Sunday Sleepers: Week 6

Looking for a sleeper option who may be available on your waiver wire who could make a major impact this week?  Let’s take a look at a few options (for consideration on this listing from week-to-week, a player must be owned in less then 50% of both Yahoo and ESPN leagues):

Matt Cassel – Kansas City Chiefs – at Houston
There’s no questioning how bad the Chiefs receiving corps has been thus far this season.  Just look at the teams’ Top 5 receivers as proof:

  1. Tony Moeaki – 16 receptions, 173 yards, 2 TD
  2. Dwayne Bowe – 9 receptions, 152 yards, 1 TD
  3. Jamaal Charles – 8 receptions, 106 yards, 0 TD
  4. Dexter McCluster – 7 receptions, 93 yards, 1 TD
  5. Chris Chambers – 7 receptions, 76 yards, 0 TD

It’s pathetic, but we all know the group is significantly better then what they’ve shown thus far.  While the offense is built around Charles and Thomas Jones, Cassel has proven in the past that he is capable of a big day, and not just during his New England days.  He torched the Browns in December of ’09 for 331 yards and 2 TD.  He had 262 yards and 2 TD against Jacksonville in November of ’09.

The potential is there, and he certainly has the matchup for it.  The Texans have been lit up in the passing game this season, allowing 329.6 yards per game and 11 TD overall.  They’ve allowed 19 plays of at least 20 yards and six of at least 40 yards.

Chances are, this is the week that Bowe finally awakens.  Remember, this is the same player who had 86 catches and 1,022 yards just two seasons ago.  He’s not this bad and sooner or later he’s going to show it.

If it’s not him, it could be Moeaki, McCluster or Chambers.  The Texans have been bag against the pass week after week, so you have to think that the Chiefs will at least take their shots in Week 6.

Cassel is currently owned in 24% of Yahoo leagues and 10.3% of ESPN leagues

Other possible quarterback sleepers (who may fall short of the 50% requirement):

  • Vince Young – Tennessee Titans – 40% of Yahoo leagues & 69.9% of ESPN leagues
  • Chad Henne – Miami Dolphins – 43% of Yahoo leagues & 64.6% of ESPN leagues

Wide Receiver:
Davone Bess – Miami Dolphins – at Green Bay

Bess is quickly falling into a Wes Welker type role for the Dolphins, especially over the past two weeks.  After a slow start to his season (seven catches for 63 yards), Bess has erupted the past two weeks:

  • Week 3 vs. New York Jets – 6 receptions, 86 yards, 0 TD
  • Week 4 vs. New England – 8 receptions, 96 yards, 1 TD

Those are solid numbers and one could easily see them repeating themselves this week.  The Packers have a top defensive back in Charles Woodson, but he’ll likely be matched up with Brandon Marshall.  The Packers defense is banged up, including injuries to Clay Matthews, Ryan Pickett, Nick Barnett and Morgan Burnett, just making matters worse for them.

Chad Henne has done a great job of taking what the defense gives him, completing 64.1% of his passes overall.  Over the past two weeks he’s been good, going 50-82 with 668 yards, 4 TD and 4 INT.

Look for him to continue taking what’s there for him, meaning Bess should once again have a strong day, potentially finding the end zone yet again.

Bess is currently owned in 34% of Yahoo leagues and 15.5% of ESPN leagues

Other possible wide receiver sleepers (who may fall short of the 50% requirement):

  • Legedu Nanee – San Diego Chargers – 22% of Yahoo leagues & 48.5% of ESPN leagues
  • Devin Hester – Chicago Bears – 59% of Yahoo leagues & 31.7% of ESPN leagues

Running Back:
Danny Woodhead – New England Patriots – vs. Baltimore

Finding an active running back for Week 6 owned in under 50% of both ESPN and Yahoo leagues, that could actually make an impact, is a daunting task.  Woodhead, however, has the chance to produce, especially in those playing in PPR leagues.

With Kevin Faulk out of action, Woodhead appears primed to take over his role.  While that may not prove valuable in most weeks, this matchup against the Ravens may prove to be the perfect spot for him to excel.  They are among the best defenses in the game, and a third down back like Woodhead could get many opportunities to shine.

In Week 4 against Miami he had 8 carries for 36 yards (4.5 yards per carry), while adding a reception for 11 yards and a touchdown.  All he’d need to do is match that type of production to be usable for those in deeper formats.  He also has the potential to produce significantly more in the passing game, so the potential is there to improve.

Woodhead is currently owned in 15% of Yahoo leagues and 4.4% of ESPN leagues

Other possible running back sleepers (who may fall short of the 50% requirement):

  • Mike Hart – Indianapolis Colts – 9% of Yahoo leagues & 1.3% of ESPN leagues
  • Jason Snelling – Atlanta Falcons – 56% of Yahoo leagues & 60.0% of ESPN leagues

What are your thoughts of these players?  Would you use any of them in Week 6?  Have any other sleepers you’d suggest?

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  1. Nick Tenaglia says:

    Tough situation this week….
    Need to pick 1 RB, 2 WR and 3 Flex from this group:
    -Michael Turner @ PHI
    -Ray Rice @ NE
    -Ryan Matthews @ STL
    -Rashard Mendenhall v CLE
    -Darren McFadden @ SF

    -DeSean Jackson v ATL
    -Miles Austin @ MIN
    -Louis Murphy @ SF
    -Davone Bess @ GB
    -Deion Branch v BAL

    The clear #1 choices are Turner, Rice, Mendy and Austin. But DeSean Jackson scares me this week, and so does Matthews.

    I need one more WR and another Flex

  2. admin says:

    Nick, part of it is going to depend on the news regarding McFadden/Matthews. As of right now, though, I’d probably go:

    Mathews (I think there will be enough touches to go around)

    Jackson (he is a scary play, but I think he brings the most potential upside…if you are scared away from him, m second choice would be Bess)

  3. Michael says:

    This year I drafted Brady as my starting QB and Orton as my backup. At this point in the season I am comfortable with Orton as my starter, and am in desperate need of a RB. I am in a 14 team league, so there are plenty guys in need of a QB. I have one offer for Bradshaw or Forte on the condition that Pierre Thomas returns this week. So, my question is what RBs should I be looking at in a trade for Brady? I have MJD, Hightower, and Betts currently.

  4. admin says:

    I’m not big on Forte and the Giants have the potential to go pass heavy, hurting Bradshaw (and let’s be honest, does anyone expect him to remain #3 in the league in rushing yards?).

    I’d probably prefer to shop Orton, but if you want to deal Brady you should be looking for a much bigger, secure return then the guys you are talking about. With or without Moss, Brady will be a Top 10 QB and quite possibly a Top 5 or 6. I’d start high and see if anyone bites, otherwise see what people are offering for Orton.

  5. mogli says:

    i was offered LT for steve smith from NYG should i take it or not plz help

  6. admin says:

    Who are your other running backs/WR? That certainly goes into the decision making…

    If you are weak at WR and deep at RB, I could see it, but let’s here the rest of the roster

  7. mogli says:

    oh my ,RB r terrible, my WR r okkay. I got wayne, welker,steve smith nyg, amendola and tate.

    RB i got charles, ryan torain wells and felix jones. all r terrible except charles. so wht should i do please reply asap

  8. admin says:

    I don’t think your backs are as bad as you think they are. Torain is taking over in Washington, Jones in Dallas and Wells has the potential to be a RB1 at any given time. They certainly aren’t elite, but they have the chance to be productive.

    As for the deal, I actually think you’d be leaving yourself thin at WR and there’s no guarantee that LT will hold up or maintain lead back status (it may only be a matter of time before Shonn Greene takes over). I’d probably pass.

  9. mogli says:

    thanks alllot. so who should i start this week. felix jones or ryan torain along with charles. i am also starting wayne welker amendola steve smith NYG and leaving Tate on Bnech. am i making right decision putting Tate on bench or should i replace him with one of my recieves. Plz help thxxx

  10. admin says:

    mogli – I love Torain this week and would definitely go with him.

    No, I don’t mind Tate on the bench. He’s too big of a gamble.

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