Fantasy Fallout: Randy Moss Claimed By Tennessee

It didn’t take long for Randy Moss to find a new home, as the Tennessee Titans won the waiver claim for the unpredictable wide receiver.  There are certainly a few ways to look at the move, though the first and foremost centers around the health of Kenny Britt.

Britt had appeared to finally be coming into his own as a potentially elite wide receiver but suffered a hamstring injury this past Sunday.  While there has not been any official word as to the severity of the injury, this move certainly makes you think that we are not going to see him back on the field in the near future.  He’s already been ruled out for Week 10, and at this point you have to wonder exactly when his time will come.

As for the rest of the receiving corps, they were always unpredictable so the presence of Moss doesn’t change much.  It was hard to trust players like Nate Washington and Justin Gage before and it still is hard to.

The player who may benefit the most from the signing is Chris Johnson, if he even needed it.  With a receiver of Moss’ stature now on the outside, opposing defenses are going to be forced to account for him instead of simply stacking the box in hopes of stopping Johnson.  No longer facing eight or nine in the box, Johnson may be able to find more open field to run.  It’s not like he needed the advantage, but Johnson owners have to be smiling right now.

As for Moss, it’s hard to imagine him being an elite receiver in the Tennessee system.  Is he going to be a good receiver?  Absolutely.  He’s always a threat to take it to the end zone and that’s going to make him valuable.  He’s probably going to settle in as a WR2 (or maybe a high-end WR3), so just keep that in mind.

What are your thoughts on the move?  Who is the biggest benefactor?  What do you think Moss’ value will be?

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