Waiver Worthy Week 6: Buy ‘Em or Deny ‘Em

There were some surprising performances from Week 5, but does that mean the players are worth owning?  Let’s take a look:

Danny Amendola – St. Louis Rams – Wide Receiver
With Mark Clayton apparently suffering a season ending knee injury, someone needs to step up and claim the #1 receiver spot.  Amendola, who has been solid all season, delivered 12 receptions for 95 yards yesterday.  For the year he now has 33 catches for 303 yards and is most likely going to be the top target for Sam Bradford on a weekly basis.

If your league starts three wide receivers, he’s certainly worth adding if he’s available.
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Buffalo Bills – Quarterback
When the Bills released Trent Edwards and handed the keys to the offense to Fitzpatrick, no one thought much of it.  Fitzpatrick, however, has helped to spark the Bills offense.  For the third straight game he threw for at least two touchdowns, going 20-30 for 220 yards and 3 TD.  The Bills offense is not going to be explosive, not compared to other teams in the league at least, but he’s clearly proving that he can be productive.

In one-quarterback formats he’s not going to be worth grabbing, except maybe as a last resort bye week fill-in.  In two-quarterback leagues, however, he’s certainly worth owning if he’s still available.
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

Fred Jackson – Buffalo Bills – Running Back
With Marshawn Lynch sent to Seattle, there finally appears to be enough carries to go around, with just Jackson and C.J. Spiller to try and get the ball.  Jackson got the bulk of the carries this week, getting 73 yards on 12 carries (Spiller had 31 yards on five carries).

It appears that Jackson is going to be the RB1, at least for now, meaning he’s worth owning in all formats at this point.  Be cautious, however, as it may be just a matter of time before Spiller takes over full-time duties.
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

James Jones – Green Bay Packers – Wide Receiver
The Packers have a ton of players to get into the mix offensively, though with both tight ends Jermichael Finley and Donald Lee leaving yesterday’s game due to injury, an opportunity may have opened itself for Jones.  If Finley isn’t going to miss any significant time, Jones certainly isn’t worth owning.

Even if he is out of action, is there any guarantee that Jones will get looks in any given week over guys like Donald Driver and Greg Jennings (not to mention Jordy Nelson could overtake him for the WR3 spot)?  Injuries or not, he’s just too big of a wild card to trust.
Verdict – Deny ‘Em

Jake Delhomme – Cleveland Browns – Quarterback
You had to feel like it was only a matter of time before Delhomme regained the starting quarterback duties, but an injury to Seneca Wallace opened the door.  However, with the way Wallace had been playing, there’s no guarantee that Delhomme can hold the job for any length of time.

Wallace was 11-15 for 139 yards and 1 TD prior to his injury.  Delhomme, meanwhile, has been interception prone and unimpressive, going 13-23 for 97 yards and 2 INT.  Outside of deep two-quarterback formats, he’s just not worth it, with the starting job or without it.
Verdict – Deny ‘Em

Owen Daniels – Houston Texans – Tight End
Injuries have limited his performance in the first few weeks, but we all knew that once he showed a spark he was going to be worth owning.  After having just 7 catches for 68 yards through Week 4, Daniels finally showed that he may be regaining the form that made him a must start fantasy option in years past.

He was fully involved in the offense, picking up three receptions for 45 yards and being targeted five times (tied for second most on the team).  Chances are, there isn’t a better tight end free agent if he’s available in your league.  He has the potential to be a Top 10 option in any given week, so grab him now if you’re in need.
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

Max Hall – Arizona Cardinals – Quarterback
His numbers weren’t big, going 17-27 for 168 yards and 1 INT.  What he did do, however, was get Larry Fitzgerald involved in the offense.  Fitzgerald had just one game of more then 56 yards with Derek Anderson at QB, yet this week had seven receptions for 93 yards.  That alone should buy him at least one extra start, and could get him a much longer look as the starting quarterback.  Given what Anderson was able to do as the starter (or lack there of), Hall should have a little bit of a longer leash.

If you are in a two-quarterback format, all you can ask for is the opportunity.  With someone like Fitzgerald at your disposal, you always have the potential for a big day.
Verdict – Buy ‘Em

Deji Karim – Jacksonville Jaguars – Running Back
The backup for Maurice Jones-Drew got a little extra work yesterday, with 15 carries for 70 yards.  How often do we really expect that to happen, however?  Jones-Drew did suffer a wrist injury, but the chances of Kim getting many opportunities to make an impact seem slim to none.  He’s just not worth the roster spot, unless you are a Jones-Drew owner who wants a handcuff.
Verdict – Deny ‘Em

Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans – Wide Receiver
He stepped up for the injured Justin Gage and had four receptions for 86 yards and a touchdown.  The problem in Tennessee is that you never really know who is going to be the go to receiver, or if the team is actually just going to feed Chris Johnson on the ground.  Britt is too risky of a proposition to play on a weekly basis, meaning right now he’s probably not worth owning.
Verdict – Deny ‘Em

Anthony Armstrong – Washington Redskins – Wide Receiver
He had three catches for 84 yards and a touchdown, but had done little else this season prior to this week.  Chances are, he’s not going to produce enough on a weekly basis to be worth using, so why bother wasting time considering him?
Verdict – Deny ‘Em

What are your thoughts on these players?  Who would you pick up?  Who would you avoid?

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  1. Ken says:

    Brandon Lloyd plays for the Broncos, you mean Mark Clayton for the Rams.

  2. GT says:

    Dissenting opinion-
    I think Britt could be a weekly menace with 5.5 looks per game and at 6’3″ is clearly the endzone target (3 tds in 3 weeks). His value has only been limited by his relationship with Jeff Fisher, something impossible for fantasy owners to predict. The defenses he will face are terrible (2 at the Jags, Colts, Texans) and if he drops 110 yards and 1 TD next week he will be everyone’s favorite “must add”. Jump on the bandwagon now.

  3. Jaymz says:

    I need a back up WR for my byes coming up. Vincent Jackson is still a FA in my league, is he going to play this year? Or even be worth picking up if he is? I also like what I see out of Danny Woodhead, he is listed as a WR/RB. So I like the idea that I could plug him in at either spot or the flex. Another option would be Mike Williams of TB who is averaging almost 8 points a game in my league, it seems like Freeman may be heating up as well. Would any of these options make more sense than Armendola?

  4. admin says:

    Jaymz, at this point it’s hard to imagine Jackson making any type of impact. Unless you’ve wasted the roster spot on him, it’s not worth doing now. My preliminary rankings have Amendola as the highest rated of the group for the upcoming week, so I would say he’s the best option, at least for one week. He’s going to have the opportunity and proved what he can do with it.

  5. dan says:

    Mike Williams(tb), royal,tate, crabtree,amendola or pick somebody up like gaffney or britt
    who to start at receiver along side of jennings since fitz is on a bye?

  6. admin says:

    Dan, I like Amendola better then either of the waiver wire guys, so I would definitely go with what you’ve got.

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