NFL Draft Thoughts

by Ryan Lester of Lester’s Legends

1.  There will be more trades involving established players.  The sagging economy will rear its ugly head as less profitable teams will attempt to unload their undesirable contracts.  Look for teams like Jacksonville and Buffalo to try and trade down so they aren’t stuck with the burden of the #8 and #11 salary slots.  Denver, Washington, and the Jets are likely candidates to move up.  Seattle could slide down if they wanted to go Running Back.
2.  The Saints would be foolish to use their #14 pick on Beanie Wells or Knowshon Moreno.  I know Reggie Bush can’t handle the load by himself, but let’s not forget that Pierre Thomas had a solid season for the Saints.  Besides, it wasn’t the Offense that failed the team.  They would be remiss if they didn’t go Defense.
3.  Offensive Tackles will go early and often.  This isn’t news.  I just want to reiterate the importance of good Offensive Line play.  QB, RB, and WR are sexier picks, but games are won in the trenches.  Last year there were eight Tackles taken in the first round.  This year there will be five or six.  Economics factors in here as well.  With all the guaranteed money these unproven players make, Offensive Tackles are probably the safest picks.
4.  Character will factor in more than ever.  In this economy fans do not want to hear about multi-millionaires that can’t stay out of trouble.  Even Dallas has made it clear that they don’t want to deal with headaches like Percy Harvin.  After the TO divorce, I don’t blame them. 
5.  The Eagles will not draft a Running Back with the 21st pick.  That is not Andy Reid’s M.O.  Sorry Eagles fans.
6.  Miami will go Defense in Round One.  Probably a Cornerback.  The Tuna prefers taking Defensive players early. 

7.  New England will draft a Linebacker at #23 (assuming they don’t trade down).  That wasn’t Belichick’s M.O. before last year’s selection of Jerod Mayo.  Unlike some Coaches, Belichick can adjust.
8.  Arizona will draft a Running Back with the #31 pick.  This is too big of a need to ignore at this stage of the draft.  Plus, the pay slot with this pick will be palatable for a RB.  If they are able to deal Anquan Boldin, they may go Beanie or Moreno with the #1 they get. If that scenario went down, the Cards would likely go LB or DE with the 31st pick.  They have enough WRs in place that they wouldn’t have to address that void here.  They may go LB/DE with the pick they get for Boldin, in which case they still go RB with #31.

9.  After the Lions take Stafford with the first pick they will go O-Line at #20 and D at #33.  Even if Stafford is a semi-bust, this could still be a solid draft for the mean, new Lions.

10.  Too much stock is put into forty times.  If you want a burner draft Usain Bolt.  I’d rather have a guy like Crabtree that consistently made plays.  Same goes with the bench press guys.  I don’t care what you can do in the weight room.  I want to know that you can get to the Quarterback.

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