Week 17 Rankings: Top 15 Defenses

Let’s take a look at how I would rank the Top 15 Defenses for Week 17:

  1. Atlanta Falcons – vs. Carolina
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers – at Cleveland
  3. Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cincinnati
  4. San Diego Chargers – at Denver
  5. New York Giants – at Washington
  6. New York Jets – vs. Buffalo
  7. Indianapolis Colts – vs. Tennessee
  8. Detroit Lions – vs. Minnesota
  9. Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Dallas
  10. St. Louis Rams – at Seattle
  11. San Francisco 49ers – vs. Arizona
  12. Miami Dolphins – at New England
  13. Green Bay Packers – vs. Chicago
  14. New Orleans Saints – vs. Tampa Bay
  15. Kansas City Chiefs – vs. Oakland


  • Atlanta’s defense has been among the best in the league (18.5 points per game) and draw the anemic Panthers offense (12.4 points per game).  You have to love the matchup.
  • While Tim Tebow has proven what he can do, this week he draws the best defense in the league, at least statistically.  The Chargers defense has 44 sacks, 14 interceptions and are allowing under 20 points per game.  This will be a big test for Tebow and there’s a good chance that he fails.
  • The Patriots easily could rest some of their starters, if not all of them for the majority of the game.  That makes the Dolphins defense an intriguing low-end option.
  • With the playoffs on the line I would expect the Colts to have a monster day, both offensively and defensively.  They are a good play in all formats.

What are your thoughts of these rankings?  Whose too high?  Whose too low?

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  1. Triz says:

    Yay! And yes I got the Falcons D, Bryant AND Mathews on waivers. So just let me know if you change your mind about Mathews/Jackson/Torain :)

    Thanks again!

  2. Will do! Let’s see if there’s anything in the news in the next day or two before making any final decisions!

  3. Triz says:

    Revisiting …

    So, don’t yell at me! I gave up Garcon so the enemy / boyfriend could pick him up (it was only fair; I wasn’t going to play him, and he had such rotten luck with Andre Johnson and Colston, and there were no WRs left. Plus, I offered HIS opponent Sidney Rice in similar circumstances in the semi-final).

    I am thinking now I should play Mathews instead of Torain. If Philip Rivers has an awful game, I’m losing anyway and poor Ryan T can’t make up for that.

    So, currently:

    QB: Rivers
    RB: Ray Rice and Mathews
    WR: Reggie Wayne, Mike Wallace, Vincent Jackson
    TE: Tamme
    D: Atlanta
    K: Bryant

    With Torain, Green-Ellis, Boss, Feely, Chargers D and Freeman on the bench (keeping Gates on the bench, just out of loyalty).

    What do you think? And don’t say again to think title not romance! Too late for that :)

  4. Triz says:

    PS But yeah, now that it is fair, I do want to win. You will notice I didn’t offer up Wallace, Wayne or Jackson.

  5. Triz says:

    PSS If you HAVE to yell, please keep it brief as I’m going to church with my dad tomorrow so will probably have just minutes to change stuff when I get back. Advice first, yelling after!

    Also, the guys keep saying A would be a ringer!!! lol

    I need to think of at least three more PSSSSs …

  6. Triz says:

    PSSS Just to clarify, I think them saying A would be a ringer is funny because I am sure from A’s blog that she would have her own opinions / make her own football decisions (unlike … me? lol)

  7. hahaha…Trust me, A is far from a ringer. An I won’t yell, just nicely disagree with your decision :-p We’ll just have to beat him anyways

    I think the way you have it is the way I’d roll with it. The only question would be Torain vs. Mathews, but Mathews is going to be looking to prove that he has value for 2011 while the Giants are going to be looking to stifle the Redskins. I know it is Charger heavy, but against Denver all three of your guys could easily post impressive days.

    I’d roll with it and hope for the best!

    Good luck today and make sure to check back in and let me know how it turns out (and hopefully Garcon doesn’t go off for 3 TD :) )

  8. Triz says:

    We tied. Again! Second week in a row.

    I think he wins because he has a couple of more points for points for, but this has been so much fun!!!

    Thanks SO much again for all your help. “You’re Canadian! and a girl!” and “you realize this is FOOTBALL not HOCKEY” was all I heard early this season … but thanks to you, the refrain has changed. :)

    And now, to concentrating on the amped up joy that is the playoffs.

    PS But seriously, thank you SO much. I know my nervousing must have been annoying and I really appreciated your advice and your patience.

    PSS Also, I’d be interested in your thoughts about the SD game. I was VERY impressed by Rivers (low fantasy points, but more importantly tough and committed), by Mathews of course, but I’m starting to wonder about Vincent Jackson.

    PSSS Thanks again!!!

    PSSSS Oh, who are you and A going for in the playoffs? Jets I guess? I watched part of the Bills (poor Bills) vs Jets game and who could even know? The Jets didn’t play most of their starters! Also, what do you think of Fitzpatrick? I know I know, the Pats ate him alive, but they are eating EVERYONE alive. I’m just not sure the Bills first pick is a quarterback. But, I know nothing, and you think … ????

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