Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 6

Trying to decide who you should start or sit this week?  Let’s take a look at a few potential decisions owners have and try to sort through them:

Start – Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Cleveland
Ordinarily after a four-game suspension I would consider sitting a player, especially a quarterback.  He has been sitting on the sidelines for so long, you just don’t know what type of timing he is going to have with his receivers.

However, Roethlisberger had the advantage of his bye week, giving him two full weeks to work with his receivers and rediscover their rapport.  He also draws a Browns defense that has allowed eight touchdowns versus just three interceptions.  Mike Wallace and company have anxiously been anticipating Roethlisberger’s return to the lineup, and while the team may ease him back in (meaning a few extra carries for Rashard Mendenhall), it’s just too good of a situation to pass up.

Other quarterbacks to start:

  • Eli Manning – New York Giants – vs. Detroit
  • Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens – at New England

Sit – Donovan McNabb – Washington Redskins – vs. Indianapolis
Coming off a game that saw McNabb throw for 357 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT against the Green Bay Packers, it’s easy to be inclined to include him in your starting lineup this week in one quarterback formats.  However, as many teams have proven this year already, in order to compete with the Colts you have to take it to them on the ground.

In their two loses, the Colts have allowed over 250 rushing yards to the Texans and over 150 rushing yards to the Jaguars.  Obviously Ryan Torain is not up to the status of Arian Foster or Maurice Jones-Drew (or Ahmad Bradshaw for that matter, who averaged 5.2 yards per carry despite not being featured by the Giants), but I would expect the Redskins to try and control the clock.  That will likely mean fewer opportunities for McNabb and company to excel.

Other quarterbacks to sit:

  • Mark Sanchez – New York Jets – vs. Denver
  • Kevin Kolb – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Atlanta

Running Backs:
Start – Felix Jones – Dallas Cowboys – at Minnesota

After seeing LaDanian Tomlinson and company break off 155 yards on the ground against the Vikings in Week 5, they no longer seem so opposing, do they?  Obviously one game should not make your decision, but his play alone has made him a palatable option in all formats.

There has been talk of the Cowboys expanding his role and we saw it in full force in Week 5.  He had 105 yards on 15 carries, while also adding four receptions for 17 yards.  It’s clear that he has overtaken the lead back role over Marion Barber.  Even with a tougher matchup, he’s worth using.

Start – Michael Bush – Oakland Raiders – at San Francisco
With Darren McFadden likely missing another week of action with a hamstring injury, Bush is primed to again be the focal point of the Raiders offense.  He had 104 yards and a touchdown in Week 5 and gets a 49ers defense ranking in the middle of the pack (allowing 111.4 rushing yards per game).

Given his performance in Week 5 and the fact that the team has few other options to turn to, he’s a solid play this week.

Other running backs to start:

  • Mike Tolbert/Ryan Mathews – San Diego Chargers – at St. Louis

Sit – Marshawn Lynch – Seattle Seahawks – at Chicago
In his first game as the lead back for the Seahawks, Lynch draws a tough opponent.  The Bears are the third best rush defense in the league, allowing just 78.6 rushing yards per game.  It’s just too big of a risk, outside of using him as a FLEX option.

Sit – Peyton Hillis – Cleveland Browns – at Pittsburgh
Even if he was healthy, Hillis would be a tough play this week.  However, he’s battling a quad injury and faces the toughest rushing defense in the league.  The Steelers are allowing just 62.2 rushing yards per game and are one of just two teams who have not yet allowed a run of at least 20 yards.

Just to make matters worse, both Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme are likely out for Week 6, meaning rookie Colt McCoy is going to be under center.  Talk about allowing the Steelers to stack the box without a threat of being beat deep.

Other running backs to sit:

  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis – New England Patriots – vs. Baltimore
  • Carnell Williams/LaGarrette Blount – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. New Orleans

Wide Receivers (Two Wide Receiver Formats):
Start – Percy Harvin – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Dallas Cowboys
The presence of Randy Moss, coupled with him potentially finally getting healthy, has seemingly done wonders for Harvin.  With the Jets unable to focus on him, Harvin had five receptions for 97 yards and two touchdowns.  You know that could continue to be the trend, and with Brett Favre at the helm, you know he’s going to try to get the ball downfield.

Other wide receivers to start:

  • Johnny Knox – Chicago Bears – vs. Seattle
  • Danny Amendola – St. Louis Rams – vs. San Diego

Sit – Santonio Holmes – New York Jets – at Denver
In his first game with the Jets Holmes played a minor role in the offense, with three catches for 41 yards (despite being targeted 9 times).  It’s odd to see the Jets throw the ball 44 times, and I would expect that number to decrease significantly next week.  With Holmes still finding his way, Braylon Edwards is the better option at wide receiver.

Other receivers to sit:

  • Michael Crabtree – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Oakland
  • Donald Driver – Green Bay Packers – vs. Miami

Wide Receivers (Three Wide Receiver Formats):
Start – Devin Hester – Chicago Bears – vs. Seattle

With Jay Cutler back in the lineup, all of Chicago’s receivers become better plays, especially against a Seahawks defense that has allowed 302.0 passing yards per game.  While Johnny Knox is likely the better option, there should be plenty of balls to go around this week.

Other receivers to start:

  • Davone Bess – Miami Dolphins – at Green Bay

Sit – Mike Sims-Walker – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Tennessee
Does anyone trust him at this point?  He has been so unpredictable this season, even in a positive matchup it would be tough to trust him.  Rumors have started circulating that the Jaguars are actually shopping him, and with just one game of more then 46 yards, how can he be in your lineup?

Other receivers to sit:

  • Eddie Royal/Jabar Gaffney – Denver Broncos – vs. New York Jets

What are your thoughts on these decisions?  Who would you start?  Who would you sit?

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  1. Brandon says:

    So you have roethlisberger as a start em, but what if my other QB is Schaub? I know what KC’s Def did to peyton last week but they do give up alot of yards who would you rather start or is it a crapshoot.

  2. fiji.siv says:

    Amendola is facing one of the top pass defenses in the league and is making his first start as the #1 receiver (with Clayton gone for the season). Meanwhile, Sims-Walker is facing one of the worst pass defenses and I would think if he’s being shopped then JAC might want to get him more involved to raise his value.

  3. GT says:

    Austin Collie, Kenny Britt, or Santonio Holmes this week?

  4. CP says:

    Who would you use for a flex. Britt, Collie, Amendola or Brandon Jacobs?

  5. Triz says:

    In RB/WR, should I play Green-Ellis, Steve Smith (NYG), Torain or Tolbert? I see you say play Tolbert and bench Green-Ellis, but Green-Ellis sure was better last week and Smith is so reliable.

  6. Triz says:

    PS Or Amendola also.

  7. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Go with Big Ben. He is going to want to make a statement, and going against Cleveland should make it an easy week for him.

    Easy choice: Collie

    Easy choice: Collie

    There is no way that you can rely on BJGE this week vs Baltimore. As far as Smith is concerned, you need to hope that Eli spreads the ball around against Detroit. If he just shoots for vertical passing all game, or if the Giants decide to run the ball all day, then Smith is a bad play. It has been implied that Ryan Matthews is the starting RB when 100%, but is he 100% this week? Who knows? I say that its a game time decision between Smith and Tolbert. If things are pointing to Matthews starting at RB, then roll with Smith

  8. Triz says:

    Thanks! And just to clarify, you’d play Smith or Tolbert over Amendola or Torain?

  9. admin says:

    Time for me to weigh in with my thoughts. Sorry for the delay guys, just been a crazy day:

    Brandon – I’d go Schaub over Big Ben…I have Schaub as my #2 QB this week and expect the Texans to try and come back big after getting stifled by the Giants. While I agree Ben should be great, I could also see the Steelers looking to ease him back in a bit.

    GT – Collie by far

    CP – Collie as well

    Triz – I actually am big on Torain this week and to me, it comes down to him or Smith. At this point, I like both Tolbert and Mathews, but you just don’t know who is going to get the bulk of the carries. MAybe it clarifies itself later in the week, but there certainly is no guarantee right now. As Nick pointed out, Smith has often become the forgotten man in the Giants offense, as they focus on the run and with Hakeem Nicks making big plays. That leaves Torain against Indy, who has been prone to getting beat by the run and the Redskins will likely try to grind it out in an effort to keep the ball out of Peyton’s hands. Right now, I’d go Torain, but the news on Mathews could change that.

  10. Triz says:

    Great, thanks! Maybe after your buy ’em review I will still pick up Amendola for later though. 🙂

  11. Matt C says:

    super deep ppr league/plagued by injuries team HELP PLEASE
    i need to start 2/3: mike hart, knowshon moreno, jason snelling
    i’m thinking snelling and hart because my falcons might have trouble through the air and hart because moreno might not even be active. but moreno could get some receptions which help a lot. let me know what you think. very appreciative of your assistance.

  12. Triz says:

    Oh hey, do you all give suicide pick advice also? So far I’ve used Tenn, GB, NE, SD and Indy. I guess the Steelers are the safe pick? Any help appreciated as I am the last female left in my pool and want to do decently (even if it is by getting outside help, haha).

  13. admin says:

    Triz – Pittsburgh certainly appears to be the safe pick and is who I am going with this week in my pool. Even if Cleveland was healthy, Pitt would be advisable, but with Hillis banged up and them on their third QB, it makes a lot of sense.

    Matt C – If Moreno is healthy and playing, I think he’s the best bet to play of that trio, following by Hart (assuming Brown doesn’t play). The news is going to play a major role in this, however, so keep a close eye on things.

  14. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Pitt is definitely the safe pick this week, but I like to save the powerhouse teams for tough weeks. (PS- Pitt plays Cleveland again in Week 17) This week COULD be considered a “tough” week because there are no clear-cut guarantees. However, if I had to provide a second or third option besides Pitt, I would go #2 as Chicago (facing Seattle at home) or Miami (at Green Bay).

    Seattle has a 1:05 pm game in Chicago, and West-Coast teams are notoriously bad when they need to travel east. Miami should be a safe play if Aaron Rodgers is out this week.

    *****WEEK 7 PREVIEW******
    Go with Either New Orleans (vs Cleveland at home) or Baltimore (vs Buffalo at home)

  15. Triz says:

    Thanks for the advice! It’s going to be a hard call …

  16. CP says:

    Thanks for the comments.
    You guys like Collie over the others considering his injury and Garcon being back?

  17. scott says:

    This is for a td heavy league: should I start brandon marshall or austin collie? ronnie brown or felix jones? thanks for the advice

  18. admin says:

    CP – Collie is the best situation to excel. They are going up against a weak pass defense and I would actually use all three of the Colts receivers this week, depending on the other options.

    scott – I would go Marshall. The Packers are banged up a bit and he’s too good of an option to sit. As I’ve said, I really like Collie, but Marshall is among the elite. Jones/Brown is almost like a coin flip, but you have to really like what Jones did last week, as well as talk of his role expanding. The Vikings defense is tough, but it didn’t stop LT and company. Plus, Brown has been losing touches to Ricky Williams. I’d go Jones.

    As for the knockout pool stuff, I understand the thought process of saving teams for later, but you need to make sure you get there as well. It’s easy to look ahead, but you don’t want to overlook this week and get knocked out, either.

  19. Tony says:

    I have to start a combination of 5 of these players, with a minimum of 1 RB and 2 REC (TE’s count as receivers and arent necessary in my league) and 2 Utility postions:

    Ryan Matthews (Obvious)
    Jahvid Best (Obvious)
    Hakeem Nicks (Obvious)

    I need 2 more out of this pool:

    Peyton Hillis
    Mike Sims-Walker
    Vernon Davis
    Legedu Naane
    Tim Hightower
    Pierre Garcon

    I was going to go with Vernon Davis and Sims-Walker, but I think Walker is going to be blanketed by Finnegan, and he is so damn inconsistent, Walker that is. But do I play Hillis instead against Pitt on the road? Or do I go with Garcon who I cringe when I say his name this year. Sims Walker inrigues me because Tennessee has the 28th ranked pass defense.

  20. Tony says:

    Part 2…I just noticed someone dropped Mike Williams (TB)…should I drop Naane and pick him up and factor him into starting this week?

  21. admin says:

    Hillis scares me this week, especially with McCoy starting at QB. He’s banged up and a tough Steelers defense is going to zero in on the run. If you can avoid it, I would steer away from him this week.

    Vernon Davis has been getting things going, with TDs in back-to-back games. The Raiders pass defense has been tough, but I think he certainly could be inline for another big day.

    I know Garcon makes us cringe, but he’s going against a Redskins defense that has been awful against the pass. I would play him this week as I think he has the biggest upside to produce.

    As for Williams, I have him and Naanee back-to-back in my rankings, both behind Garcon, so I don’t think the move is necessary.

    As of right now, I’d go Davis/Garcon this week.

  22. CoverZero says:

    I have Aaron Hernandez and Tony Moeaki – toughest choice I’ve had all year – any thoughts/

  23. Nick Tenaglia says:


    Ryan Matthews may not be an obvious choice just yet. He missed practice on Wednesday, which may not be a big deal. But I would still keep an eye out for any more injury news about him. Him will definitely play, but that doesn’t mean that he will get a lot of touches.
    If you do decide to sit Matthews, then Garcon is probably your next best option.

  24. admin says:

    CoverZero – That is an incredibly tough call, but I would go Hernandez. There’s a huge void in the Patriots offense without Randy Moss and he figures to be the red zone target.

    While I have Moeaki also as a Top 10 option, I could easily see the Chiefs working on getting Dwayne Bowe and the rest of the receivers on track this week, which could mean fewer looks for Moeaki.

    I’d go Hernandez.

  25. CoverZero says:

    Mark Clayton is gone and all I have is Randy Moss, Brandon Tate, and Kenny Britt. Pick two? I can also pick up Jabar Gaffney or Mario Manningham as FA’s

  26. CoverZero says:

    Pick up for Week 7 Peyton bye – Josh Freeman or Vince Young?

  27. TheDude says:

    Big Ben or Big Brady?

  28. admin says:

    CoverZero – Moss is an obvious one for the second spot I’d go with Britt. Gaffney and Manningham both have their problems.

    As for the Week 7 bye week, I haven’t looked at potential rankings yet, but off the cuff I’d probably say Freeman

    TheDude – I actually just answered this in the QB Rankings. I’m big on Big Ben this week, but not at the expense of Brady. I’d still go with Brady this week.

  29. Bill says:

    I need 3 RB and I have Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, Michael Turner, Arian Foster. Who do I play?

  30. admin says:

    I would go with Foster, Turner & Charles

    I’m not a big fan of Forte and with Cutler back, I could easily see them being a big-time pass first offense. While Charles shares carries, he’s the better back and should make an impact again this week, especially if the WR struggle early once again.

  31. Geno says:

    I would like to know who you would start if you had these spots to fill with these players: WR’s- Austin, Welker, Harvin, Amedala, Mike Thomas and for RB’s – CJ, Hillis, Torain, Lynch, Jacobs. TE: Gonzo and Shanco. I have 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 WR/RB and 1 WR/TE.

    No brainers: CJ, Austin, and want to add Harvin after this week and Welker but thats why i want your opinion.

    Thank you

  32. Geno says:

    Also i have the Jets Def and KC, the Titans just got dropped and they will be available to pick up without a wavier claim in the AM. What i am asking is, is it worth at this point in the season to use my 6 out of 12 wavier claim to get that Def? Also i am in a 12 team league, if that matters.

    Thanks again

  33. admin says:

    Geno, here’s who I would start:

    WR – Austin/Welker
    RB – CJ/Torain
    WR/TE – Gonzalez
    WR/RB – Harvin

    That’s assuming you don’t just start a TE. If Hillis were healthy and in a better matchup, it would change, but for this week I would say Amendola is the next in line to get in the lineup.

    As for the defense, having the Jets D, I don’t think it’s necessary to use your waiver claim to get them. Save it in case someone else becomes available, because I think you should be able to do just fine with what you have. If they slip through waivers, it’s a different story.

  34. John says:

    I need 2 WR. I have Moss, DeSean Jackson, Collie, Hines Ward.
    I assume that I would start Moss but can’t decide between my other three. I am using my flex position for a RB. My three RBs are Jackson, Charles and Torain. I feel good about those three.

  35. John says:

    On my last post, that is Steven Jackson.

  36. Rusty says:

    what 3 WR would you start?
    J. Knox vs SEA
    K. Britt vs Jac
    J. Maclin vs Atl
    A. Collie vs Was

    and what TE would you start?
    D. Keller vs SEA
    H. Miller vs Cle


  37. admin says:

    John – I would probably go with Moss & Ward or Collie, with Jackson on the outside. The Steelers passing game, with Big Ben back at the helm, could be in store for a big day. Collie, while there’s competition, has a real positive matchup against Washington this week. I have Ward and Collie back-to-back in my rankings, so it’s a coinflip really. Collie has the better matchup, but more competition for looks.

    Rusty – I’d go Collie, Maclin & Knox at WR and Keller at TE

  38. CBH says:

    In a league where WR/RB gets 1pt per catch on top of the yards earned, is it justifiable to leave Hillis in? I know he probably won’t get many run yards, but he may stack up a few points catching a pass outta the backfield. What do you think?

  39. admin says:

    It’s an option, but it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice. Who else do you have that you can use over him?

  40. Dan says:

    I need a wr & a flex. I have Williams(TB), smith(NYG), amegdola, torain & Tolbert.

  41. CBH says:

    Only other RB I have right now is Jonathan Stewart…I’m thinking I should go with Hillis, huh?

  42. admin says:

    Dan – For the FLEX I would go Torain. He has a favorable matchup and it looks like Ryan Mathews is healthy, meaning Tolbert’s carries could be limited. As for the WR, I’d go Smith, with Amendola being the second choice.

    CBH – Of the two, Hillis is the better option, so yea, it’s not the best option but the best you have.

  43. Mark says:

    I have Tony Romo and Big Ben as QB. Who should I start?
    Also, Tony Moeaki or Greg Olsen on TE?
    Finally, DeSean Jackson or Johnny Knox for 3rd WR?

  44. CBH says:

    I just remembered that I also have Ronnie Brown…would you still recommend Hillis or should I go with him?

  45. Joel says:

    Here is my roster for running backs and wide receivers:
    Michael Turner,
    Ahmad Bradshaw,
    Ryan Mathews,
    Knowshon Moreno

    Andre Johnson,
    Percy Harvin,
    Hines Ward,
    Steve Smith (NYG),
    Ted Ginn Jr.

    Here is my dilemma: I usually use a running back as my flex, however, Ryan Mathews is still banged up and is not producing (or getting goal line runs because of Tolbert) and I do not want to start Moreno yet because I want to see how he responds from his injury and being with the pass-happy Broncos. So should I start four WR in place of Ryan Mathews?

    If so, which four? Johnson is a shoe-in and so is Harvin. However, I am not sure who to start between Smith, Ward and Ginn Jr (The only reason Ginn is even in the mix is because my league counts return yards and he racks those up).

    What are your thoughts? Thanks for the advice!

  46. admin says:

    Mark – I’d go Romo, Moeaki & Jackson – I know everyone wants to go Big Ben, but I wouldn’t do it over one of the top options in the league.

    CBH – I’d go Brown over Hillis this week. Considering the defense, QB situation and Hillis being banged up, it’s just tough to depend on him if you have another viable option

    Joel – I’d probably sit Ginn. To me, it comes down to Mathews/Smith for the FLEX, and it’s tough to compare there. Smith has quickly fallen out of the spotlight in the Giants offense and while Mathews has not done much, the word right now is that he will see increased carries this week. I would keep checking the news, because if he is going to play a larger role, with a favorable matchup, he’s likely the better play.

  47. Ben says:

    I need 2 of Smith (NYG), Collie, Bowe and Crabtree!!! Help needed!

  48. dave says:

    need 2 from

    santonio holmes
    jeremy maclin
    austin collie
    mike williams (tb)
    mike wallace

    i’m sure i’ll miss points no matter who starts, cos most are predicted decent weeks.

  49. admin says:

    I would roll with Collie and Bowe, though Smith is real close to Bowe. While he’s a risk, you have to think that if he’s going to get it turned around, this would be the week for Bowe to do it.

    Smith hasn’t been overly impressive either, falling behind Nicks on the depth chart, so I’d take the gamble.

  50. Geno says:

    I have the Jets Def and the Titans Def. I took your advice and i did not make a claim for them and they were there this morning. I dropped KC def, do you think that was a smart move? and if so Who should i start this week with the Jets @ DEN and the Titans @ JAX. Im thinking the Titans, but i wanted your opinion.

    Also about the other question, i do have a TE spot to put GONZO in, so you think i should start Amendola over Hillis this week?

    Thanks again

  51. Geno says:

    I would think this is a no brainier as well starting Flacco over Kolb? I just got Flacco in a trade that sent him to me with Torain and Amendola and i sent Bradford, B.Wells and Hightower. I thought i made out pretty good considering my starter is/was Palmer. I thought he was going to be doing allot better than he has. Do you think that was a good move to make?

    Thank you again

  52. admin says:

    Geno – I really like the move, actually. You improved at QB and Torain has the potential to outproduce both backs you dealt.

    The QB spot is closer then you think, but I would go Flacco

    And yes, definitely Amendola over Hillis this week. The matchup and the injuries scare me immensely and make Hillis a huge risk.

    Defense, I have them back-to-back in my rankings with Tennessee a notch above the Jets because of Revis’ injury. I’d probably go Tenbessee this week, but it’s real close

  53. Matty Har says:

    I’ve got Mike Wallace (Pitt), welker, britt, Mike Thomas, & Lance Moore for 1 spot. Who do I go with?

  54. Matty Har says:

    Also, my RB situation is jumbled as well. I’ve got Charles, Mathews, Best, Torain, & B. Jackson for 1 spot?

  55. admin says:

    dave – I didn’t miss you there. I like Collie and Wallace the best for this week. All have potential, so like you said, no matter who you play there’s the risk of losing points, but that’s the highest upside.

    Matty Har – I’d go Welker. He’s a risk this week, as we don’t know exactly what to expect from them w/o Moss, but he’s too good of an option to leave on the bench. As for the RB spot, I have Torain, Best, Charles back-to-back-to-back in my rankings (in that order). Therefore, I’d go Torain this week. The Colts have been beat by the run this season and you have to think that the Redskins will try to keep the ball out of Peyton’s hands as much as possible.

  56. Geno says:

    I thought i made out pretty well with the trade. I may as well as you about my kicking situation. The way that i have played in the past is pretty much using my kicker(s) as good as the match up. I drafted NE’s kicker and used him until his bye week and picked up OAK’s Kicker and he got me 10+ and now i dropped him and picked up CHI’s R.Gould. Now im 2nd guessing the move, should i go and grab OAK’s kicker, or stick with R.Gould. Unless i should keep an eye on someone else for the future and upcoming weeks?

    Thank you again

  57. admin says:

    Well, it all depends on who else is available, but there’s nothing wrong with playing matchups. I’m not the biggest fan of Janikowski based on his misses, but there’s no questioning the leg he has and the potential to help you there. This week I have Gould ranked above him, though, so I think you’re fine for this week.

  58. Matt says:

    I’ve got R. Moss, Boldin, R. White, and Nicks and have to sit one of them. They are all pretty solid choices but I’m stuck on who to sit. I made the right choice and sat Boldin last week. Any advice is appreciated

  59. Geno says:

    Do you think it was a bad move getting rid of NE’s Kicker. I would attempt to spell his name, but i stink at spelling. Also i wanted your opinion about keeping more than 1 kicker on your team at a time. Like one of the guys in the league used a wavier wire pick to pick him up and dropped the titans DEF and he also has Nate Keading so im thinking he is getting caught up in the rankings from pre-season, #’s 1 and 2.

    Also thank you for all of your input for this week. I was going to start Hillis but i was concered, and now that i have a second opinion i will start Torain and of course CJ2K. Put it this way, i was going to start everyone that you mentioned aside from Hillis and Harvin. I was going to start 3 RB’s 3 WR’s and a TE. I just could not see sitting Hillis after how good he has been, but it makes sense. You really think Amendala will do better than Hillis, its also a PPR league so that would make Amendala that much better.

    Its too bad Cleveland wont rest him for all of us, haha. That would be nice.

    Thank you….This will be it

  60. admin says:

    Matt – You certainly can’t go wrong with any of them. If I had to pick, I’d go Nicks, Boldin, Moss with White being the odd man out, despite being ranked 8th on my list rhis week (that’s some depth you have). If you want to go White, Moss would be the first one to bench.

    Geno – Not a problem,I’m always here to give an opinion for anyone who needs it. I’m not big on keeping two kickers, unless you have a great option and want to keep him over his bye week. Outside of that, I’d rather have more depth in the skill positions. As for Amendola, he’s no guarantee, but at this point I have to think that he has more upside then Hillis given the matchup and injuries

  61. ALI says:

    Happy Friday Professor! Addai or f Jones? Now, how about 1 wr and 1 flex, right now I have m williams (TB) and crabby in my starting line up, and s smith (NY), maclin on my bench, should I switch out crabby (or williams or both)? Also d keller is on da bench but Im not really feelin a TE this week. Thanks as per usual!

  62. admin says:

    TGIF, huh ALI! With Addai looking like he’s going to play, I’d go with him at RB.

    As for the WR, I’d actully go Smith/Maclin. Smith has to turn it around sooner or later, doesn’t he? This certainly seems like a good matchup for him to get on track, so I wouldn’t leave him on your bench.

  63. Sam says:

    I’m in a league that includes a PPR and have Jennings, Colston, Royal, Walters and Bess to fill 3 slots. Who do I start?

  64. Eric says:

    Need some help…In a PPR league and I start 3 WR and 1 Flex…
    Hines Ward / Santonio Holmes / Greg Jennings / Wes Welker / Marques Colston / Mike Crabtree

    I also have Ryan Matthews that I could use in the flex spot…My starting 2 RBs will be A Bradshaw and Mike Bush.

    As of right now I think I’ll do 4 WRs – 3 WR and 1 Flex


  65. Ben says:

    Having a problem deciding on my 2nd back. Peterson is a must start. My other backs are bush(oak), mathews, torrian, and lynch. I’m leaning towards bush, but torian has a favorable matchup and so does mathews with good news about his health this week except for wedsdays practice.

  66. admin says:

    Sam – I’d go Colston, Jennings, with Walter or Bess next on the list. If Andre Johnson is shut down, Walter should be in store for a bigger day, though he has been struggling lately as well. Bess has the chance to be a Wes Welker-type, so if you are frustrated with Walter, I don’t think using Bess would be a bad idea, especially in a PPR league. However, the Dolphins are trying to commit to the run more, meaning things are probably more in Walter’s favor. I’d go him as my 3rd.

    Eric – I’d go Welker, Colston & Jennings (since it appears Rodgers is going to play, if he doesn’t it’s Ward) as the WR. As for the FLEX, it depends how much of a gambler you are. At this point the talk out of SD is that Mathews is going to retake the lead back duties. If you don’t want to gamble there, then Ward would be the choice, going with four WR.

    Ben – In my rankings I have Bush/Torain back-to-back, with Mathews a bit behind, since he is going to share carries with Tolbert most likely. I love Torain’s matchup, but if McFadden is out I would go with Bush. He showed how productive he could be last week and is worth playing.

  67. Rusty says:

    Do you think D. McFadden for S. Moss is a good trade?


  68. admin says:

    Rusty, I wouldn’t do it unless you are extremely stocked at RB and are hurting for WR. McFadden showed how good he can be, and if he’s healthy he’s going to be a usable option

  69. steve says:

    jennings, santana moss, garcon, nate washington, holmes for WRs…who should i start?? felix jones or marshawn lynch for RB?

  70. Cain says:

    Thoughts on who might have the bigger game on Sunday between M. Wallace and J. Knox in non-PPR format?

    Bullish on both guys having solid outings, but not without some reservations for both as well, Wallace (rusty Big Ben, possible blow out game), and Knox (lack of RZ targets, Cutler’s lifeline on the field). Which side of the coin seems more of a sure/safe start?


  71. Eric says:

    Thanks and I’ve been gambling all season by starting Jennings in 3 leagues and getting nothing…he was the one I was sure to put on the bench. But you’re right, now that Rogers will play and Jennings is making noise about getting the ball I can see him getting points.

  72. admin says:

    steve – I’d go Jennings, Garcon & Moss at WR and Jones at RB

    Cain – I like Wallace over Knox, but it is close. With two weeks of practice, I’m not as worried about a rusty Big Ben and given the lack of big plays in the passing game I expect them to try and make a statement. Wallace is the big play guy, so he very well could be in line for a big day.

  73. Pete says:

    Which two of these running backs should I start in week 6: McFadden, Bradshaw, Mendenhall, Hillis, Forte?


  74. Dennis says:

    Which of these two running backs Hillis or Caddilac Williams should I start in week 6?

  75. Tony says:

    I know you are getting the Roethlisberger question alot, but I have Aaron Rodgers, who, earlier in the week I had Big Ben starting 100%, but now that Rodgers is playing, should I start him over Ben? Green Bay has no run game to rely on.

  76. admin says:

    Pete – I’d go Bradshaw & Mendenhall. McFadden is a game-time decision and too big of a gamble. Hillis is hurt and in a terrible matchup. Forte isn’t a bad option, but I like he other two much better.

    Dennis – Is there any other options? lol. I’d probably go Hillis, but it really is a coin flip. Neither one is very enticing honestly.

    Tony – Yea, I wouldn’t bench Rodgers in favor of Roethlisberger. When healtht, he is one of the best in the league and this week there is a lot of talk about getting Greg Jennings back into the mix. He should be in store for a big day.

  77. Rusty says:

    thanks for the previous reply’s

    and one last question.

    which to start?
    Marshawn Lynch against Chicago or
    Felix Jones against MIN


  78. admin says:

    Any time Rusty!

    I would go Felix Jones. Both have tough matchups, but Jones showed a lot more potential upside last week and the Jets were able to run the ball against the Vikings, giving us hope.

  79. Dapo aka Onyxhawk says:

    I have been going bakc and forth on who to start as my QB.

    (QB) Cassel vs. Rodgers. Any suggests?

    I feel like Rodgers is reliable, but Cassel seems to be due for a big week and he has the matchup to do it. What do you think?

    Also is trying to make a final call between Moeaki, T. Gonzalez (ATL) and Miller for my TE start spot. Suggestions?

  80. dan says:

    With Calvin Johnson looking like he’ll play which 2 WR do you start? Calvin Johnson, Collie, Smith (NYG) & Williams (TB)?

  81. admin says:

    Dapo – If Rodgers is playing, you can’t leave him on the bench. He’s just too good of an option and while I think Cassel will wake up, he’s still not on the level of Rodgers. As for the TE, I’d go Gonzalez.

    dan – I’d go Johnson & Collie, as long as Johnson is healthy and playing. Otherwise, Smith is the next on the list.

  82. Triz says:

    You are great! Your advice to pick up and play Torain saved my week! Thanks so much again 🙂

  83. Geno says:

    Thank you for the Win, the only one that was not on was Amendala. But other than that, and Austin having a bad week and that cant be helped he would be started regardless.

    Now im having a depth problem and im getting offers for RB’s. Do you think that Sending Welker and Lynch, and getting Zack Miller, Felix Jones and Kenny Britt. I have Gonzo, but he is on a bye next week and in this league i can play 2 TE’s im just not sure about Giving up Welker. He also has Hernendez on the PATS, do you think he would be a better trade than Z.Miller. I might be able to get Miller straight up for Lynch, do you think that would work?

    Thanks again

  84. admin says:

    Triz – Anytime! Glad I could help.

    Geno – Who are your other WR and RB again? I’m just curious the type of depth you have, because it plays a huge factor in the decision making.

  85. Geno says:

    I have Austin, Welker, Harvin, Amendala, M.Thomas, and i just picked up M.Williams from (SEA) for my WR’s and my RB’s are CJ2K, Hillis, Torain, Lynch, and Jacobs. I have Gonzo and no other TE’s.

    Thank you

  86. Geno says:

    Also got an offer sending Torain for E.Royal. and the same person wanted to send me Dez Bryant for Torain. I did not think twice about the bryant deal, Royal has been up and down and seems to be on the down side now that Loyld has gone off royal is back to returning punts and now he is banged up and may not even play this weekend. Im thinking no to both of those.

  87. Geno says:

    one last thing i wanted to tell you how the roster sets up.


    In case this matters.

  88. admin says:

    I certainly wouldn’t make the Torain deal.

    I also wouldn’t trade Welker. I think you’d be leaving yourself too thin there. You have some nice guys, but Welker has the potential to be a WR1 in any given week.

  89. Geno says:

    Your right, im not going to trade Welker. If i can get Z.Miller for M.Lynch? Should i do that?

    Thank you again.

    Im almost hesitant to make any trades considering how deep i am, most of my guys have been through there bye as well.

  90. Geno says:

    Triz, is there another link to this page for upcoming weeks or is it the same site. Im still in week 6 thats why i ask, and to be honest i want to make sure i can get your advice on a weekly basis.

    Thanks again,

  91. Geno says:

    nevermind, i found it. Stupid question, sorry about that.

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