Week 6 Rankings: Top 15 Defenses

Let’s take a look at how I rank the Top 15 defenses for the upcoming week:

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Cleveland
  2. Chicago Bears – vs. Seattle
  3. New York Giants – vs. Detroit
  4. New Orleans Saints – at Tampa Bay
  5. San Diego Chargers – at St. Louis
  6. Tennessee Titans – at Jacksonville
  7. New York Jets – at Denver
  8. Green Bay Packers – vs. Miami
  9. San Francisco 49ers – vs. Oakland
  10. Baltimore Ravens – at New England
  11. Atlanta Falcons – at Philadelphia
  12. Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Atlanta
  13. New England Patriots – vs. Baltimore
  14. Minnesota Vikings – vs. Dallas
  15. Miami Dolphins – at Green Bay


  • The Browns top two quarterbacks are out, meaning rookie Colt McCoy is going to be running the offense.  Peyton Hillis, the team’s top running back, is also banged up.  Considering the Steelers have allowed the fewest points in the league thus far (12.5 points per game), things certainly would appear to be further slanted in their favor.  They appear to be the best play for the upcoming week.
  • The Seahawks have scored just 75 points on the year (fifth worst).  The Bears have allowed 14.8 points per game (74 points), which is fifth best.  I know Seattle added Marshawn Lynch, but you still have to love the matchup.
  • If Calvin Johnson is out, the Giants become an even better play.  As it is, after the show they’ve put on the past two weeks, they have to be considered among the best options.
  • Baltimore’s defense has been great and it certainly will be interesting to see how the Patriots offense responds to the loss of Randy Moss.  Something has got to give, and my guess is that the Patriots come out to send a message.  I’d still consider the Ravens a usable option, but they are a low-end option at best.
  • It is looking more and more like the Jets will once again be without Darrelle Revis.  We know that they can still excel without him, but the Broncos have proven that they can pass the ball this year and have a deep receiving corps.  They are a Top 10 option still, but I can’t put them in the Top 6.
  • If Aaron Rodgers is forced to miss the Packers-Dolphins game, Miami becomes a significantly better option.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case at this point.
  • With Kevin Kolb likely at QB, if the Falcons can stifle LeSean McCoy they are likely going to shut down the Eagles offense.  They have allowed just 14.0 points per game this season, while leading the league with 10 interceptions and are tied for ninth with 11 sacks.

What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who’s too high?  Who’s too low?

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  1. Nick Tenaglia says:

    I’ve got the Vikings, Giants and the Broncos and I need to start 2 D/ST’s….. On the Waiver Wire there is:
    Carolina (bye)
    Oakland (who I dropped last week for Denver)

    2 questions…..
    1. What two teams should I start this week?
    2. Should I drop Denver and pick up any of these D/STs on the Wire?

  2. admin says:

    As you stand now, I’d go Giants/Vikings this week

    None of those other defenses do much for me, and the Giants/Vikings should be good starts most weeks, so I’d probably stand pat.

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