Tony Gonzalez Lands in Atlanta

by Matt Soltysiak

Many draft experts expected the Falcons to select Brandon Pettigrew in the NFL draft, but that no longer appears to be necessary.  The Chiefs traded Tony Gonzalez to Atlanta for a 2010 second round pick.

A quick look at the team he is leaving show that this definitely hurts KC.  Dwayne Bowe put up some good number last year (86 catches, 1022 yards and 7 td’s), but those digits were all second on the team to Tony Gonazlez.  Bowe could face more coverage this year and Matt Cassell lost a prime target.  That isn’t going to help Cassell’s transition to his new team.  Kansas City is a work in progress and everyone on this team is a fantasy gamble.

Now let’s see what Atlanta’s offense is shaping up to look like.  While there’s no denying that Gonzalez is in the twilight of his career, he’s still got the goods to get it done.  Last year he led the Chiefs in catches, yards and touchdowns.  Gonzalez had more catches and touchdowns than the Falcon’s top receiver (White).  Still, White finally looks like he’s the real deal and the addition of Gonzalez will force teams to stay more honest in their coverage schemes.  Gonzo is still a top tier TE in fantasy football and if he’s your starter, you’re in good shape.

Matt Ryan has another top-flight target to throw to and with a full season under his belt, his numbers should improve.  All of this, of course, also helps the running game.  Michael Turner was already phenomenal last season, expect the same numbers again this year.

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  1. To me this hurts everyone’s value on ATL except for Matt Ryan. With Gonzo in the mix, no way Turner goes for as many TDs. Gonzo is such a tough cover near the stripe.

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