:

      Do you have a need to get another skill player? If it’s someone that is going to crack your weekly lineup, or be considered a good keeper, it’s worth trying to make a move.

      I think the two are interchangeable, so I wouldn’t hesitate to make a move on either depending on what you can get and when. If there’s a move available after this week, then drop Bironas. If not, then stand pat and wait until Week 9.

    3. Rodney says:

      Which kicker should i start: Bironas or Gould?

    4. Rodney says:

      I need one wr to start: fitzgerald or edwards? And one kicker: bironas or gould? What do you suggest

    5. admin says:

      Rodney – kicker wise, I’d go Gould.

      As for WR, Fitzgerald is the easy call. No matter who the QB, he’s just too good to put on your bench.

    6. Eric says:

      I’m in a league that charges $5 for add/drops and I have Nedney who’s bye is week 9. I’ve been suffering through the 49ers low scores for 4 weeks and don’t want to do it anymore. However the only kickers available that have been on a bye are KC’s and TB’s kickers. Neither one interests me but I am leaning towards KC’s Succop but this kicker would be my guy the rest of the season. What do you think…are either one of these guys any better than Nedney?

      Scobee and Folk are also available but would mean I have to add/drop again

    7. admin says:

      Kickers are really tough to predict, and I don’t think Succop is any worse then Nedney. Obviously, I do like Scobee/Folk better, but if you want to save the $5, I don’t think going with Succop is a bad move.

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