Week 6 Rankings: Top 60 Wide Receivers

There are a lot of question marks surrounding wide receivers as we head to Week 6, whether it be due to injuries to themselves or their quarterbacks.  Let’s take a look at how things currently look (remember, we will be updating these later in the week, if necessary):

  1. Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts – at Washington
  2. Hakeem Nicks – New York Giants – vs. Detroit
  3. Miles Austin – Dallas Cowboys – at Minnesota
  4. Anquan Boldin – Baltimore Ravens – at New England
  5. Andre Johnson – Houston Texans – vs. Kansas City
  6. Randy Moss – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Dallas
  7. Brandon Marshall – Miami Dolphins – at Green Bay
  8. Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons – at Philadelphia
  9. Wes Welker – New England Patriots – vs. Baltimore
  10. Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions – at New York Giants
  11. Malcolm Floyd – San Diego Chargers – at St. Louis
  12. Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints – at Tampa Bay
  13. Hines Ward – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Cleveland
  14. Austin Collie – Indianapolis Colts – at Washington
  15. DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Atlanta
  16. Brandon Lloyd – Denver Broncos – vs. New York Jets
  17. Percy Harvin – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Dallas
  18. Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers – vs. Miami
  19. Mike Wallace – Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Cleveland
  20. Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs – at Houston
  21. Steve Smith – New York Giants – vs. Detroit
  22. Johnny Knox – Chicago Bears – vs. Seattle
  23. Danny Amendola – St. Louis Rams – vs. San Diego
  24. Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Atlanta
  25. Santana Moss – Washington Redskins – vs. Indianapolis
  26. Pierre Garcon – Indianapolis Colts – at Washington
  27. Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans – at Jacksonville
  28. Michael Crabtree – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Oakland
  29. Kevin Walter – Houston Texans – vs. Kansas City
  30. Braylon Edwards – New York Jets – at Denver
  31. Donald Driver – Green Bay Packers – vs. Miami
  32. Devin Hester – Chicago Bears – vs. Seattle
  33. Legedu Naanee – San Diego Chargers – at St. Louis
  34. Mike Williams – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. New Orleans
  35. Santonio Holmes – New York Jets – at Denver
  36. Davone Bess – Miami Dolphins – at Green Bay
  37. Roy Williams – Dallas Cowboys – at Minnesota
  38. Mike Sims-Walker – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Tennessee
  39. Mario Manningham – New York Giants – vs. Detroit
  40. Louis Murphy – Oakland Raiders – at San Francisco
  41. Derrick Mason – Baltimore Ravens – at New England
  42. Mike Thomas – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Tennessee
  43. Brandon Tate – New England Patriots – vs. Baltimore
  44. Eddie Royal – Denver Broncos – vs. New York Jets
  45. Jacoby Jones – Houston Texans – vs. Kansas City
  46. Nate Washington – Tennessee Titans – at Jacksonville
  47. Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys – at Minnesota
  48. Chris Chambers – Kansas City Chiefs – at Houston
  49. Jabar Gaffney – Denver Broncos – vs. New York Jets
  50. Mohamed Massaquoi – Cleveland Browns – at Pittsburgh
  51. Robert Meachem – New Orleans Saints – at Tampa Bay
  52. Earl Bennett – Chicago Bears – vs. Seattle
  53. T.J. Houshmandzadeh – Baltimore Ravens – at New England
  54. Justin Gage – Tennessee Titans – at Jacksonville
  55. Nate Burleson – Detroit Lions – at New York Giants
  56. Lance Moore – New Orleans Saints – at Tampa Bay
  57. Julian Edelman – New England Patriots – vs. Baltimore
  58. Demaryious Thomas – Denver Broncos – vs. New York Jets
  59. Jerricho Cotchery – New York Jets – at Denver
  60. Joshua Cribbs – Cleveland Browns – at Pittsburgh


  • Ankle problems or not, if Andre Johnson is playing he’s a Top 5 option against the Chiefs this week.  If he were healthy he’d have likely been the top option, but we’ll hold off on putting him there depending on the news later in the week.
  • No one is questioning who the Giants top receiver is at this point, are they?  Steve Smith has clearing taken a backseat to Hakeem Nicks, who already has six touchdowns on the year.
  • With Randy Moss now in Minnesota, will the inability to stretch the field make it more difficult for Wes Welker to do his thing?  Time will tell, but for now I’m not going to put him in the Top 10, but this week will give us a much better idea of how defenses are going to attack them going forward.
  • With Ben Roethlisberger returning, now may finally be Mike Wallace’s chance to step up and shine.  He has just nine catches on the season, but look for them to try and stretch the field against the Browns and make a quick statement.
  • Not surprisingly, with Kevin Kolb in DeSean Jackson struggled with just two catches for 24 yards.  Even with a favorable matchup, he’s more of a low-end WR1/high-end WR2 until Michael Vick returns.
  • Calvin Johnson would be downgraded this week going against the Giants alone.  Of course, he may not play at all due to a shoulder injury.  He gets a spot for now, but may have to be scratched completely by the end of the week.
  • For now Braylon Edwards remains the top ranked Jets receiver, but it’s only a matter of time before Santonio Holmes overtakes him.  Just keep that in mind.
  • Danny Amendola showed quickly that he could step into the #1 receiver role with the injury of Mark Clayton.  He had 12 catches for 95 yards in Week 5 and has 33 for the season.  He’s worth considering as a WR2 in all formats.
  • It appears Jay Cutler is set to return to the lineup this week for the Chicago Bears.  That has to be a relief for owners of Johnny Knox and the rest of the receiving corps.
  • Aaron Rodgers status for Week 6 is unknown, so for now I will continue to rank the Packers receivers as if he were going to play.  If he doesn’t, they all will be downgraded, especially with a tough matchup against the Dolphins.
  • With Pierre Garcon back in the mix, he and Austin Collie could easily go back and forth as to who will get the majority of catches outside of Reggie Wayne.  That hurts them both slightly, but both are usable against a Redskins team allowing 298.0 passing yards per game.
  • This has got to be considered Dwayne Bowe’s final opportunity, doesn’t it?  For as bad as he’s been, the Houston Texans have been the worst passing defense in the game (329.6 passing yards per game, 11 TD).  If he’s ever going to be usable, this has got to be the week.  Consider him a WR2, but if he fails, it could be time to move on.
  • Malcolm Floyd erupted in Week 5, for 213 yards and a touchdown on eight receptions.  With the Rams on the schedule, he could be in store for another big week.
  • I’m not a big fan of the Titans receivers, but Kenny Britt has a touchdown in three straight games and the Jaguars have allowed a league leading 11 TDs.  It certainly seems like Britt is putting things together at the right time.  Consider him a potential low-end WR2 this week, as there still is a lot of risk.  I’d much rather him being my WR3.

What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who’s too high?  Who’s too low?

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  1. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Looking to drop Jacoby Jones for a new WR…. I am in first place, so I have the last waiver priority slot – meaning that I need to set up a few different waiver claims. How would you order these players?
    Meachem, Manningham, Roy E Williams, Laurent Robinson, Legedu Naanee, Danny Amendola, Deion Branch

    Currently I have them as follows:
    1. Branch
    2. Amendola
    3. Meachem
    4. Naanee
    5. Williams (as a handcuff for Miles Austin)
    6. Manningham

    Should I change this order around?

  2. Cain says:

    In light of the Vincent Jackson news, he should be eligible to play in weeks 13 and on. It’s looking like I’ll have the luxury of “stashing” a wide and still be okay and make the playoffs. That said, is it worth it to drop Knox or S. Holmes (my 4th/5th WR’s in a non-ppr, 3 WR-start league) for VJax or is it too much of a risk?

    And if the jury is to pick up V-Jax, who is the recommended drop, Knox of Holmes? Thanks in advance!

  3. admin says:

    V-Jax will be valuable when he’s back, so I would probably make a move. Of the two, I like Knox more then Holmes because of the offense. While the Jets have passed a lot, they are built towards the run. As the weather turns, I would expect more carries for LT and Greene. Chicago, on the other hand, is built to pass. I’d dump Holmes for V-Jax as he has more upside, and it’s a luxury anyways.

    Who are your top three?

  4. Cain says:

    Thanks for the input, much appreciated! My top wides are R.Moss, Harvin, and M. Wallace. Not a super powerhouse, but I’d figure the 3 with the one of Knox/Holmes should get me by into the playoffs.

    Figure it would be hard not to start Moss and Harvin now going forward, especially with their bye week done, then play Wallace/Knox as the 3rd WR based on match ups.

  5. injuredRBs says:

    My WR are R. White, Crabtree, SimsWalker, B.Tate.
    Who joins White to be my #2 WR?
    It also looks like one of these guys will have to be my flex player.

    They can all have great games or complete busts, some advice would be awesome

  6. admin says:

    Yea, it’s a real crapshoot there. I have Crabtree as the highest, so I would have to lean there at this point. Sims-Walker has been way too hit or miss (games with 0 catches?!?!_ and we still don’t know exactly how the Patriots offense will run without Moss.

    I’d probably use Sims-Walker next, based on the matchup, but is there anyone else either on your roster or on the waiver wire that may make sense?

  7. injuredRBs says:

    If P.Thomas doesn’t play. I will have to use one of the above. Or Mike Thomas is also out there, but I am leaning more to MSW- am I wrong? Besides that, I could pick up Cadillac and use him for my flex player. not much else out there.
    As of now (assuming Thomas is out)
    Crabtree gets the nod, it should be a good match up for him, and it seems like the team is committing more to him.
    I like Tate, but I think he will stay on my bench to see how the new NE offense looks.
    So rolling the dice with Sims-Walker again. it worked out last week.

  8. dan says:

    Greg Jennings or Kenny Britt?
    I am going to start mike williams with one of these two. I am not like jennings too much anymore.

  9. admin says:

    I know your down on Jennings, but how will you feel if you bench him and he finally breaks out? The talk in Green Bay is to get him more involved, and with JerMichael Finley out they almost have to. He’s really too good to bench, so I would roll with him again, for better or worse.

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